Baked Goods

Hello! I am Bernard, the owner of this baked goods stand. What can I get for you today? We have an assortment of goods such as bread, pies, cakes, and fruit jam this morning.

42 thoughts on “Baked Goods

  1. Manasi stared at the assortment of foods thoughtfully. One half of her was salivating at the sight of all the delicious fruit pies- but the other, more logical half decided on something more filling, healthier and non perishable.

    “Greeting, Sir! I’d like the driest cakes you’ve got- ones that won’t rot easily. And some jam, too- the cheapest available. And what about bread? What kinds have you got?”

    Manasi made a face. Dry cakes were awful, but perhaps eating them with jam would make up for the lack of icing. Throwing caution to the wind was stupid, though. She had to think with her head- not her stomach.

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  2. Rae snuck up to the baked goods stand, praying for everything to go well. She whispered, “I would like to buy some apple pies.” Bernard looked around anxiously before rushing her into his shop.

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    • Gwen looked back just in time to see Rae slip behind the baker’s stall. Remembering the wanted poster, Gwen assumed she was hiding. She was tempted to go talk to her, but she decided to ask her about things later, maybe after they cleared her name with the sheriff.

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