THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS // Six Days Until The Shattered Castle is Released

Guess what y’all?

THE SHATTERED CASTLE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN!!! And we are just six days away from the release date! *cues all the screaming and fangirling*

For those of you who don’t know, The Shattered Castle is the fifth (and final) book in The Ascendance Series! (aka the best books in all the land!!!) If you haven’t read this series, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING? *ahem*

Also, let’s ignore the fact that this post was supposed to go up yesterday…. Yeah, I have a friend named Life and Life kinda took over. XD So technically, it would be five days until the release but we are just going to pretend there are still six days.

Before we jump in, I would like to thank my amazing, fabulous, genius gal ISSABELLE for letting me do this with her!! We are so excited to bring you a fun packed week filled with exciting (but short) posts! If you want to check out the first post of this little countdown (which you TOTALLY should!!!) you can click HERE to pop over to Teen Writers’ Nook!

For the second day of the countdown, we have brought you some False Prince graphics! Enjoy!

Graphic made by me!

Graphic made by Issabelle!

Another graphic made by yours truly!

Graphic from TWN’s Captive Kingdom Countdown (click HERE to view the post!) This was one of my favorite graphics from their countdown series last year!

That’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed and make sure to jump to Teen Writers’ Nook to see the next post (coming today!!) in the countdown series! Fangirl with me below: who’s excited for the release? Ooh! *jumps up and down* Who are y’alls favorite characters and why?

19 thoughts on “THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS // Six Days Until The Shattered Castle is Released

    • Why thank you Diamond!!! *does a weird sort of bow* *gasps* Okay. Okay. DiAmOnD, this is a crime! Ugh, I’m personally offended. *pouts* XD Just kiddin. I promise. But you better read it soon! 🤣

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  1. All those graphics are AMAAZZING!!!!!!!!!! Eeeek, *raises hand* I’m SuPeR ExCiTeD for the release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    It’s so hard to pick favorites, but I absolutely LOVE Mott!!!!!!!! He’s amazing and really loyal!!!!!!! Plus, in the beginning of the book, Mott was much nicer to Sage than Cregan. (He’s just a really great guy, y’all!!!😉)

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    • Aww, thank you, Katherine!!! ME TOOO! There hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I haven’t thought about the release!!! EEEK!!

      Mott IS the BOMB.COM!!! He’s probably the most loyal book character I have EVER seen so I agree with you on that!!! Yes! Yes! He IS such an amazing guy!!!!!

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  2. […] Well, only five days now until the finale to this exciting, amazing series end! And must I say, the excitement is high in the fandom this week, and TWN in partnership with A Fangirl’s Hideaway is bringing just a taste of that to all of you!!!!!!! If you missed the countdown’s kick off post, then check it out here and don’t forget to also check out Alexa’s post filled with the very best TAS graphics right here!!!! […]


    • THANK YOU SO MUCH, LOUISE!!! Me too! I still can’t believe that the book is coming out in THREE DAYS. THREE DAYS Y’ALL. *squeals like a crazy fangirl* XD

      YES, I love Jaron and Fink’s brother relationship. They do work SO well together!


  3. *shoots hand in the air* I AM! I AM! I AM EXCITED! (THOSE GRAPHICS THO….🤩)

    SPOILER ALERT – don’t read the rest of this comment if you haven’t already read TAS

    Okay….How can I choose a favorite? Ummmmm, Fink, Sage (yes I still call him Sage…don’t judge XD), and Amarinda. And I just met Wilta, and she’s pretty cool (still on The Captive Kingdom lol)

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    • YES! YES! Love the enthusiasm!!! I’m BEYOND excited too!!! EEEEEEEEKKKKK!! Thank you SO much Lorelei!

      SPOILER ALERT — also don’t read the end of this comment if you haven’t read the book XD

      EXACTLY. All the characters are fabulous! Ooooh, PERFECT choices! (I still call him Sage too! Personally, I think his name is better as Sage. Kinda captures his mischievous personality. XD) Wilta rocks!!! You’ll like her!!!

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  4. THOSE GRAPHIIIIIICS!!!!!!! *all the heart eyes* I LOVED each and every one of them!!! My favorite characters would be Sage/Jaron, Fink, Roden, Tobias, Imogen, Amarinda, Mott, Mott, and Mott and yeah. XD I love all of them really (except for the bad ones). ;P

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  5. EEEEEKKKK GIRL I ADORE YOUR GRAPHICSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *all da heart eyes* Awww, girl, you’re SO welcome!!!!! I AM ABSOLUTELY SO INSANELY HAPPY I GOT TO DO THIS WITH YOU!!!!!! It really made it MUCH more fun than last year!!! It’s been a true joy, girl!!!! *hugs*

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE SHATTERED CASTLE’S RELEASEEE!!!!!!!! Oooo favorite character?? THAT IS SO HARD. Hmmmm probably Mott and Sage and Amarinda. Ooo and tobias. I LOVE him. Yup, those are my favorites!!!!

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