The Legend of Tanith Sign-Ups Now Open!

This is the moment you all have been waiting for!! I’m here to announce the details for the incredible roleplay adventure of a lifetime: The Legend of Tanith. You have been invited to join our journey!

Legend has it there’s a lost scroll…

Power. Greed. Bounty hunters. Misdirecting characters. A perilous journey.

This is your chance to save Tanith.

The Legend of Tanith is an interactive roleplay series where your actions will determine your fate. You will get to play as a character you create and together, you will join with the other characters to save Tanith and restore the peace.

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The Legend of Tanith series will run from July 11th to July 24th. Along the way, you will meet new friends, new enemies, and have the chance to make or break Tanith. We’d love as much people as possible to join our team in saving the world!

Character Roles

There are three roles your character can be on this adventure: a Mage, a Guardian, and a Healer!

Using the power of one of the four elements, Air, Water, Earth, or Fire, Mages are known to be skilled, powerful, and rare. In Tanith, they can either be respected or feared. 

Guardians are the most common out of the three roles in Tanith. Each guardian is known for their specific weapon, or their specific way of using their weapon. Contrary to their name, there are some evil Guardians out there looking to cause trouble rather than prevent it.

Though Healers are known best for curing injuries in local villages, you shouldn’t underestimate them. They are one of the best when it comes to the battlefield. Healers use unique plants and herbs to cure even the ugliest of injuries. They can also use different types of potions to enhance characters and slow enemies.

So the question is: who will your character be on this adventure: a Mage, a Guardian, or a Healer? Since Mages are rarer, we will have less overall Mages than Guardians or Healers. On the sign up form, you will get to rank which role you want the most and which role you want the least.

As much as the real me would want to be a Mage, the character I’m roleplaying as, Rae, is going to be a Guardian. Make sure the role you are is the role your character wants to be and not what you want to be in real life. (If that makes sense)

Main Game Play Rules

  1. All of these ideas are from my own imagination. Please do not copy any of this content. Doing so will result in removal from the game.
  2. Please have proper etiquette while roleplaying. Be kind and considerate to other players. This also means no inappropriate ideas and words including swearing and taking God’s name in vain. If you use harmful words, you will get one warning, but any inappropriate character actions will result in immediate removal.
  3. If you are signing up, please make sure you will participate the majority of the time. If you only signed up to play in one post, please consider spectating because you are taking the spot of another player. We need every member on our team to be actively interacting.
  4. You can choose whether you will roleplay in first or third person. Personally, I will be roleplaying in first and recommend you do so too.
  5. In order to join, you must fill out all the questions in the google form required of you. You must submit the google form before July 10th at midnight MDT. Any form submitted after will not be counted.
  6. Most of all, have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my contact page or in the comments. Even if you don’t understand one question, please reach out to me and I’ll be happy to answer! (If you have any circumstances that might not fit with some rules, contact me, and we can sort things out!)


What is roleplaying?

Roleplaying means to act out the part of a character or a role. We are going to be playing a roleplaying game (abbreviated RPG) where you will become your role and act your character in a fictional setting.

What genre is this?

This RPG series is an action and adventure genre. There won’t be any romantic interactions on this journey and only mild violence.

How does this RPG work?

There will be different prompts and interactive posts that you will respond to in the comments to choose your fate. A post with more detailed information will be coming soon.

Will there be prizes for saving Tanith?

Well, since this is a group roleplay, you either all win or all lose. If you do save Tanith, you will get the reward and pleasure of being the heroes but if you don’t then, well, you failed. There won’t be any email prizes at the end, but we will have some fun treats along the way. 😉

What’s next after I sign up?

There will be a couple of posts before we officially start roleplaying on July 11th. The first post will be a more detailed informational post about how this will all work, your limits on using your weapons/powers/healing abilities and etc. The second post before we start roleplaying will be a get to know the other characters who are playing type of post. Then after those two posts and possibly more, we will go into roleplaying mode and won’t come out of roleplaying mode until July 24th.


So you want to play, don’t you? Here’s all the information on how to sign up.

  • Here is the Google form you need to fill out in order to join. This form must be filled out before July 10th at midnight MDT. Any forms submitted after will not be counted.
  • You will go through a series of questions starting with your information and then working your way to your character’s information. This form is what you will use to tell me who your character is that’s going to be in our adventure. You will also rank which role (out of Mage, Guardian, and Healer) you would like to be.
  • This sign-up form should take only six minutes to complete and you should answer all questions unless told otherwise.
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to put them in your form, email me, or leave them in the comments below!

AGAIN, do not hesitate to ask questions! Now, let’s go save Tanith!

47 thoughts on “The Legend of Tanith Sign-Ups Now Open!

  1. Hey Alexa!! This looks so ABSOLUTELY FUNNNNN AHHHH!!
    I took a look at the form… the first page asks for one’s name, and I was wondering if it’s okay to use a pen name there? If you have a blog under a penname/generally use a pen name in the blogosphere anyways….. just wondering!! Thanks in advance lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This sounds awesome!! But unfortunately I’m gonna be pretty busy, so I can’t sign up :((( but I’m still excited to be a spectator!! This was an awesome idea

    Liked by 1 person

  3. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKK *continues squealing for the next hour* This. Is. SO. Exciting!!!! I cannot wait!! WOOHOOOO!!!! I signed up and like, seriously, girl, how did you come up with all of this. You are DEFINITELY a genius, you know that, right? 😉 I reblogged it and am now just going to figure out how to survive the wait!!! THANK YOU for putting this together for all of us!!! It is FANTABULOUS!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I signed up!! (I had a lot of fun coming up with my character name, lol!) I’m SOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃 GIRL, you are so creative and a total genius!!!!!!!!!! This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!! *dances with excitement* *throws party streamers*


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