Hi! I’m Diana! What can I get for you today? Ask me about our prices, the fruits I sell, and the new exotic fruits that just came in!

50 thoughts on “Fruit

  1. Ilana strolled over to the fruits stall, her eyes trailing over the delectable-looking fruit. “Good day, miss.” Ilana gave a slight nod of her head. “How much would a bundle of tropicalberries cost?” Her mouth was already watering at the thought of tasting the fruit. “Also, I’ll pay a tolken for any information you might have regarding the Crystal Caves.”

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    • “Hi! A bundle of tropicalberries will cost 3 tolkens today! Oh, and you don’t need to pay me for the Crystal Caves information. I can tell you without a price. I don’t know that much about the Crystal Caves. I do know that legend has it there’s a monster roaming the caves, ready to confront anyone who goes in there. If you don’t do what he asks, he kills you. I’m pretty sure he asks you to solve a riddle before you can reach the gem, but I may have just heard rumors. Anyway, that’s all I know!”

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      • “Here you go,” Elle handed over the tolkens with a smile.
        “Have you seen or heard anything funny lately?” She asked as casually as possible as she took the fruits. 


  2. “Hello,” Gwen almost tripped over her wobbly legs. Talking to so many strangers had drained her energy, let alone stressed her out to bits and pieces. “I would love to see your assortment of long lasting fruit.”

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    • “Hi there! We do have a bundle deal going on with all the exotic berries for 6 tolkens. Or I can get you a bigger bag of regular fruit such as huckleberries, bananas, apples, and apricots. This bigger bag will cost you 10 tolkens and should last you about 5-6 days.”

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  3. “Hello, ma’am.” Amethyst smiled tentatively. “May I have a bag full of vegetables and the bundle deal on the exotic berries, please?”

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