Victory or Defeat? | The Legend of Tanith Finale

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First off, I’d like to start by saying how amazing this adventure has been! I’ve loved spending every single moment with you and I hope to do it again sometime soon! Thank you to those who signed up and thank you for an incredible journey. I’m blow away with how awesome you guys were!

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We’ve done so many things together over these past 2 weeks. We’ve talked to an elf, bought goods at the market, saved Rae from the wanted poster, trekked to the cave, solved the grootslang’s riddle, and fought the bad bounty hunting group.

We’ve come so far from the beginning! Remember when I announced this series in my post Something Big is Happening? Remember when you signed up for this? We’ve learned to trust each other through it all! And even though this is the end, let’s stay in touch shall we?

Or maybe this isn’t the end. Here’s a sneak peek at the next interactive series.

So, shall we figure out whether or not you won? Did you save Tanith?

I darted away, hoping that my team could hold down the eyepatch guy for now. I mazed through the trees looking for someone special.

It was that moment when I stared into the eyepatch dude’s eyes that I knew what I had to do. I had to find the white deer. She could help solve everything.

Once I was alone in the forest, I fell to my knees. Before I could do anything else, I heard the crack of a branch. Someone was following me. I jumped to my feet and held my daggers out in front of me, turning slowly. “I know you’re there! Come out!”

Before I could react, a small throwing knife nicked my shoulder. Another came and I barely ducked down to avoid it piercing my forehead. Whoever this was, they sought to kill. Not like the ones who were hesitant.

“Come out and fight me instead of hiding behind a tree like a coward.” I yelled, hoping that would get my attacker to show its face. I knew that I stood no chance. I had a close-up combat weapon that would stand no match against several throwing knives.

The attacker did not come out. In response, it threw another knife straight towards my heart. I dove into a roll to avoid it. While in mid air, a sudden breeze came out of no where, knocking me straight into a tree. My head whipped in the direction where the wind came from.

Standing there was an elf. Not just any elf, but the one we met earlier.

She was part of the Dark.

Really? My day just got a whole lot harder. She must’ve tricked us somehow. The elf approached me and I tried to get up and runaway, but she used her air powers to hold me in place.

“Seriously? You are on their side? You tricked us!”

She bent down to end me but I caught a faint whisper. “That blast wasn’t meant for you.”

Another knife wizzed my way my way and she used her air to send it the opposite direction into the attacker’s way. While avoiding the knife, the attacker summersaulted out of the way, his cloak hood falling down.

The bartender.

The elf lady went to fight but I pulled her back down again. “Tell me. What’s your name? Did you lie to me?”

“Name’s Eirian. And no, I didn’t lie to you.” She grabbed the knives on the forest floor and pointed them in the air towards the bartender. “But he did.”

I marched over to Eirian’s side. “You lying snake!” I eyed the bartender on the ground. “You lied to us when you said the Dark had gone to a desert village, didn’t you?”

He groaned. “I never said any of that information was accurate.” With sudden movements, he jumped up and threw a knife that landed in Eirian’s shoulder.

“No!” I screamed, reaching for the knife.

Eirian knocked my hand away and ripped out the knife. “I’m fine. Let’s get this jerk.” She used her air powers to send all the knives flying. The bartender skillfully dodged every single one and countered with a knife that scraped my right leg.

That was it.

I charged towards bartender, swiping my daggers at his face. He avoided my attack and send a knife spiraling my way, which Eirian blew off its course. The bartender reached to grab another knife, but his cloak was empty. I took this opportunity to jump on him and hold my dagger to his throat.

“Not so fast, young lady!” He kicked me off him and created a boulder that sent me flying into the nearest tree. Pain erupted through my body especially where my burns were. The world turned upside down and the two figures fighting in the distance flickered.

So he was an Earth Mage too.

All I wanted to do was let the darkness take over. I wanted to lay here. I didn’t want to fight anymore

But then I remembered I had a team out there. A team who was waiting for my return.

A cry of pain sounded. Eirian!

I tried to wiggle out from underneath the boulder. “A little help here?” The boulder lifted off of me from Eirian’s powers and I ran up to her. Red was trickling from her shoulder and she had a gash on her forehead. Seeing us both together, the bartender created a huge wall of rock that sent us both flying.

I landed on my stomach. Crack.

My ribs burst into a throbbing pain and I screamed.

Eirian rolled over and grabbed me in her arms. “I know you don’t want to do this but you need to go find the deer. I’ll hold him off.”

“No, you can’t. You’ll die.” I gripped her shoulder, begging her to stay with me. It was hard to take deep breaths.

She brushed off my hand and stood up. “For Tanith.” Eirian charged back into the fight.

“No!” I gasped. But she was right, there would be many deaths to follow if we didn’t stop the Dark now. I pulled myself to my feet and blinked as blood dripped into my eyes.

For Tanith. For my friends.

I stumbled over to a clear spot in the forest and fell to my knees, on the verge of tears. “White deer, I’m not sure you will hear this, but Tanith is in danger. My friends are in danger. We are all so close to dying and we need your help. I need you to take me to the scroll.

“I understand that only certain people can find it, but I promise I’m not going to use it for anything bad. I want to stop the bad from taking over Tanith. That’s what my friends and I came to do. And they’ve taught me everything. They taught me how to love and trust. And now I would like to spread that love and kindness to the rest of Tanith. Even if it costs me my own life, I want everyone to be happy. Please come show me where to find the scroll.”

I curled into a ball, sucking in as much air as possible. I was sure I cracked or broke a rib. But I didn’t want help. All I wanted was the Dark to go away.

A bright flash appeared.

There was the deer.

Standing right in front of my eyes.

I got back up to my knees and bowed whispering, “Thank you.”

When I stood, we made eye contact. But it didn’t run away or turn to lead me to the scroll. We just stood, listening. We heard battle cries. Screams. Grunts. We heard the sound of elements and the sound of blades. I closed my eyes, blocking it all out. How could we save Tanith?

I heard one small whisper.

What do you wish for?

I opened my eyes, locking glances with the shining deer again. The question was reflected in her eyes. What do you wish for?

Then it hit me. There was no scroll. That had only been a trick, a rumor to get men set on pocessing it. The only thing that could give wishes out was something that was not pocessible.

The white deer.

She was hidden from Tanith. Hidden far too well. Bounty hunters would try and fail. But only one could tell the tale. This deer was certainly tucked away from prying eyes.

But now she was here. Here and ready to give me a wish.

I struggled to take a deep breath. I knew I had promised my team wishes. But they would understand what I had to do.

“I would like to wish for everything related to the scroll to disappear forever. The rumors, the legend, the greed. I want Tanith to be full of love and kindness again.” I looked at the deer. “That means you too. No one will ever be able to get a wish again. Stay hidden and tucked away from prying eyes.”

The deer nodded.

“Oh and I would really appreciate it if the wish’s effect happened at the right time.” I winked.

She bowed, took one last look, and disappeared.


I rushed back to the bartender and Eirian but covered my mouth when I saw what had happened. The bartender was dead on the ground. Next to him was a dead Eirian.

“No!” I ran to her side and laid her head on my lap. Why couldn’t I save her? She was bleeding from her shoulder and face. But it was her internal injuries that scared me the most. I checked her pulse. Eirian was still breathing but it was faint.

I brushed her sweaty hair to the side. She coughed before moaning and her eyes fluttered open. “You know, we elves believe we will come back as an animal.”

“No! Stop! Shhh. Everything will be alright.”

Eirian clutched my hand. “I believe I’m going to come back as an eagle. Watch for me, would you?”

“No. Eirian. We will fix this. I’ve got some great Healers on my team that can save you. Stay with me, please.”

“I’ll come back, don’t worry.” She smiled. “I’m going to see my family again. Then I’ll come back as an eagle. I will always be with you no matter what.”

I screamed. “Help! Someone please help.” I checked her pulse again, feeling it fade to nothing. “No, no, no, no.” I sobbed. “Eirian, you said would stay with me!”

Instantly, my sadness turned to anger. “I promise I’ll avenge you, Eirian.” I stormed off to where my friends where holding down the eyepatch dude.

“Rae!” They shouted. “Let’s end him!”

“Not yet. I’ve got something to say.” I glared at Eyepatch in the eye, doing everything in my power to not beat him to death. “Listen to me, you jerk. I don’t know what’s gotten into you but the scroll isn’t worth this. It isn’t worth this many deaths. You are so greedy that you’re causing deaths on both sides. You’ve caused many injuries on our side. From open wounds to broken ribs to burns. And you don’t even care.

“If we were any different, we would end you. And we have every right to. But that’s not us. I still believe you have good in you. Your greed is clouding all the good in you. Listen, power isn’t what matters. It’s the love and kindness that does.” I glanced at my team members, wounded or not wounded. “It’s the unity that matters. I’ve learned so much from them.

“Gwen, thank you for teaching me how to face my fears. Even though you were scared of speaking to people, you’ve showed me how to overcome the things in my life that hold me back.

“Audrey, you taught me to be always there for others. When everyone got hurt, you were the first to notice and comfort them.

“Keonna, thank you for teaching me determination. No matter who got in your way, you still figured out how to push through.

“Amethyst, you taught me sacrifice. You ran into the fight and put your life in danger to save others.

“Dahlia, you taught me kindness. There was one moment at the market where you paid for Keonna’s goods. What a beautiful act of kindness.

“Kyra, you taught me courage. “Without fear, there cannot be courage.” You taught me that lesson. Thanks for being brave in the mist of fear.”

“Julia, you taught me to keep on dreaming. I loved the dreamy look in your eyes.

“Kalen, you taught me how to be skillful on the battlefield. Thank you.

“Cassie, you showed me what a good friend looks like. You have all the qualities a friend would need.

“Manasi, thank you for teaching me how to be connected with everything life has to offer. You are powerful and I love watching you with your Earth Mage powers.

“Liana, thank you for being observant. When others were in need, you stepped up to help whether that was using a tree branch to stop an attacker from getting to me or helping those in the battlefield.

“Elle, you taught me how to be happy. You found the positive in everything by cracking jokes and rhyming words that made people smile.

“Sage, you taught me how to overcome self-doubt. When you were on the battlefield, you showed everyone that no matter how small you feel or seem, you can still do great things.

“Perl, thank you for teaching me what adventure looks like. You were always ready for the next great thing to happen. You would make a great explorer.

“Ilana, you showed me what true fighting is. It isn’t combat but rather fighting for what you love and who you love. Thanks for believing in this team.

“Annalise, thank you for showing me what a smile is. Even though you were a bit shy, your smile makes all the difference. That smile can change the world.

“Amare, thank you for teaching me love and kindness. Whether it was towards teammates, animals, or enemies, you were always willing to love.”

I stared into the eyepatch dude’s eyes. “You see, there is such much more in this world than power. Each of my team mates showed me something new. Even though this journey was hard, I’m grateful for every single moment. We bonded as a team. We are united as a team. And this bond you see, can change the world.

“This bond can even go as far as finding the scroll and saving Tanith.” I stomped my foot and felt the power surge through the forest.

The wish had taken effect.

The fighting stopped.

The blades stopped.

The cries stopped.

The struggles stopped.

The greed stopped.

The world stopped. And everyone listened. You could hear the kindness in the air. You could feel the love in the air.

The white deer was gone. Gone from the land. You would never be able to find her again.

But somehow, that made me more happy. I looked around at my teammates, glad that they were all alive. Almost all of them.


That moment, a eagle flew down from the sky and landed on my shoulder. Tears of happiness ran down my cheeks.

I’m always with you.

Everyone on the opposite side, put down their weapons, not willing to fight anymore. And the eyepatch dude seemed different. There was no longer a lonely hunger in his eyes.

I laughed. “Guys! We just saved Tanith!”

“Did you ever find the white deer?” Someone asked but I couldn’t quite place their voice.

I shook my head. “No, she’s gone.”


“Never to be seen again. Never to be heard from again.”

I smiled. She was gone forever.

But after all, legends never die.

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Guys, this is the end.

The adventure is done.

The journey is done.

Or is it?

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Greed Powers Men’s Hearts | The Legend of Tanith Part 5

Previously on the Legend of Tanith Part 4

“And then she listened. It wasn’t like hearing with your ears. It was…. Different.” -Manasi

“Everything had been going smoothly. But of course, things would go downhill. No adventure is complete without a bit of action. No quest is complete without a fight with the enemies.” -Elle

“If it was won. No. She couldn’t be negative. She knew that they were going to win.” -Kyra

“Argh! The overwhelming doubts and fears flooded her mind, but as the battle ensured, she made her decision. Maybe she shouldn’t have come. Maybe there was nothing she could do to help. But she’d never know just sitting here.” -Sage


The Legend of Tanith Finale Post is coming out tomorrow!

If you are a Mage and forgot what your ultimate is, check back here.

I know in the last post I said I would be acting the eyepatch dude, but feel free to act him as well when you are fighting him. I’ll jump in occasionally to act him to. (Note: remember that he’s the hardest to take down.)

Oh and Earth Mages can’t call the white deer. You’ll have to see why 😉

Once Manasi and I gathered most of our team members in one spot, I quickly went over the plan again. “So Manasi had this great idea to take down the eyepatch dude. She thought that if we knocked down the guy on top, the rest would be chaos. And I think that’s a brilliant plan since most of the people I’ve seen don’t really want to fight. I hope you all have gathered some sort of weapon to fight with because we are going to TAKE HIM DOWN!

“I’ve been watching him shout orders to his team from my spot in the trees and do you want to know what I noticed? He has all four elements! He must’ve made some dangerous deal with a witch. But lucky for us, that also means he has several curses placed upon him. He also seems to have mastered all weapons. BUT, no matter how strong a person is, they will always have a weakness. And here’s what I think his weakness is. Greed. He wants the scroll so bad that he forgets what matters most. Love. Kindness. Unity. And that’s what we have. I think we stand a chance. No wait, I know we stand a chance. I know we will take him down.

“He wants the scroll so bad that he forgets what matters most. Love. Kindness. Unity. And that’s what we have.”

“When we go to take him down, we just have to remember to trust each other. I’m pretty sure Amethyst and Sage are staying back with our wounded. If you still have enough strength, Amethyst, you can enhance some of our Mages from your spot. We need all the help we can get. Mages, don’t forget to use your ultimate powers.

“Oh and one last thing. When and if we get the eyepatch dude down to where we can end him, wait for a second before killing him. I’d like to talk some sense into him and see if we can get him to change his ways. Now, LET’S GO SAVE TANITH!!”

The team charged through the battle, heading straight towards the eyepatch man. He smiled like he was waiting for us all along.

We’re Stronger Together | The Legend of Tanith Part 4

Previously on The Legend of Tanith Part 3

“We can do this, guys!! For Tanith!!” -Sage

“We’re all gonna die.” -Kalen

“Follow the white deer.” -The All Knowing Gem

|Rules for Fighting|

Don’t leave the area we are in. In this case, that would mean you should stay by the group in the forest.

Be realistic. You aren’t going to be taking everyone down. There will be times when you are hit, or your blade is. There will be injuries.

You guys can act other characters you are fighting but I’ll be playing the eye patch dude. 😉

The eye patch dude is the hardest to take down. We will all take him down at the end of the fight so save him for last. (If we can take him down.)

Have fun and be creative!

“We’re getting nearer, I can feel it.” I announced excitedly. After the gem gave us direction, we had taken to the forest to search for the white deer. Maybe it would come out and we could follow it to the scroll. We were so close to getting the scroll and we couldn’t stop now.

Nothing could stop us now.

Or at least I thought.

“Nothing could stop us now. Or at least I thought.”

Since I had taken to my usual spot of being in front of the group, the gust of wind hit me first, knocking me back. Then the water came, spraying me in my eyes. By the time I wiped away everything, a sword was at my neck.

“Stupid Mages.” I grumbled. Fighting against a Mage was harder than fighting against a sword. I glanced up to see who my attacker was. Holding the blade that was pressing into my neck, was someone I hoped I’d never see.

And he had an eyepatch.

The Dark had been following us.

I went to swallow but remembered the sword against my neck. Even if I were to get out of his hold, there were probably plenty of Mages, Guardians, and Healers in his group, hidden in the forest, ready to end us. This was going to be a deadly fight. And all I could do was pray that no one on my team got hurt. Or worse.

The eye patch dude, who was large in stature, pushed the blade further against my throat.

I couldn’t breathe. We were trapped. We fell into their traps.

I prayed (again) that my team would make a smart move, get me out of this hold, and fight with all their hearts.

We were stronger together.

Can We Trust Each Other? |The Legend of Tanith Part 3

Previously on The Legend of Tanith Part 2

“Bargaining is a smart move. I’ve talked my way out of a good number of tolkens by doing that.” -Dahlia

“This Elvin Gem sounds like something we should find out more about.” -Liana

“If anyone with wrong intentions gets to it first, there will be trouble.” -Elle


{The market will close today. Don’t worry, if you already posted a comment there and I haven’t responded, then you will still be able to get your purchases. But no new comments after today.

Also, I try my best to respond to comments but sometimes I’m a little late. Thank you for being patient!}

|Rae’s Point of View|

I gathered everyone all together again, excited that we found a lead. “I think we all have agreed, more or less, to go find the elvin gem. We have a stone fox that can guide us there and based on the maps I’ve seen in the past, it won’t take us that long from this village. I hope everyone has got what they need from the market. And we did have a few distractions,” Rae coughed. “Like my wanted poster, but we were able to figure everything out. Seriously guys, don’t worry about me being wanted. I’m used to it.

“But I think it’s time that we set off for the Crystal Caves. Hopefully we can make it there and fight or figure out anything that comes in our way. I trust you guys. Now we need to trust each other. Maybe then we can make it through the Crystal Caves alive.”

“I trust you guys. Now we need to trust each other. Maybe then we can make it through the Crystal Caves alive.”

After everyone had finished their final purchases at the market, we left the village and followed the stone fox. Surprisingly, it took less time than I thought and we arrived the next day at the cave entrance.

The daunting



Would we make it out alive?

Fantasy forest, Cave entrance art, Fantasy landscape

I swallowed. “Let’s go in and hope we aren’t eaten alive. Keonna, would you care to lighten the way?”

Keonna’s eyes narrowed. “My pleasure.” She lit a flame in her hands and we entered the tunnels.

The further we pushed into the caves, the more I let my guard down. Which was a mistake. There wasn’t anything to be afraid of. Even though the more we walked, the more we got lost, it didn’t feel like a big deal. Nothing felt like a big deal. We could relax…

A hiss sounded followed by a loud roar. A unique roar. Which could only mean one thing.

A grootslang.

I tried to pull out my daggers from their sheath but couldn’t. It was almost as if a force was holding me back. The rest of our group had the same problem. Mages couldn’t use their powers, Healers couldn’t pull out their potions, and animals couldn’t attack. Keonna’s fire went out, leaving us in complete darkness.

I was stuck waiting in the darkness ready to be eaten.

Before the grootslang reached our group, thousands of crystals lit up the cave so we had some sort of light. Now we knew why the caves were named Crystal Caves. I looked up to see the biggest, tallest, weirdest snake-like animal I ever saw in my life. It hissed before saying, “Why have you come here?”

I cleared my throat. “We have come to find the All Knowing Gem. We had a friend, an Elvin friend, tell us we needed to come here.”


“Yes. Also, why did we feel so relaxed? And why couldn’t we fight back?”

The grootslang chuckled. “That’s the magic of the caves. You enter and they make you feel relaxed so you will put your guard down. And the force that was holding you back is there so you can’t kill me. I will remain here forever, protecting the gem. If you want to reach the gem, you must figure out this code riddle. You get one chance. If you answer the wrong thing, I will have no choice but to destroy you.”

I gulped. So much for staying alive. “We’re in.”

The grootslang growled. “Let’s get started then. Here is the first clue: 3-15-14-20-1-3-20. I need a five digit code back in order to move on.”

What Are We Really Fighting For? | The Legend of Tanith Part 2

Previously on The Legend of Tanith Part 1:

“Do all your answers involve violence?” -Kalen

“Okay, you all can tell me if you like this or not!” Gwen said taking a deep breath. “We split up into three groups and each group goes and talks to each of the options.” -Gwen

“But I’d be willing to accompany Cassie; I trust her.” -Keonna

“But there’s a chance that danger might be heading our way…” -Manasi 

~The Bar Tender~

Keonna and her group strolled over to the bartender, a tall thin man, while Sage and Manasi stayed towards the middle of the room, keeping an eye out for any danger.

Kalen put his elbow on the bar. “Excuse me, have you heard any rumors?”

The bartender put down the wooden cup he was holding and stroked his mustache. “Rumors? Well, there was a group of men that came in here a few days ago, looking for some sort of scroll. The only thing I remember was the leader had an eye patch. I overheard them talking and they said they were headed to one of the desert villages.”

“Oh really?” Dahlia said. She knew that was where Rae was from. To the side of Keonna, Cassie rubbed her hands anxiously. This bartender was a little more suspicious than other village bartenders.

“Yes. They seemed a little weird to me. But that’s all I remember from them. There are a lot of people that come through here you know.”

Someone at another table waved the bartender over. “I’m sorry, I’ve got to help some other folks. Thanks for coming in!” He rushed away quickly. Julia watched as he ran over to another table before the group walked away.

~The Figure~

Rae nervously walked up to the mysteriously figure, trying to keep her hands from shaking. Why was she so scared? She’d done plenty of dangerous bounty hunting jobs before, but this one was different. Maybe this time, she was worried for more lives than her own. And if anyone died along this journey, it would be her fault.

As Rae approached the figure, Gwen followed her trail, making sure she didn’t put herself in a position where she had to talk. Perl stood on the right side of Rae, while Ilana stood on the left and Kyra a little farther back.

“Excuse me sir, can I buy you a drink?” Rae said, remembering her whole “no greed” speech. The figure didn’t respond and tucked its face deeper into the hooded cloak. Kyra bent down, her elbow still resting on the wooden table and tried to get a peek of the figure’s face. When she did, she stood up immediately and whispered to Rae, “It’s a lady figure.”

Rae cleared her throat. “Excuse me, ma’am, is everything alright?”

A sudden breeze blasted at Rae out of nowhere, knocking her from her feet. On the way down, she bumped into Gwen and they both tumbled to the floor. Rae shot up, helped Gwen, and stomped over to the figure. “You’re an air, aren’t you?” In response, another air breeze ruffled Rae’s braids.

“Please, help us. Do you know anything about the scroll?” As soon as the words left Rae’s lips, she clamped her hand over her mouth. The figure’s head shot up, her hood falling down, revealing the unexpected.

An elf.

The elf had two Dutch braids, making her elf ears stick out more, and light blue eyes which was a stark contrast to her black hair. Why was she hiding beneath that cloak?

The elf girl stood up, her chair falling behind her. “You should stay away from the scroll! The Dark will stop at nothing to destroy you. Believe, I know. They killed my family and they will kill you.”

Rae lowered her voice and leaned in. “We aren’t your regular old bounty hunters. We are trying to stop The Dark.”

“Nothing stops them.”

Rae hesitated before speaking again. “Will you join us? You can avenge your family’s death and we can stop them from hurting more people.”

“Please?” Ilana added. Amare cocked her head.

The elf considered that but shook her head. “No. I will not join you but I will help you. If you really want to beat The Dark, you’ll have to find the All Knowing Gem.”

Kyra coughed. “The All Knowing what?”

“The All Knowing Gem. A powerful Elvin gem only a few know the place of. Lucky for you, I do know where it resides and I do know that it will help you.” The elf leaned in. “Listen to me. You CAN NOT let anyone know the place of this gem. If the word spreads and gets to The Dark, it will be over. Promise me this.”

Rae nodded. “I promise.” She turned to her group. “Understand?” Thankfully, she got a lot of nodding heads.

The girl leaned in and whispered, “It is hidden in one of the tunnels of the Crystal Caves. When you get there, you’ll have to figure out the riddle before you can ask the one question you want to know. No one has ever figured out the riddle but if you do, will have access to ask the one thing your heart most desires. The Dark CAN NOT know about this.” The elf put on her hood. “Good luck.” And she disappeared out the tavern door.

~The Men~

After talking to the bartender, Keonna joined the group going to talk to the loopy men. “Hello there.”

One of the guys turned around and eyed them. Then smiling, he said, “Hi.” Keonna stepped defensively in front of Cassie, Elle, and Audrey. “Excuse me, but have you seen anything suspicious going on around here lately?”

The man narrowed his eyes. “Nothing lately, except for your group. And I know you aren’t up to anything good. Since this is considered our spot to hangout in town, you should leave.” Keonna and everyone held their ground.

Sage and Manasi rushed over, their eyes wide. “Let’s go. They are all pulling out knives!”

Keonna pulled out of Sage’s grasp and lit a small fireball in her hand. “No. Let’s fight.”

Sage tapped her brain. “That’s not smart. You could end up blowing the place to pieces. We are going now.”

Keonna huffed. Everyone else came to help convince her.

Rae grabbed the nearest peoples’ arms, which happened to be Audrey and Elle. “Just like Sage said, we’ve got to go. We no longer have the cover of night, since it’s morning.”

The loopy men all rose, knives in their hands. Had they gone insane? As everyone rushed out the door, one of the men called back. “Never come back here again bounty hunters!”

Rae gathered everyone together in the middle of the village cobblestone street. “I’m not sure we got a lot of information, but we need to decide where we will go next. And as we are preparing to leave on our journey, we should stock up on some supplies from the market.”

Rae lifted her eyebrow. “So tell me, where should we go from here?”

{To stock up on supplies from the daily market, check out the market page on my blog. Don’t forget to check out The Legend of Tanith page too! (It will be frequently updated!) The next post won’t be coming out on July 16th but rather July 17. Make sure to get everything you need for the journey! Feel free to explore around the market, but no leaving. Find some rumors for me!}

Let’s Become Legends | The Legend of Tanith Part 1

The Legend of Tanith Theme (4:50-7:20 min)

I took a deep breath before addressing the group in front of me. “I’m so glad you all could make it. At first, when I came looking for each one of you, I thought no one would want to help me find the scroll. But it seems like you guys did.” Several people nodded their heads. “I’d like to start by saying what we are going to do is dangerous. Possibly deadly. But no one else is stepping up to do the job, so I figured we would.” Many of the group members were glancing around, clearly distracted by the laughter filling the room. Maybe the tavern wasn’t the right place to meet for this. But we were all away from our home villages, so where would we meet?

“But there is something I didn’t tell you. I know you guys had to travel the land with me so I could pick up all of you from your villages and I know some of you may be upset when I say this but..” I tried not to hesitate but failed and kicked myself under the table. “You know how I told you that the scroll grants a wish to anyone who finds it? Well, the real reason I brought you here is not for the wishes.” I lowered my voice and leaned in. “We are actually trying to stop a bounty hunting group from reaching it first. While I was bounty hunting, I hear rumors about this group. Nobody believes the rumors, but I think they aren’t up to something good. So yes, I brought you here to help save the scroll. We need to prevent them from reaching the lost scroll first.”

I rubbed my hands together. “Anyone want to quit, or are we still in this?”

Sage spoke. “I’m still in, Rae. Until the end.”

A chorus of nodding heads followed after, which made me wonder, why did I doubt them? I knew who my friends were and I should’ve known better than to think they wouldn’t want to come. They would stick with me until the end, right?

“Okay, well, I think before we get any further, or start following clues to where the lost scroll might be, you all need to hear the legend. You’ve probably heard bits and pieces before, but I’m going to show you the whole thing.” I reached into my satchel and pulled out a ripped scroll and unrolled it. There was the whole legend written and complete in my own handwriting.

“It took me awhile while I was bounty hunting across Tanith to collect the whole legend and put it together. Many have only heard the first four lines and so they think that they will be the “one” to tell the tale. They think whoever finds it will be the one to tell the tale. But if you hear the rest of the legend, it makes me think otherwise.

“What ever we do, we have to be careful. People are willing to step onto others to find that scroll. If we get a lead, others will take our lead. We have to play this cautiously. We can’t let anyone else get the scroll because before you know it, bam, someone will wish for domination or destruction. We need to find the scroll and wish for the scroll to be gone forever. In fact, that will be my wish. You guys each get to wish for something and I’ll use my wish to get rid of it. That way, no one can ever find the scroll again.

“The thing is, I don’t know where we should start. I’ve heard thousands of rumors and made-up lies that aren’t true. That’s why the scroll is so hard to find. You are surrounded in so many lies that hunters will go follow those rumors and never find it or never come back alive. But I think the answer is simple. People who are greedy are chasing the scroll and haven’t found it. So obviously, the answer is not greed. It’s the opposite. Whatever we do along this journey, we must be generous and kind. That is what I believe to be the key. We can’t let the greed cloud our minds because then we’ll end up in the same place as the other fools chasing down the prize. We need to focus on taking down that evil bounty hunting group. Then, I think we stand a chance.”

I searched the tavern before speaking again. “I feel like we should start here. Travelers will probably come through this tavern often. The next clue could lie right here hidden within the people.” I leaned in closer and motioned everyone to do the same. “While in here, I noticed a couple groups of people we could talk to. First,” I nodded my head towards a group of men in the center of the room, making the most noise. “We could talk to them. Probably not a wise choice because they’re most likely out of it from drinking too much. Second, we could talk to the bar master. He’s seen a lot of people come through here and maybe he has some information for us. And lastly, we’ve got that cloaked figure sitting all alone in the corner. Risky, but it could be worth it. Whoever we decide, we have to be cautious and discreet. We don’t want to go around telling people we are looking for the scroll, but we do need to coax information out of people. We have to find a healthy balance.

“So you tell me, which of the three should we talk to?”

Meet the Team | The Legend of Tanith

The fateful day has arrived! It’s time to meet your team, the people who will join you on your journey, the people you must learn to trust in order to find the lost scroll.

(Note: Sorry this post so late, it has been a hectic week. Not great timing because I have this big event. XD Things should be calming down now and we will have the first post tomorrow!)

First off, I’d like to say that sign-ups are officially closed! Thank you to everyone who signed up! Thanks for taking your time to play with us! It means so much to me to see this series, which started with a simple idea, turn into something that you all wanted to participate in! I promise we are going to have the quest of our lives!

I’m going to start by introducing the character I will be playing as, Rae! I did make a little collage for her so you guys could get to know her better.

|Meet Rae|

“I’ve heard legends all my life but now it’s time to become one.”


Rae has long, brown hair that she prefers to put in messy braids and wide hazel eyes always hiding some sort of lie.

Rae, who has a type of personality that can’t be put into words, dreams of becoming something bigger. Determined and a fighter, she travels the land on bounty hunting missions where she first heard rumors of the lost scroll.

|Meet Gwen Elsway|

“I’m no expert but…”


Gwen has fair skin, deep cobalt blue eyes, and white hair that she wears up in a ponytail out of her face. She loves little braids in her hair, and always has accessories (bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc). She usually wears a worry crease between her brows because she is always worried about something.

Gwen is a quirky girl who says a lot of silly things, but to anybody she isn’t close to she gets really shy and quiet. She doesn’t like to be in the spotlight and doesn’t take compliments very well. However, when it comes to fighting for what’s right she will do whatever it takes to protect those she loves and win. She tends to choose on impulse, getting herself into dangerous situations, and she’s always on edge expecting the worst to happen at any time.

|Meet Audrey|

Audrey is a tall girl with red wavy hair and eyes that look fierce yet soft at the same time.

She has many characteristics such as insatiable curiosity, high intelligence, and a good sense of humor.

|Meet Keonna Tylandale|

“It was NOT nice to meet you!”


Keonna is lithe and thin, with a dusting of freckles across her face and deep blue eyes that seem to pierce the soul.

She is ruthless to enemies but kind and loving to her allies and friends; she is also good with a weapon but prefers to use her intelligence to take down an enemy with minimal damage to others/the surroundings.

|Meet Amethyst|

“I will do anything to save your life, even if it means sacrificing my own.”


Amethyst has wavy, auburn hair and purple eyes that match the violet-colored patterns decorating her light-skinned arms and cheeks whenever she uses her powers.

She’s typically quiet and shy around others, but when someone needs her help, Amethyst’s determination shines through and she’ll quickly take charge to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

|Meet Dahlia Dylan|

“I’m just a girl trying to get through the day.”


Dahlia Dylan is a humanoid being with lilac skin and straight deep pink hair.

She acts instinctively, which has gotten her out of many tricky situations.

|Meet Kyra|

“Everyone’s on a journey and it’s my job to make sure they don’t stray from their path.”


Kyra has sky blue eyes and long curly blonde hair.

She loves adventure and is smart, kind, caring, and mindful.

|Meet Julia Alwin|

“Don’t worry, I already know I’m weird.”


Julia has curly reddish-brown hair, incredibly dark black eyes, and has fair skin (though it’s olive-ish in parts).

She’s a dreamy sort of girl, with some prominent traits being humorous, blunt, oblivious, and kind.

|Meet Kalen|

Kalen is better with a bow and dagger than a sword. He’s nice, and cares for others. He can also move silently, and can sneak up and take people by surprise. He has trust issues though, and is suspicious of some other people. He doesn’t like working in very big groups either.

|Meet Cassie Black|

Cassie is on the short side, with curly dark red hair and a small uptilted face.

She is an ambivert who doesn’t trust others easily, but once you have her loyalty it lasts forever.

|Meet Manasi Inakshi Barot|

Manasi is quiet, logical, observant and insanely clever- she’s a l i t t l e morally grey, but doesn’t condone violence of any sort!

As for the way Manasi looks: she’s short, and like SUPER buff, with curly black hair that reaches her jaw. She doesn’t dress too fashionably: shirts and pants are her go to!

|Meet Liana|

Liana has medium-long blonde hair, and brown eyes.

She is friendly, but also enjoys time to herself.

|Meet Elle Mason|

“My name is Elle, and jokes I like to tell…”


Elle is of average height, and looks like she has never met the sun.

She talks a lot when she is nervous and cracks really lame jokes.

|Meet Sage|

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer is what I live by”


Sage has shoulder-length light brown hair, average height, and sharp features that show how hard of a fighter she is.

As her name suggests, Sage has wisdom beyond her years but is never someone to miss out on the opportunity to get a good laugh, while she is also a loyal friend and will always stand up for what’s right.

|Meet Perl|

She is tall, wears green most of the time, and wears her hair in a bun or braid.

She is shy, but she can be outgoing when the time is right, and she loves to joke around.

|Meet Ilana Alexandrite Eastwood|

“Together, we will fight to save Tanith.”


Ilana’s pale eyes and light hair, give her a soft appearance.

She’s kind, considerate, and has an outgoing personality.

|Meet Annalise|

“I act braver than I feel, so that you don’t see me screaming at the top of my voice every ten seconds.” 


Annalise is short for her age, with a clumsily cut fringe and she has an old bracelet she wears everywhere and all the time.

She is a quiet girl but very passionate and talkative about things she loves. When she is nervous though, she talks a lot to herself.

|Meet Amare|

“Love and kindness are more powerful than you can ever imagine.”


She always has a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes, and her hair is soft.

She has a loving spirit, and a heart for all animals.

|Character Role Rules|


Here’s a little video that shows a little but of what Mages are based off of and what they can do.

Got a bit of an idea? Great! Now, each Mage has an ultimate. You can use your ultimate TWO times throughout this series, so save it for an important time!

Earth Mage Ultimate~

You guys can send a call to animals for help and can talk to other animals you find.

Water Mage Ultimate~

You guys can control the blood of other beings, forcing them to do what you want to for a limited time. This takes a great amount of strength.

Fire Mage Ultimate~

You guys can control the lighting, bringing it down to strike someone and ultimately killing them. This can be used anytime, even if it is not stormy. (Unless they are a Fire Mage and can redirect the lighting.)

Air Mage Ultimate~

Since no one is an air mage, I have a made-up character filling that role.

Edit: If you are reading this, you will soon see that the eyepatch dude’s ultimate for his air powers is a huge air shield.


Guardians are the most simple to remember! You don’t have any limits, just keep on using your special weapon or skill. Remember though, not everyone is a superhuman and you will need to rest, and sometimes, when your weapon is hit, it will break. Make sure to be realistic! 😉


Healers are the second simplest role!

Potions and Enhancing~

You folks will have an array of potions on you! You will start with a speed potion, a health potion, and a strength potion. The potion can be used once on one person. Feel free to buy more potions when you arrive at a store in the series. Also, you can enhance a Mage’s ability too! (Remember to be realistic because you can’t enhance all the time.)

Plants and Herbs~

You guys carry a mortar and pestle on you and have enough plants and herbs to cure about three people at the start. You will need to buy/find more herbs along your journey. Herbal healers focus more on sickness and disease while potion healers can cure open wounds if they have the right supplies on hand. If they don’t have the right things on hand, herbal healers will need to step up for the job.

This team of characters is for sure going to save the day! Before we end this post, I have two things!

  • I would love it if you read the posts on my blog and not in the reader because it will give you more of a fantasy theme! You will be able to really get into your character and the story better this way.
  • Starting the next post, we will be in roleplay mode. This means no real life you or anyone else talking in the comments. It will just be you acting as your character and answering everything. You will be fully immersed in the adventure. We won’t come out of roleplay mode until the end of this series.

Let’s save Tanith!