You approach the Riddler stand, cautiously. These types of stands are always know to have tricks and scams. You must be careful. A man, who seems to be in his thirties, smiles as you walk over, showing not only a gold tooth but several missing teeth. You peer back at the rest of your group but they all had scattered to different stands.

You are on your own.

The man cocks his head. “You would like a riddle, I see?”

134 thoughts on “Riddler

    • “What am I offering?” The Riddler smiled. “I’m offering you a chance to earn tolkens. Lots of them. If you solve a simple riddle for me.”


  1. “I guess I will.” Gwen said nervously. “But are you sure you want to do the biggest one? Maybe we should start smaller and then go bigger. That way we know what we’re up against.”

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    • The Riddler laughed. “You are in for a treat now. Let’s start off with an easy one, shall we?

      New specious of animals come in just like new flavors of cakes
      What’s the newest specie of snake?

      Lock in your answer together. You get three tries per riddle and if you can’t make it, the deal is off.”

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  2. Dahlia pulls out a bubble of water from her bag. “Mel did just say that the slytheyins were discovered yesterday…” she grins at her new pet. “I have a feeling the answer is slytheyin. Any other ideas Gwen?”

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    • “One riddle? Or would you like to go in the deal with a friend, just like my other two over here.” The Riddler gestured to Gwen and Dahlia.


  3. (Responding to: The Dark has a leader
    What’s his special feature?”)

    Gwen glanced at Dahlia, “Ooh, didn’t Rae say it was an eye patch or something? I think it might be that. What do you think?”


  4. “I do to, but I also think it’s wise to ask for a hint just in case” Gwen chewed her lip. This was the last riddle so the steaks were high.

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