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  1. Manasi sighed, and waved.
    “Hello, there… Pleased to met you. I’m Manasi Barot, and I’ve got this very confusing code.”
    She slid the piece over.
    “Can you help us? Please?”

    (The piece is the picture down on your blog footer. Seriously, this is SICK. Pretty good stuff!!)

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  2. Writing OOC- Just followed from my new account. Dunno why, thought I’d give you an update.
    Sorry for spamming your site with comments XD XD… Adiiiios *flings self out of nearest window, disappears into oblivion and reappears on Jupiter’s Great Red Spot*


    • Manasi jogged over to her. “I think we need to get the Decipherer to tell us what this code means,” she said, handing Alaine a piece of paper (same thing as the footer) “And then once the Decipherer explains to us what that means, we enter the code there.”
      Manasi pointed toward a Translator.
      “After that, I think the Translator will give us another five digit code, which we need to tell to the grootslang!”
      She took a deep breath, and smiled.
      “Also, hi- I’m Manasi. Earth Mage. We’ve most likely never spoken before.”

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      • “Ooh cool!” said Cassie, accepting the piece of paper, “Thanks! Well, i guess we should try to figure what the code means and everything,” she said.
        “Ah, nice to meet you.” she said, smiling at Manasi, “I’m Cassie- water mage.”

        OOC://sorry I haven’t changed my username to reflect what character i am because of other things on other blogs and stuff lol


      • Manasi waved. “Nice to meet you too, Cassie! I think we make a good team.”

        OOC: I’M SO SORRYYYY I DIDN’T REALIZE YOUR CHARACTER WAS CASSIE sorrysorrysorry that’s completely on me


  3. “I think I figured out the code if anyone needs help,” Amethyst smiled. “Or you can wait for the Code Decipherer. But it’s up to you! I just thought I’d offer some assistance if anyone wants it.”

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