Imagine Blog Tour // Featuring Penelope Rugan!

Hiya folks!!! The Imagine Blog Tour train has stopped at AFH once again but this time we have a very special guest!! Before I introduce her, I’m going to scream for just a moment because:


*endless celebrations*

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Y’all, it’s been a crazy journey for both authors and editors! We’ve had happy moments, we’ve had sad moments, we’ve had this-is-rough-I-am-not-a-real-author-moments. Our publishers, (shout-out to the gals at TWN) have been working so hard these past months to make this dream come true! Since June, we’ve been writing, editing, submitting, editing, posting, crying (for good reasons), dancing, editing, blog touring (yes, that’s a real word), and finally, PUBLISHING!!

Let’s cue that book cover and blurb again because they both are so AMAZING!!

It’s time to imagine…


Such a small word for such a huge impact it has. Every great story begins here—at that moment after the idea but before the story is completed. The spark. The vision. The idea that will expand into a story that clings to readers’ hearts for a lifetime. An author’s story is limited only by his imagination, and how far he is willing to go to breathe life into characters. To build the foundations of another world. To see the struggles and envision the victories. To search for the magic burning in the darkness.

Teen Writers’ Nook presents a collection of short stories and poems from talented young authors that will take you beyond the boundaries of your mind. From snarky protagonists to the tear-jerking sacrifice. From mystical fantasy worlds to indescribable sci-fi stories. Thrilling adventures, daring choices, inspiring messages, heartfelt romances, and everything beyond. Maybe—just maybe—these tales will have you journey past reality and to the depths of your imagination. Will you take the risk and embark through the pages of this book?

Featuring work from Alaine Darkwood, Alexa Peterson, Allie Jo Andersen, Chloe B. Christensen, Faith Elizabeth, Grace A. Johnson, Grey S. Park, Linyang Zhang, Lissa Johnson, Lorelei Angelino, Penelope Rugan, Selah Sigmon, Victoria Crooks, and V. L. Smith!

Click here to buy the paperback or the e-book!

And now, it’s time to introduce you to the special guest(s)!

*drum roll*

PENELOPE RUGAN!!!!! *cheers* *applause* THANK YOU SO much for joining me here!!! Penelope’s an amazing, thoughtful gal and her short story, Hidden Magic, is FABULOUS y’all! FABULOUS!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH! *more applause* And today, Penelope will be character interviewing a special friend from Hidden Magic! Let’s give it up for Penelope and Sylvie! *even more applause*

*passes around popcorn* 😉 *curtains open*

(Sylvie is in bold, Penelope is in normal text, and Chloe’s questions are in Italic!)

*forcibly drags out Sylvie* 

Are you sure this interview is necessary, Penelope? Like, you couldn’t just talk about me and call it good? I’m sure you could think of something to tell everyone. 

Yes, I am very sure that it’s necessary. It’s kinda how interviews work. And it’s going to be a lot of fun!


You aren’t getting out of it. 

Fine. But we will be talking about this later. 

*elbows Slyvie* Great! Thank you for your cooperation. Now, before we start, we owe a HUGE thank you to the AMAZING Alexa for letting us use her blog!!!

Do I actually have to- 

YES! She volunteered to let us use her blog and I need you to not make her regret it. You need to make a good first impression on people and I don’t have the means to bribe her to let us continue if you keep acting like this. Or, I guess I could just have Zev interviewed instead-

NO, no-

I’m sure he would really enjoy knowing that-

Okay, okay, I’ll go along with the interview. You didn’t need to bring Zev into this. 

Well you can rub it in his face when we’re done, now, if you’re finished, will you please thank Alexa?

*dramastically sighs* Thanks, Alexa.


For letting us use your blog. Can we get started now? I’ve kinda got something else going on-

Yes we can get started. Don’t spoil the story. 

I was just going to tell them about-

Hey, look at that, it’s time for the first question! 

*rolls eyes*

So to start off, we, you, have five questions from Chloe!!!! She’s awesome and is great at coming up with questions. (Thanks for the amazing questions chloe!!) 

Hey, Sylvie! It’s so nice to talk with you! Mind if I ask a few little soul searching questions? 😉

Well, I’m kinda being forced here against my will-

*Hisses at Sylvie to JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION* 

I wasn’t finished. I was going to add, “but sure, go right ahead.” *Gives Penelope a pointed look* 

*rolls eyes*

Okay! When was the last time you tried something new?

Well, I just recently tried magic and that was pretty neat. I never really knew that magic existed before so it’s still pretty new, but I’m really wanting to experiment more with that. So many things I could do to Zev and he would never know that It’s me!   

Who do you sometimes compare yourself to?

I don’t really compare myself to anybody. I haven’t really had anyone to compare myself to for a really long time. 

*tries to hug Sylvie*

We’ll talk about it later and then you can give me a hug. *Pauses* With no one else around. 

What’s the most sensible thing you’ve heard someone say?

I once had someone tell me that I should trust more, but every time I try it never really works out. It’s not in the story and I think you’ll see that I haven’t really put it to good practice, but maybe one day I will.   

What important life lesson did you learn the hard way?

Hm, probably that you should have an escape plan before you try to steal something. That one back fired real bad, and would have been a lot worse if… 

*Vigorously shakes head* 

…. If not for a certain chain of events that I can’t tell you about.  

What makes you excited about life? What does the opposite?

Ooh, that’s a cool question. I would say the thought that I can actually help people makes me pretty excited. And spiders make me not excited about life. *Shudders* they’ve got long legs and they jump and they are just so- so spidery. 

Thanks again for the great questions Chloe!! I hope you enjoyed Sylvies answers. 🙂 

Yeah, thanks for the questions! 

So, Sylvie, now it’s time for my questions!

Your questions, that you aren’t making up on the spot because you actually thought them through and didn’t wait last second for?

*cough* Yeah, I definitely didn’t wait till the last second. They’re all planned out. *clears throat*


All right! My first question for you is, what is something you do in your down time?

Uh, you created me. You know I have like zero down time. 

Just answer the question. 

Fine, hmmmmm, I guess when I actually had free time *Glares at penelope* I would sew a lot and, if I could smuggle one out of the library, I would read every once in a while. 

Cool, I will put “giving Sylvie more down time” on my agenda. My next question is how old are you? Because I’ve never really clarified that with you.

So you made me age-less?! I could be five years old and I wouldn’t know!

That’s not how it works, and no, I didn’t make you age less. The rules form the writing contest crealy state that your character must be between ages 12-19. 

I still can’t answer the question-

*whispers age in Sylvies ear* 

So apparently, I’m 16. I feel like I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT SOONER. *Gives Penelope another pointed look* 

We can talk about this later. My next question is, What’s your biggest fear?

I’m pretty sure we already established this, but it’s spiders. I mean, have you ever been doing laundry and have a giant spider come out of the shirt you’re folding and then crawl down your leg? *shudders* Other than spiders I’m not really a fan of heights. I can handle them if it’s necessary, but I prefer to not be in high places. 

*Makes mental note for future stories to have a lot of high places and spiders*

You know I can see that right?

Uuuuuh…. Moving on to the next question. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?      

I’m adding your “mental note” to our list of things to talk about later. 

The most embarrassing thing was probably when I tripped someone and… well you’ll see when you read the story. 

Thank you for not almost spoiling the story again! Now, on to the last question. When you die, what do you want to be remembered for? 

So before I answer i want to point out ot the people reading that you spent forty five minutes google icebreakers because you couldn’t think of a question-  

*nerves laugh* That’s not important.

*shrugs* Okay, just figured they would want to know-

Just answer the question Sylvie! 

Fine, I would want to be remembered for being there when people need me and for helping people. Like that spell I cast at the end-

Ssssshhhhh!!! They aren’t supposed to know about that spell yet!!! Stop spoiling things!!!

We’re done now right?

Yes, but that’s not the point, you almost spoiled the ending-

Okay then! I will see you all later then! Thank you Alexa for letting us use your blog and thank you Chloe for the actually good questions! Bye!

We are not done talking about this-

Add it to the list. I have something I was kinda in the middle of, so I’m gonna go finish that and we’ll “talk about this later.”

Uh… That’s not how I was gonna end this…. But I guess it’ll work…. Bye everyone! Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it!     

You hope I enjoyed it? I LOVED it! YOU GUYS. Wasn’t that amazing? *dies inside* I absolutely LOVED getting to know Sylvie better!! And you are SO welcome Penelope and Sylvie!! I had SO MUCH FUN having you here on the blog!!!!!!!!!! So y’all, check out Imagine and read Penelope’s story, Hidden Magic! If you don’t, you better bet I’m going to haunt your nightmares…

Go read the anthology because it’s AMAZINGLY FABULOUS AND THE BEST ANTHOLOGY IN THE WORLD!!! (Nothing more needs to be said XD)

*blog tour train whistles* Well, that looks like it is all the time I have here! HAVE AN AMAZING DAY EVERYONE!!!! *waves goodbye* *train pulls away*

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4 thoughts on “Imagine Blog Tour // Featuring Penelope Rugan!

  1. AAAAHHH PIPPI I LOVED YOUR INTERVIEW WITH SYLVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y’all are honestly so funny together. The age-less part… aaaahh, that was the best. XD And Sylvie, you should know better than to spoil this story for everyone. You want to keep them all in suspense so they read your story, you see. It’s the trick of the trade. 😉

    Though, honestly, if this had been Keenum or Colin, nothing would’ve stopped them from doing what they want. Hence why I don’t really let Keenum come to TWN much. XD

    But aaaahh, girl, I LOVED READING THIS SO MUCH!!!!!! THANK YOU AND ALEXA BOTH FOR JOINING IN THE BLOG TOUR AND SHARING ABOUT IMAGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ANd extra thanks to Alexa for letting Pippi borrow the blog!!!!) Can’t wait for everyone to read y’all’s stories!!!!!!

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