Calling All Jedi-A May 4th Special

Ee choya! That’s how you say “hey” in Ewokese! I’m Petal Yelre, a Jedi Master. Before we jump into what I’m about to teach you, Alexa said I needed to announce a couple of things.

First, the Writing Prompt Battle (whatever that is) entries are due this Saturday, May 8th!

Second, Alexa said to go to the post titled Writing Prompt Battle and to vote on who’s entry (between her and Chloe) is the best. They need a couple more voters to break the tie.

Okay, now we’re done with that nonsense. As you should know, a Padawan is a Jedi apprentice. And I’m here to tell you that you are about to become a Padawan yourself! In order to become one, I need your Jedi first and last name.

Found out your Jedi name? Perfect. Now it is time for the most important part in the process. We need to train you. And then, and only then will you receive your lightsaber.

You will have to follow the clues to get through your training. If you fail to complete your training, you will not advance to become a Jedi. Good luck young Padawan.

First Clue:

Ni gata ooba poem?

The first clue is in Ewokese. (except for the last word) You are going to have to use that brain of yours if you want to find the next clue. All the clues can be found around this website. Complete your hunt and I will see you at the end to receive your lightsaber.

Jedi Master Petal Yelre

My Fandoms!!

Hello! I’m back! I hope you all have had a wonderful day! *Me just realizing my foot has gone numb* Great. Anyway, today I’d thought I would introduce you to some of my major fandoms! I won’t be able to show all of them because that would take forever to write, find gifs, and we would be sitting here for awhile reading it. So I’ll just share the bigger ones, the more popular ones, the more ones that people know. Yeah you get the point. And you know what? I’ll pop in some of the fandoms I wish to be part of! Let’s jump in!

Oh and heads up: there might be a few ehh-a lot of gifs. I don’t normally use them but….

Keeper of the Lost Cities

Keeperofthelostcities Lodestar GIF - Keeperofthelostcities Lodestar Kotlc GIFs
Umm, did I mention I love this series? I was introduced to this series because my sister got the books for Christmas and yeah I kind of stole them before she could read them. I started the first book and instantly fell in love. And ever since, this has been my favorite series even though it is meant for middle grade. I love the world Shannon Messenger has built. Did I tell you that it took her A YEAR to build her world??? Anyway, I love this series!

And I’m really sorry, but I have to show you this meme. This may be my favorite KotLC meme of all time…

Keefe would never say something like this to Fitz, but...still. Team  Foster-Keefe for life! 😂 | Lost city, The best series ever, The fosters

Any KotLC fans out there?


Mickey Mouse Disney Sticker - Mickey Mouse Disney Cute Stickers

Uhh, hello? Like best fandom out there? Disney is AMAZING. I love their movies, shows, parks, merch, just everything! I loved Disney ever since I was a kid. We would always go to Disneyland and recently I went to Disney World, but I always feel the special atmosphere when I go to one of the parks. They aren’t just your ordinary theme parks. I’ve made so many memories there. Disney is truly magical!!

Have you been to either Disneyland or Disney World?

Hunger Games

Laughing Freaky GIF - Laughing Laugh Freaky GIFs

I’m not as big a fangirl of this fandom anymore but I still love it! I fell in love with this series two years ago and I loved all the fighting and the games. (I know I’m weird.) I thought the concept was very much cool! (Wow that sentence sounded even weirder.) Okay, well to move on, I just love this series!

For all those who have read it: Gale or Peeta? XD


Parrot Dance Sticker - Parrot Dance Parrot Dance Stickers

I feel like there are a LOT of Minecraft lovers out there! I grew up playing Minecraft!! For a middle grade kid, I could do everything! I’ve built so many cool things and I feel like this video game really sparks creativity!

Creative or Survival?

(Okay who also loves that bird dance up there? That’s pretty epic. XD)

Avatar the Last Airbender

Hello Zuko GIF - Hello Zuko AvatarTheLastAirbender GIFs

*Screams* AHHHHHH! I love this show SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! (You can clearly tell!) I nearly cried when the series ended because I was so sad that I had finished it all. (Though I haven’t watch Legend of Korra because I’ve heard it is bad and doesn’t match the first series at all. Anybody want to back me up on that?) I love the time period this show takes place in, I love the elements, I love the humor, I love all the characters *cough, cough* Zuko, *cough, cough*. This actually might be my favorite fandom. I seriously ADORE this TV show.

Saving The Jerk Who Dumped Me Atla GIF - SavingTheJerkWhoDumpedMe Atla MaiAtla GIFs
Best part in the show! 👆

Have you watched this?

Star Wars

Star Wars is great! I’ve watched all the movies, except for Han Solo and what’s the name? Rogue? Ohhh, Rogue One. That’s it. I love these characters, I love the battles, I love Rey, (goo team Rey!) and I love Po. These movies are just *chefs kiss* fabulous!

What’s your favorite character?

Some fandoms I want to be part of:


-Harry Potter


-Lord of the Rings

-Pirates of the Carribean

-Brandon Sanderson

Wow. That was definitely a fangirl spree. And that’s it! If I forget any of my fandoms, I’ll either add them in or comment them below! Make sure to tell me below which of these fandoms you love! And folks, my time here is up! I hope you enjoyed this post and MAKE SURE TO CHECK BACK IN NEXT TIME BECAUSE I HAVE AN EPIC ANNOUCEMENT. *Breathes* Okay, fangirl out! Love you guys! <33

KotLC Challenge To Count Down the Months Until Book 9

*Breathes* That was a long title. *Wonders if I should change it* Okay, nevermind. Try saying that title 10 times fast!

I’m back! I hope y’all had a lovely April Fools Day. I was wondering if I should do a prank post, but then I decided against it. I should have gone with my gut though! My prank was going to be that Memes, Quotes, Pics was going to be canceled but I thought that was too easy to spot. (Would you have fallen for it?????)

It’s the first day of April and I told myself last month that I would do a KotLC challenge. I have waited until this very day to FINALLY post about the challenge because:


KotLC Theories and Beyond! - Book 9 News!! - Wattpad

Who’s excited?

You see this clap thing above me? I love pressing these things! A majority of the claps will probably be from me. XD. If you have one of these on your blog, tell me so I can come CLAP for you!

*Clears throat* Back on topic. At the beginning of each month and the end of each month, I will post a KotLC prompt for you to answer below. The challenge is to answer of all them! I will continue this until November when the book will be released!

Here’s the prompt for today!

If you could add a character to KotLC, what would their name be, eye color, and special ability? (No more than two)

That’s it for today! Super short and simple. Thank you for tapping into today’s post and we will see you all next time!