A Sneak Peek | The Legend of Tanith Behind the Scenes

The day has arrived. After waiting a couple of agonizing months, The Legend of Tanith Behind the Scenes post is here! *cue all the dancing* Aww, this post brings me back to the good ‘ole days.

Let’s start by apologizing for how late this post is! Life has just been ripping up at me the past few days. I’m sure y’all can relate. XD

Second, I want to thank Blue, Victoria, Diamond, Sabrina, Rayna, Issabelle, Katherine, and Chloe for submitting questions! Y’all, this post would not be alive without you. *showers you with candy* Now, let’s get started!

The first round of questions are from Blue! Thank you so much for submitting some!

What inspired you to name the roleplay ‘The Legend of Tanith’? I mean, why ‘Tanith’?

Ooh, that’s a very good question!! Honestly this was the part that wasn’t coming together when I first planned this series. I COULD NOT find a name! I had a couple of names I originally thought of but trust me, those weren’t as awesome. So one day, I was scrolling along Pinterest and found an image that reminded me a bit of what Rae looks like.

Tanith | Female character names, Pretty names, Character names
(Not mine)

And bam, I decided to name my roleplay series ‘Tanith.’ Note: The name has nothing to do with the definition. XD

How did you make it? The plot? The setting? What inspired it?

My cousins inspired it! I was roleplaying with them and I decided I loved it so much I would share it with y’all!

Thank you so much Blue! And now onto Victoria’s questions!

How much time in advance did you start planning The Legend of Tanith?

I actually had been thinking about it for a while but I didn’t start officially planning until the beginning of June. #procrastinator

What inspired you to do a roleplay in the first place?

My cousins inspired it a lot. They helped me through it by making fanart and sat through the long five hours of roleplaying instead of doing other things. But before my cousins, I had always had a love for D&D and so I thought I would create my own version.

How did you come up with the different roles (i.e. Healer, Guardian, Mage?)

Honestly, I don’t know. Somehow I just imagined them up. I figured I wanted everyone to have a special part and that’s when I decided on the roles.

What was the hardest part about hosting a roleplay?

Oh, the time commitment for sure! I was spending 3-4 hours on the computer per day just for the roleplay series.

Thank you so, so much Victoria for submitting questions! Here are Diamond’s questions!

Was it hard writing an interactive series?

Yes ma’am. It was very hard.

But so worth it.

How many comments did you get during this time?

Ahhh, math! XD Oh wait, there’s a special thing in my stats so I don’t have to add!

A whopping 1,312 comments! (But I did have to respond to a lot of them)


All part of the fun!

What was your biggest inspiration?

D&D, my cousins, and Teen Author Boot Camp!

Thanks, Diamond! Onto Sabrina’s questions!

Did you write all the posts before starting the series? If yes, did you later make some changes to the posts?

I did have about half of all the posts written before the series, but since things in a roleplay change so much, I had to keep it pretty open because I knew we would change course a bit. But generally, we did stay on a similar path as I predicted so I didn’t have to make too big of changes to the posts.

How did you think of the Legend of Tanith?

Just by using my imagination! (And the internet for inspiration XD)

Before announcing the Legend Of Tanith, did you doubt it’s success?

DEFINITELY. Okay, well I didn’t 100% doubt its success but I wasn’t confident that so many people would participate. Honestly, I estimated about 5-6 bloggers. *sheepish smile*

Those were awesome questions, Sabrina! Now here are some from Rayna!

How did you think of hosting a roleplay on your blog? 

One day, there was a girl who was going along her merry little way and suddenly she had this brilliant idea! (Betcha can’t guess who this girl is…) 😆

What did you love most about hosting it? 

I loved interacting with all of you! I found it so exciting to see what you guys came up with and how your characters acted.

Was there something you wish you’d done differently?

Yes, there was quite a bit of things I wish I’d done differently. In my defense, it was my first roleplay so I guess there is lots that I want to change. Let’s just say that the next roleplay series will run a little smoother and efficiently. *cough*

Thank you very much, Rayna! *bows* Onto Issabelle’s questions!

Where did you first get the idea?

When I started roleplaying with my cousins, everything was just coming from my imagination. I didn’t prepare for it at all. And in a way, they sort of paved the trail for TLT. I took a few elements from my cousin roleplay (Yep, that’s what it is called now XD) and added them to this roleplay. Then after a few sleepless nights, I was finally able to get this all together and working!

Were there any problems in setting it up?



There was a point where I was stuck. I had no idea where to go from there. And that turned into a panic that I wouldn’t be able to finish the roleplay series in time and everything spiraled down from there.

But hey, I’m still alive!


What was the best part in putting together and hosting this series?

Aww, the best part? I really loved reading all the fight scene responses! Oh and the first post of the series was definitely a banger. I remember sitting on my laptop, shaking with excitement as all the comments and chatting came in. I even called a friend to explain how exciting this was!

Did you have any help?


And that’s actually something I regret: doing it all alone. Now I know for next time.

When’s the next one?

*slaps forehead* Geez, I knew this question would come up. No offense to you Issabelle. XD *huffs* Fine, I’ll tell y’all. I don’t have any exact dates but I’m planning the next one for December. (This isn’t final. Yet.)

Lovely questions, Issabelle! Here’s Katherine’s questions!

What first sparked the idea for the roleplaying game?

D&D for sure. And the internet. (You guys, Google did something nice to me for once! XP)

What was the inspiration for the eyepatch guy?

*crickets chirp*

I think by the time I had created the rest of the roleplay series, I had no imagination left for the eyepatch dude. XD So I just brought him over from my “cousin roleplay” to this roleplay.

What was your favorite part of the game?

Ahh, I loved all of it! But if I had to choose, I really loved all the fighting scenes and the market part!!!

Thank you so much, Katherine! And here’s Chloe’s questions!

What was your inspiration for the name of Rae and Tanith?

Well you guys already know the inspiration for the name of Tanith but Rae’s name was inspired by this lady right here:

Star Wars Rey GIF - Star Wars Rey The Rise Of Skywalker GIFs

How did you come up with the plot for the roleplay?

How does anyone come up with a plot for a story, I do not know. Let’s just say it takes a lot of “shower moments.” *cheesy smile*

Are you planning on doing one of these again? If so, when? Will it be a yearly tradition, or just whenever you feel like?

The next roleplay is coming in December! Be on the lookout! 😉 And to answer your last question, I don’t know. I’m just rolling with it. 😎

Was Rae’s backstory a big thing to the plot intentionally?

Yes and no? As I was understanding Rae a bit more and her backstory, I decided to throw a bit of it into the roleplay so you would understand her motives a little better.

But there’s still a whole lot you don’t know about her…

*evil cackling*

Did you have this planned out super thoroughly, or did you kinda just “wing it”?


*sheepish smile*

What would’ve happened if we had lost?

Oh, you really want to know that? Well if you had taken a different path…

Let’s just say that some of us wouldn’t have made it out alive.

Thank you all so much for tuning in! I hope this post gave you a little sneak peek into the making of The Legend of Tanith! And before I sign off, I have another EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!

Hmm, do any links look familiar?

Yep, that’s right. A very special blog tour is coming to YOU!!!! Stay tuned!

You really thought this was the end, didn’t you? Well you’re wrong. This is just the beginning.

Welcome to the Games.

7 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek | The Legend of Tanith Behind the Scenes

  1. AAAHH!! I just LOVED learning more about TLT!!! I’m super excited for the next roleplay series!!!! Just know, if you need any help, that’s what I’m here for! Girl, you are just incredible at what you do, the roleplay was the most fun I’ve had here on the blogosphere!! I don’t know what it would be like not having you here.

    Ooooh, I can’t wait to see your post for the Imagine Blog Tour!!!! Congrats again for being an accepted author!!!!! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. In response to that last question: Sage would’ve stayed alive cuz she’s pretty much invincible. XD Nah, but seriously, I LOVED reading this post that the wait is TOTALLY worth it!!!!!!!!! And, girl, I almost laughed out loud at the part to one of my questions where you were like but at least I’m still alive. Mostly. XDDD Girl, you’re a gem! Anyway, it was SO exciting to get a bit of behind the scenes for how the Legend of Tanith came to be, and I guess we own your cousin’s roleplay a lot. XD Also, I can definitely attest to learning the hard way about not getting help. *cough* literally everything I try to do falls here *cough* XD Anyway, LOVED this post and THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for sharing about the blog tour!!! I am SO stoked for your post!!!!!!!! <33333


  3. Aww you mentioned me🤭😪
    Alexa first it was a chocolate now candy. What you tryna do👀.
    Girl don’t be coughing. It’s still Corona😂.Seriously though. Don’t do that.
    Wow. Yeah I couldn’t guess who the girl is😂. At least you used the emoji and not XD😂.
    Girl you coughed again?
    And again😂.
    Here I am still waiting for Google to do something nice to me🙂
    Shower moments yes🤣
    Well uhm (clears throat) the end was a bit creepy😂….
    Cool post🎉❤


  4. Eheheh…so I know this is way too late to be legal, BUUUT GIRL I LOVED THIS POST SO MUUUUCH!!!!!!! It was a blast seeing how the legendary Legend of Tanith came to be and I am SO EXCITED for the next one in December!!!! *jumps up and down* Also, that was so cool how your cousins’ role play inspired this one!!! Inspiration sure does comes from anywhere and everywhere! 😉 (Oh, and Rey! That’s pretty epic how she gave you the idea for your character!!!) XD


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