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59 thoughts on “Blacksmith

  1. Elle eyed the weapons and muttered to herself, “Well, I have got Felix…What else? Sword? Short sword… Dagger? Nah… Wait, no, maybe yes… Spear…Bow and arrows, definitely no…”

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  2. “Um, hey.” Gwen shuffled over to the stand. “How much do you charge to sharpen weapons or upgrade them? I have six Chakris”

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    • Keonna was done. She busted down the stand’s door and stepped inside. She snagged a Damascus-steel broadsword, a leather and silver sheath, and a golden quiver with a leather strap.
      Keonna huffed and quickly walked away. She left one of her bread-lumps, though, and and her mind all was right.
      Besides, she would just burn someone or thing if she was caught.


      • Keonna came back after a while and consideration and took all the arrows she saw. (Which was almost a hundred.) She left 5 tolkens in the now-empty spot, but only because the blacksmith had been kind.
        But it was annoying to wait on him for so long.


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