The Shattered Castle is RELEASED! // Trivia Time With Issabelle!

The answer rarely includes the word “great”, unless the word to follow is “fool,” though I have also heard “disappointment,” “frustration,” and “chance that he’ll get us all killed.”

There are other answers, of course. “He was born to cause trouble…”

-The Captive Kingdom by Jennifer Nielsen


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THE SHATTERED CASTLE IS RELEASED!!! *passes around chocolate* Let’s celebrate!!!!!!! *turns on dance music*

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TWO More Days Until The Shattered Castle Release // My Predictions (And Yours!) Discussion Post

Two, two, two, de da do! *sings* We’ve got TWO days left until The Shattered Castle releases! If you haven’t seen the other posts in this countdown, check them out here!

The countdown begins – Teen Writers’ Nook

Six days left – A Fangirl’s Hideaway

Five days left – TWN

Four days left – AFH

Three days left – TWN

Be on the lookout for a fun trivia post coming soon to TWN and AFH!! (aka tomorrow and Tuesday!)

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FOUR More Days Until The Shattered Castle’s Release // Who Introduced You To The False Prince Series Discussion Post

Look who’s back? And with me is some more AMAZING FALSE PRINCE FANGIRL STUFF!!! Y’all, I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am!! If you missed the first post in this countdown then go check it out here on TWN and you can check out the second post on my blog right here! And for the third lovely post over on TWN, click here! Only FOUR more days until The Shattered Castle is released!!! *screams*

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THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS // Six Days Until The Shattered Castle is Released

Guess what y’all?

THE SHATTERED CASTLE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN!!! And we are just six days away from the release date! *cues all the screaming and fangirling*

For those of you who don’t know, The Shattered Castle is the fifth (and final) book in The Ascendance Series! (aka the best books in all the land!!!) If you haven’t read this series, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING? *ahem*

Also, let’s ignore the fact that this post was supposed to go up yesterday…. Yeah, I have a friend named Life and Life kinda took over. XD So technically, it would be five days until the release but we are just going to pretend there are still six days.

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Back to School Contest Winners Announced

Hi peeps! Sorry this post is so late, there’s been a lot going on lately. But, I’m here! Just a few updates: I know I haven’t gotten out The Legend of Tanith “goodies” yet, but I decided I’ll send them out when I post TLT Behind the Scenes post! So, look forward to seeing that!

Second matter of business: I have a second blog! It isn’t out yet, but when I publish it, I’ll make sure to let you guys know! Keep your eyes peeled!

Now, here’s the best part of the announcements! If you guys have been over to TWN, you’ll know that my short story “Sparks” was accepted into their anthology book titled Imagine! This book will be available soon in print or e-book format. And guess what guys, the cover reveal is coming soon! On August 24th, you will be able to read and see the magnificent cover!

And speaking of covers, I thought it would be super fun to reveal a mock cover for “Sparks”! That post (and the posts I have yet to post) will come out in a bit! I’ll keep you updated!

Okay, now it’s time to announce the winners! We had three participants, Diamond, Flora, and Chloe! *round of applause*

Aww yes, the dashes are back…

All three of them!

Yes, I loved all three entries!!!!! I could not pick one!! Maybe I should stop doing contests cause I can’t pick winners.


Now, enjoy a lovely fictional piece and two collages!

Flora’s Entry

I stopped at my feet, for the class, which I’ve never met before, was standing right in front of me. New day, new year, new school. My nerves were creeping up on me. ‘You can do this,’ I said as I took a deep breath. A beaming smile spread across my face… I can do this.

Diamond’s Entry

Chloe’s Entry

Weren’t those all amazing? Such talent we have here in the blogosphere!

And that’s it! Have a lovely day peeps!