Can You Relate? | 5 Relatable Writing Problems [WIP Update!]

Hello besties!! *waves to all* I’m back!

Im Back Woody GIF - Im Back Woody Toys Story2 GIFs

(Yes, I have to include a “I’m back” gif…)

And I brought with me a fun packed post! Now, you may be wondering, where’s the TLT post?? Ah yes, I knew you would ask that question. Well, that post will officially be the next post!! (for real this time!) If you haven’t submitted questions for this post, you can do so HERE! Even if you were just a spectator, feel free to submit questions!

Now, let’s get into today’s post! Here are five relatable writing problems for you!

#1 When you sit down to write but realize you forgot all your notes in another room.

This happens to me ALL THE TIME!! I’ll go to write and realize I left all my plotting notes in a different room. So, I’ll go to fetch them, sit down, and write. Then later in the day, I’ll go to write in a different spot and realize I left the notes in the spot before.



It’s a real problem.

#2 Today I’m going to write! NOT.

Does this ever happen to you? (Because it always seems to happen to me!) You say in the morning: oh I’m going to be really productive today and get a lot of words written in my novel!

*night falls*



*sheepish smile*

*realizes all the days that I could’ve been productive but wasn’t*

*realizes how many words I COULD HAVE written*

*face palm*

#3 You hop on Pinterest to look up something real quick and end up wasting an hour of writing time.

Scroll Scrolling GIF - Scroll Scrolling Addiction GIFs

YES, YES, YES, YES!! I relate to this one A TON!! I’ve wasting so many hours scrolling through Pinterest. Or the internet. (I get distracted easily, okay?)

*composes self*

Okay, I really need limit myself on these types of things. But that’s nearly impossible! There’s just too much creative stuff on there! 😍

#4 You spend more time making graphics than writing.

I totally don’t do this…


But, while we are on the subject, if you want to see some awesome graphics from my WIP and read an interview from one of my characters, click HERE!

Excuse me?

*sighs* What Wren? What do you want this time?

When are you going to interview me? I’m the main character of your book after all.

Dude, your time will come.

Can we do it now?

Since when did you want to be interviewed? I thought you would rather be out doing “dangerous” stuff.

Since I got a ton of fans on here. It’s like I’m a celebrity.

Go away.

No, ma’am. I’m staying put.

Excuse me, bloggers, while I deal with this problem.

*walks away*

2 minutes later…

*comes back*

There. That’s solved. (Don’t ask what I did…) XD Which leads us to our next problem.

#5 You enjoy torturing your characters.

*rubs hands evilly* No offense to you Wren, but that’s what us writers do. We have to keep the story interesting! And that’s the only way to do it, making you go through rough stuff.

That’s a wrap! Well, first, I have to update y’all on my WIP. It’s going great! *cough*

Actually, I’ve been taking a break. I have been spending too much time on it so I decided to shift my focus to another project for a bit. I’ve also been making a lot of graphics lately. *hides in corner* *smiles*

30 thoughts on “Can You Relate? | 5 Relatable Writing Problems [WIP Update!]

  1. All of them were so relatable! Especially the Pinterest/web one. I go onto the internet or whatever to look up something for my book, and then I start talking with someone or then I see another interesting article or… and then, um, that’s a problem.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AAAAHHH okay, 2, 4, and 5 are just TOO relatable!!!! (Lucky for me, I’m not a plotter so I never have to worry about the first one, but I can totally see how that’d be a problem. 😉 ) But c’mon making graphics SHOULD be considered part of working on your writing, right? I mean, technically it still has to do with your writing AND sometimes you can get ideas for your story… yes, this is me trying to cover up my exposed guilt. XD And AAAHH torturing my charries is just SO MUCH FUN!!!! (As I’m sure you can tell with Keenum.) I mean, we know all writers out there enjoy it no matter how much they try to convince us otherwise. XD Anyway, I LOVED this post, girl!!!!!!!!!! (*wonders if Alexa wrote this post to procrastinate writing*)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yessss, I’m glad you think so!!! (Oh yeah, I forgot that you were a full-blown pantser XDD) They should!! (Cause then I technically could say I’ve been working on writing…) Torturing charries is so much fun!!! (Oh yes, I can totally tell that Keenum has felt the power of a writer) We do enjoy it!! Poor charries!! Side note: autocorrect really wants me to correct ‘charries’ to ‘cherries’. *sigh* But on the bright side, torturing them is entertaining for me! *laughs* Thank you so much!!! (Haha, I totally didn’t do that. *backs into corner suspiciously* XP)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Can anyone relate to sounding like a psychopath while talking about things related to your writing? I know I can! I’m not ashamed.
    But yes I TOTALLY relate! I’m having the marathon in the middle going on with my novel so I feel the second point. Also making graphics is fun. Hehe.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. XDDD W-what? Like, this is not me AT ALL. *nods* *grins* *looks away* AHEM! *sheepish smile*
    Anyhoodle…Love your blog, girl! It’s so fun 🤩 (jic you couldn’t tell, this is Lorelei, also featured in Imagine 😀)
    that gif thoughhhhhhh *laughs uncontrollably*
    I should probably go now *is still laughing*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yeah… totally not you at all. *narrows eyes suspiciously* XD Aww, thank you so much!! *shakes hands* Nice to meet you, Lorelei!! I’m so excited to read your poems and your short story!! Man, The Chest of Lost Worlds is a jaw-dropping title! You are going to have to give me some secrets on how you name your works!! 😉 Oh yes, what is a post without a gif? (That gif might be on my top list for favorite gifs)
      *laughs with you* Laughing is fun! (Now I feel like Uncle Albert, the laughing dude from Mary Poppins XD)

      Liked by 1 person

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