May😎 KotLC🦄 Challenge!😀

YOLO!🔹 This🔹 is🔹 going🔹 to🔹 be🔹 a🔹 quick🔹 post🔹 but🔹 I’m🔹 here🔹 to🔹 pop🔹 in🔹 for🔹 the🔹 next🔹 KotLC🔹 challenge🔹 prompt!🔹 If🔹you🔹 haven’t🔹 seen🔹the🔹 first🔹 post🔹 of🔹 this 🔹challenge🔹 check🔹 it🔹 out🔹 right🔹 here.🔹 Here’s🔹 the🔹 prompt:🔹

If🔹 you🔹 had🔹 to🔹 pick,🔹 would🔹 you🔹 live🔹 with🔹 Alden🔹 and🔹 Della🔹 or🔹 Grady🔹 and🔹 Edaline?🔹

P.S: 🔹 Check🔹 this 🔹 and 🔹 this🔹 out! 🔹

And 🔹 ignore 🔹 all 🔹 the 🔹 diamonds 🔹 XD. 🔹