Back to School Contest Winners Announced

Hi peeps! Sorry this post is so late, there’s been a lot going on lately. But, I’m here! Just a few updates: I know I haven’t gotten out The Legend of Tanith “goodies” yet, but I decided I’ll send them out when I post TLT Behind the Scenes post! So, look forward to seeing that!

Second matter of business: I have a second blog! It isn’t out yet, but when I publish it, I’ll make sure to let you guys know! Keep your eyes peeled!

Now, here’s the best part of the announcements! If you guys have been over to TWN, you’ll know that my short story “Sparks” was accepted into their anthology book titled Imagine! This book will be available soon in print or e-book format. And guess what guys, the cover reveal is coming soon! On August 24th, you will be able to read and see the magnificent cover!

And speaking of covers, I thought it would be super fun to reveal a mock cover for “Sparks”! That post (and the posts I have yet to post) will come out in a bit! I’ll keep you updated!

Okay, now it’s time to announce the winners! We had three participants, Diamond, Flora, and Chloe! *round of applause*

Aww yes, the dashes are back…

All three of them!

Yes, I loved all three entries!!!!! I could not pick one!! Maybe I should stop doing contests cause I can’t pick winners.


Now, enjoy a lovely fictional piece and two collages!

Flora’s Entry

I stopped at my feet, for the class, which I’ve never met before, was standing right in front of me. New day, new year, new school. My nerves were creeping up on me. ‘You can do this,’ I said as I took a deep breath. A beaming smile spread across my face… I can do this.

Diamond’s Entry

Chloe’s Entry

Weren’t those all amazing? Such talent we have here in the blogosphere!

And that’s it! Have a lovely day peeps!

Back to School & Writing Vlog ☕ | A Sneak Peek Into My Life |

Hi peeps! Welcome back! There was a lot of things I could post today such as fantasy character stuff, a Legend of Tanith behind the scenes post, or Memes, Quotes, Pics! but I decided to share this with you guys because it is almost time for me to go back to school! (Don’t worry though, all the posts mentioned above will be coming soon!)

Note: I know the title says vlog but this isn’t really a vlog. I didn’t know what else to call it. XD

I’m kind of looking forward to going back to school and kind of not. I have mixed feelings. Are you guys going back to school or in school already? How has it been going? I would love to hear from you!

My Thoughts on School

I don’t hate school. But I don’t love it either. There are some days I wish I was homeschooled. And there are some days when I wish I wasn’t. (I’m a very confusing person.)

I always look forward to my “good classes.” The classes that I know will be fun or exciting that day. And I then I dread everything else. I dislike the classes that suck, I hate interacting with people (other than my friends), and I get so nervous just driving to school that I can’t function just right.

Otherwise known as anxiety. That’s why school isn’t my favorite because it just makes me SO ANXIOUS. Ask my friends.

I Know That Feel Bro - Pokemon GIF - Metoo GIFs

Some people might think that it is just her getting nervous or maybe she’s just a little scared. But guys, IT’S A REAL THING!

Anxiety Attack GIF - Anxiety Attack Anxious GIFs

Okay, now I really want to turn this into a “can you relate?” anxiety post. Maybe I’ll do this some other time.

But that’s my thoughts about school. Honestly, I feel like deleting this section right now because it doesn’t relate THAT much but I’ll keep it in.

You’re welcome.

*mic drop*

Back to School Shopping

Here’s where you guys come in! I’m about to do a back to school shopping haul/trip that I do every year and I need some suggestions. Any cute gadgets or clothes you’ve seen lately?

And I need more help. I got white shoes the other day and I’m debating whether or not to keep them white or paint them.

Walmart $15 Sneakers Are TikTok's Big New Trend — Here's Why – Footwear News

If I do paint them, what design/colors should I use?

Writing Vlog ☕

For this writing “vlog”, I’m going to give you guys a sneak peek into my writing routine. This routine is still being developed and I’ve been trying new things out, but here’s the current schedule I’m following.

I prefer to write either in the morning or in the afternoon. If I write in the morning, I will write outside while the world is quite for a bit. If I write in the afternoon, I will write inside since it would be too hot outside.

In the morning, I will usually make myself a smoothie bowl.

(That’s one of the smoothie bowls I had a few weeks ago!)

Smoothie bowls always make me feel more productive and definitely get me into the writing mood.

Before I sit down to write, I will grab a couple more things.

First, I will always (or I should always) grab a glass of water. My favorite thing is to put Fruit Infusions in my water to give it a bit of a kick.

True Lemon (FRUIT INFUSIONS): LEMON STRAWBERRY 4pk | 0 Calories, 0 Sugar,  Non-GMO (True Citrus) | Includes a convenient travel case.:  Grocery & Gourmet Food
Not my image. (My favorite flavor so far is lemon strawberry!)

Second, I will grab my blue light glasses. These block the blue light that comes from screens and helps reduce eye strain. These glasses are my go-to thing when I’m working on the computer for long amounts of time. If you know me, I’m always trying to find a way to minimize my time on screens between blogging, writing, reading, and editing so my blue light glasses definitely help BIG TIME. Guess what I’m wearing right now! 😉

Then I will sit down and write using the Pomodoro Technique.

Pomodoro Technique - A Detailed Beginner's Guide

What’s a writing vlog without a sneak peek of my current WIP? Well, you guys know the WIP I’m working on has Wren as the main character. This WIP is going great! My goal for this book is to get it in the 120,000 word range but I know that’s a pretty high goal.

You guys can check out My Writings page for a tiny bit more of information. I’m still pretty secretive over there too. 😅

Here’s a few collages/snippets!

Back to School Aesthetic & Flash Fiction Contest

If you guys know me, I love to do contests. To spice up this post a bit and get everyone ready for back to school, I’m having a contest!! This contest will be pretty simple. There are two types of things you can enter.

  1. You can make a back to school aesthetic and send it to me through my contact page.
  2. You can write a back to school flash fiction piece and send it to me through my contact page.

There will be two winners, one in the photography aesthetic section and one in the writing section. I’m not going to go through all the rules because we’ve done this often, but your entry has to be appropriate otherwise it will not be counted. For the flash fiction entries, your word limit is 1,000 words and does not need to have a title. (But you can if you want!)

Since school is coming up, this will be a very low-key contest so DO NOT STRESS about it! There will be no prizes except that the winners’ entries will be displayed on my blog. The deadline for this contest is July *cough* AUGUST 12 at midnight MDT and the winners will be announced the weekend following.

Have fun! Contact me if you have any questions!

And that’s it! I’ve never really done a lifestyle post before so tell me how it turned out! See y’all later! ❤

(Yes, I’m bringing back the memories…)

Are you going back to school? What design should I paint my white shoes? Do you want to hear more from my current WIP?

Writing Prompt Battle Winners!

EEK! OH MY GOODNESS! The day has come! It is officially time to announce the winners of the Writing Prompt Battle!


Fireworks Colors GIF - Fireworks Fire Colors GIFs
Good Mood Music GIF - GoodMood Music HappyDay GIFs
Charlie Brown Snoopy GIF - CharlieBrown Snoopy Christmas GIFs

Before we get started, I’d like to say thanks!

Thank you Chloe for partnering with me! It was an amazing experience and I would TOTALLY do it again!

And thank you to all who entered!!!! It made my day each time I saw a new entry and can I just say that YOUR STORIES WERE ALL AMAZING?? It was very hard for us to choose a winner because we thought you were all winners! Your flash fiction pieces all had a unique voice that BLEW OUR MINDS. My heart bursted with joy when I read your entries.

And speaking of how AMAZING your entries were, I’m going to give all of you a little something! (I have to decide first. XD) I will be in contact with you to give you guys a little prize for doing so amazing!

Katherine! Your story was FANTASTIC!! I loved all your descriptive words! It was like I was standing right there in the story waiting and watching for the ship to arrive. BEAUTIFUL GIRL!

Joy Caroline! I LOVED your story’s message. It had many deep truths woven into your carefully worded sentences. KEEP WRITING!

Issabelle!!! I absolutely loved the creative way you wrote your story!! I thought it was GENIUS with all the cool spelling and the call to action sentence at the end! You are going to be a fantastic author!

Diamond! The cliffhanger ending totally left me at the edge of my seat! (I want to know what happens next!!!!!) What beautiful fiction!

Maggie! The abstract poem style was SUPER touching! Your words were like music to my ears!!!!!! I would love to hear more from you in the future!!! My mind is blown!!!

Trixie! My heart stopped while reading your fiction piece! I could feel the emotion seeping through the words! AMAZING JOB!!

Reese! What a beautiful story of not giving up! When I read yours, it felt like I could connect with the character! You story had a FANTASTIC message!

Victoria! The line at the very end was BEAUTIFULLY worded and SO TRUE! I loved the message that I was getting from the story! KEEP WRITING!!!

*Cries* Why can’t we choose them all??? I hope every one of you keeps on writing! You guys could seriously change the world with your words.

*Takes a deep breath.* Are you ready for the winners?

3rd place goes to…

(I’m sitting here pushing the enter button a gazillion times. *Sighs* The things I do to create suspense)

Joy, your story was fantastic!!!!!!! *Streamers fall from the ceiling* I’ll be in touch with you shortly to give you your prize!

Now, 2nd place goes to…

Diamond, your story was AMAZING! I’ll also be in touch with you to give you your prize!

First place goes to….

Drum roll please!

Victoria, your story was PHENOMENAL! I’ll be in contact with you to give you your prizes! Now it is time for you to be crowned winner!!!!!

Gold Princess Mariah Tiara - Stumps Party

*Room is chanting Victoria*




*Chloe and I place tiara carefully on your head*

Alexa: “Everyone, Queen Victoria of the Writing Prompt Battle!!!”

CONGRATS AGAIN VICTORIA! Since she won first place, here’s her story for all of you to enjoy!!!! And since her story is so amazing, I’m going to end this post with it!! Make sure to congratulate Victoria and everyone else who entered down below!

Freedom was calling. It whispered to me as I stared at the ocean from my confining cage.

Come. Fly free. Live free.

The Call echoed every day and I knew I had to follow it. The only thing preventing me was my Master. The Master who had saved, raised, and loved me. She knew I had to leave. I saw it in her eyes. But I also saw her pain. Nevertheless, she took me to the shore and opened the cage.

Fly free. Live free. You are free.

For freedom might be letting go of the thing you love most.

Who won? Chloe or Alexa?

Hello! I’m back! Did you miss me? I haven’t posted for about a week! Let’s just say that I was very busy. The end of the school year is coming up and I was taking quite a few finals. But I’m so excited to be back on here with my blogging family! I seriously get excited every time I come to “talk” to you guys! (Or would it be “write”? XD)

The moment of anticipation has built up long enough! It is time to announce who won out of Chloe and I! If you want to go check out the original post, click here! (Voting is now closed though.) If you would like to collab with me just like Chloe and I did, I would be happy to! Also, we are super excited to be announcing the winners of the Writing Prompt Battle within a couple of days! Thank you to all who entered!

Some of you may have noticed my blog title has changed. Let’s just say I’m doing it for something special. Hehe.

Okay! Now time for the winner!!!

(This probably takes longer for me to create than for you to scroll through. XD)



Here’s the picture prompt we both had to respond to!



Here’s Chloe’s!

I’ve started to feel  like I could disappear and nobody would care, let alone notice. And sometimes, I do. So often that it’s almost like all I am is a reflection that could be seen in glimpses on occasion. That thought popped into my mind as I stared down at the puddle on the street beneath me.

I could see my silhouette and I watched as rain softly pattered down, creating slight ripples in the plashets on the road. I stood there on the pavement looking at the world around me for nothing in particular, but sucking it all in like it was all I had left.

It was cold and dreary.

Just like I felt on the inside.

My breaths warmed the tip of my nose as I breathed out and the icy wind slashed at my face. As I stood there alone in the cold, a lump pinched tight in my throat. 

Ever since I lost him, my life had crumbled before me, and the only love in my life was lost forever.

Now I stand here in the middle of a path wrapped up warm against the icy fingers of dusk.

Cold and alone,

invisible to this world.

Her writing was PARAGRAPH ONE! Thank you all who voted!!!!!

And that is it! Super short and simple. We can’t wait to announce the winners for the Writing Prompt Battle soon!

Writing Prompt Battle!

YOLO! You know, kind of like Rolo, the candy? I’m honestly running out of ideas on how to start my posts. How about today we just go for the “I’m back” vibe? Alright, fine I’ll try that.

I’M BACK! Hold on a sec, let me go find an EPIC gif. BRB.

2 minutes later…

Okay, let’s do this FOR REAL. Hehe.

YOLO! What’s up guys???? I’M BACK!

Beyonce Entrance GIF - Beyonce Entrance GIFs
That’s my epic entrance.


Entrance Stairs GIF - Entrance Stairs Slide GIFs
XD (I’ll reframe from gifs now)

If you are new on here, I will warn you now, I use XD way too much, XD. (SEE?) Also this site is very interactive, for example, we do lots of games. If you’ve already been here for awhile, you can vouch for that, lol.

Just like I promised you, I have a SUPER FUN post today! (*Cough*, I was supposed to post this a week ago. *Cough*) It was very fun for me to put together and it is going to be very fun for you! Like, very, very, very fun. (Spoiler: it requires you to vote. XD)

Who wants to get started? (ME!)

Today I have paired up with Chloe from Confessions of a Reading Geek to bring you an epic battle!

Chloe: Hi guys, I’m so glad to “be” here! I’m so excited for the post and can’t wait to dive right into it! I’ve been really looking forward to it!! 😉

We are going to BATTLE with our writing. Here’s how it will work.

We have a picture prompt and we each wrote little paragraphs, responding to the picture prompt. In the comments below, you will vote for which paragraph you liked better and that person will win. But here’s the catch: the paragraphs are anonymous. You don’t know who wrote which one. (Evil laughing) So that way you can’t just vote for me. (Cause we all know I’ll win anyway XD)

Chloe: *clears throat*

Okay, okay, fine. Here’s the picture:

That’s the picture we based our writing off of. Now, for the paragraphs. SQUEE!

Paragraph #1

I’ve started to feel  like I could disappear and nobody would care, let alone notice. And sometimes, I do. So often that it’s almost like all I am is a reflection that could be seen in glimpses on occasion. That thought popped into my mind as I stared down at the puddle on the street beneath me.

I could see my silhouette and I watched as rain softly pattered down, creating slight ripples in the plashets on the road. I stood there on the pavement looking at the world around me for nothing in particular, but sucking it all in like it was all I had left.

It was cold and dreary.

Just like I felt on the inside.

My breaths warmed the tip of my nose as I breathed out and the icy wind slashed at my face. As I stood there alone in the cold, a lump pinched tight in my throat. 

Ever since I lost him, my life had crumbled before me, and the only love in my life was lost forever.

Now I stand here in the middle of a path wrapped up warm against the icy fingers of dusk.

Cold and alone,

invisible to this world.

If you want to vote for that paragraph, tell us in the comments below!

Paragraph #2

Don’t. Even. Think. About. It. I know you want to buy those shoes. I mean who wouldn’t? The way they sit there on the shelf, wrapped in paper, and placed in that lovely modern box. That’s tempting for sure. But you can’t. You aren’t going to believe what I’m about to tell you. But I’m telling you anyway so that you will not make the same mistake as my people did.

Once you put on those shoes, you will be mind-controlled. 

I knew you wouldn’t believe me. But you must. You see, there’s a whole mystery you don’t know about. There’s more beyond your dimension. And there’s this guy that’s willing to go any lengths to get what he wants. And those shoes, that look plain and ordinary, are his way of turning you into his army. 

Most of the people around you are already turned. They act normal. But they aren’t. I’m begging you. Listen to me. We can’t give him what he wants. How do I know all this?

Well, I might just be the last human in my dimension alive. He’s coming for you.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

If you would like to vote for that paragraph, tell us in the comments below.

But we also have another catch.


Yep, you read it right! We are going to do the exact same for you! You, my lovely readers are going to battle it out in your own battle to see who will the win the Writing Prompt Battle 2021! Chloe and I will be the judges!

Here are the rules:

  1. Your flash story must be a maximum of 100 words.
  2. It must be written in an 11 or 12 point font of your choice.
  3. Your story must be appropriate and clean.
  4. Only one submission is allowed.
  5. Your story must respond to the picture prompt. How you do that is your choice.
  6. It must be submitted before the deadline.

Aren’t you already excited? YAYA!

Ways to submit:

  1. You can contact me through my contact page.
  2. You can fill out the official form HERE.
  3. Or you can submit two comments, one to vote for Chloe and I’s competition and then once your entry is ready you can fill out another comment and we just won’t approve it that way no one can see your entry. Does that make sense? If you submit this way, we will take your story and change the font size to make the guidelines.

The contest deadline is May 8th at 11:59 pm MDT.

(I made sure to make that big so no one would forget XD)

And now here’s the special moment! Are you guys ready to see what picture prompt you will be responding to??




Isn’t that beautiful? That’s the picture that you will write your flash story to! Now, here’s what the winners will receive.


1st Place: You will receive an award ceremony (yes you will be crowned), an award logo to display on your site (if you have one), you will receive a special part for something I have coming up, and your story will be portrayed here.

2nd Place: You and I will play a game for a collab much like this one and you will get a collage based on your story!

3rd Place: You will get a special say in the next Memes, Quotes, Pics!

EEEK! Are you guys ready to see who will be the next Writing Prompt Battle winner? Hopefully you guys can share this so we can get as much people to participate in the contest as possible. (*cough cough* REBLOG *cough cough*) No, just kidding XD. I mean you can if you want, that would mean a lot! Who wouldn’t want those prizes I listed above?

Remember to vote for the paragraph you think won out of Chloe and I and submit your entries before May 8th!


[If you need writing tips, go to my other site and perhaps some might help you win! XD]