Exotic Creatures

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  1. “Hello. I need a young, female pyro-lupine, please. I don’t have a lot of money, so I could work for the beast.” Keonna said. She was trying to be distant, so she wouldn’t show how much she wanted a lupine.

    (By the way: pyro-lupine translates to fire-wolf in Latin)

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    • “Hi there! I’m Mel and I’m so happy you stopped by! A Guardian you say? Well, I’ve got some perfect pets in store for you. First,” Mel pointed to a container. “We have this little girlie. She’s a small type of dragon, about as big as your hand and she won’t get any bigger. The cool thing about this girl is she’s disguised like a plant and she can blend into the forest climate. Her species, the planti, is know for hiding in the forest and observing. If you need a little spy, then this planti is perfect for the job! She’s 35 tolkens and the other male planti I have here is 30 tolkens. I’m currently waiting for another customer to choose which planti she wants, so I can keep you updated or I can suggest another animal for you if you want!”

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    • “Ooh, I’ve got the perfect thing for you!” Mel reached behind her stall and pulled out a bigger, wooden container. “In this box is a female stone fox. What is so cool about her is only Earth Mages can bond with her species. And she’s like a built in compass; you can ask her about a place and she will lead you there. She is a bit more pricy, coming to a total of 50 tolkens, but I would be willing to go down a bit.”

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  2. “Er, hi. Do you have any pets good for traveling long distances?” Gwen glanced down at her coins. Ahh!! She needed to spend some of her coins! Why did she have to be so indecisive.
    “I was also wondering, um, what that deer in the board out there is.”

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    • “Hi there!” Mel looked Gwen up and down. “A Guardian? Hmm, well I have a few choices for you. First, we’ve got that planti I heard you said you were interested in. I’ve got two customers in line right now, but if one frees up, I’ll be sure to pass the offer to you! Second, we’ve the bioluminescent wolf. He glows in the dark, almost like the stars, and is a great companion. I’ve also seen a female too. If you are interested in this species, we’ll have to do a special call and if they coming running for you from the woods, you will have a forever bond. If you want some more options, let me know! I’ve got more little baby dragons too.” Mel winked.

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      • “What other creatures do you have? Are there any good for long journeys? I’m also interested in hearing about other dragons.” Gwen smiled just thinking about it.

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      • “Well, I do have the pufferfish cat which is good for long journeys. I only have one, a female. Ever wonder why they are called the pufferfish cat? Well, they are small little kittens, about the size of both your hands. When they are angry, they “blow up” or “pufferish” and get bigger to about the size of a normal feline cat. (Bobcat, lion size.) So technically, you can ride it when you are tired or have it fight for you. But they have to be really mad to “blow up.”
        I also have this little, tiny red species of dragon, about the length of your finger. They can’t do much, but they are cute, can fly, and blow little bits of fire. Great mini fire starter I do say so myself!”

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      • Gwen thought about the dragon. She really wanted one, but the group already had a fire mage so it wasn’t sensible. The pufferfish cat sounded awesome, but Gwen wasn’t the type to make people angry, so she decided to ask, “Do you have any mythical dogs? Or maybe an animal who has a good sense of direction?” Gwen thought about the countless times she had gotten lost.

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      • “I have a Hakea! It’s a super small species of monkey who can retrieve your weapons and carry stuff! I’ve got a male one here with me today.”

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      • Gwen thought about the price of all of the other animals and decided that it would be worth it for the monkey, “Okay, I’ll take him”
        Gwen exchanged the money and let her new pet on her shoulder, “I’ll have to come up with a good name for you, little guy.”

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  3. “Gwen’s ears perked, “I overheard some things about planti being sold here? I would love to negotiate for one!”
    Gwen had always loved dragons, and the fact that she might be able to get one was thrilling!

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  4. “Do I get one? Do I not get one? Do I get one? Do I not- Gah!” Elle bounced on the balls of her feet. “Hullo, I am a Guardian, and I am looking for a small creature.”
    She looked at the tolkens she had and asked hopefully, “I want to spend 20 tolkens… Do you think that is possible?”


  5. “Excuse me, Mel. How many more fennec foxes do you have left? Or what other animals do you have for healers?” Kyra wondered what other animals there were.


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