Imagine Anthology Cover Reveal!! | Sparks Graphics | Submit Questions for The Legend of Tanith Behind the Scenes Post!

The day has arrived!! Are you ready to see the fabulous Imagine cover? Ready to enter a giveaway or see some amazing graphics? Come join me as I announce tons of exciting news!!

Yo guys. I think this post might win the award for the most ExCiTiNg information in one post! If you’ve read the title, you’ll know that the first thing on our agenda is the COVER REVEAL FOR IMAGINE!!!! That’s right peeps!! My short story, Sparks, was accepted into the TWN anthology book and today, August 24th is the BEST DAY EVER! It is cover reveal time!!!

For their 100 followers celebration, Teen Writers’ Nook announced that they were publishing their own book, a collection of short stories by the TWN family! Teen Writers’ Nook is a FABULOUS place for all writers, bloggers, dreamers, and everyone in between. The three lovely gals over there are AMAZING!! So, if you are writing a book or wanting to start writing a piece of literature, jump on over there! You WILL NOT regret it!

Before I show you the cover, here’s the book blurb!


Such a small word for such a huge impact it has. Every great story begins here—in that moment after the idea but before the story is completed. The spark. The vision. The idea that will expand into a story that clings to reader’s hearts for a lifetime. An author’s story is limited only by his imagination, and how far he is willing to go to breathe life into characters. To build the foundations of another world. To see the struggles and envision the victories. To search for the magic burning in the darkness. 

Teen Writers’ Nook presents a collection of short stories and poems from talented young authors that will take you beyond the boundaries of your mind. From snarky protagonists to the tear-jerking sacrifice. From mystical fantasy worlds to indescribable sci-fi stories. Thrilling adventures, daring choices, inspiring messages, heartfelt romances, and everything in between. Maybe—just maybe—these tales will have you journey past reality and to the depths of your imagination. Will you take the risk and embark through the pages of this book?

Alaine Darkwood, Alexa Peterson, Allie Jo Andersen, Britt Chao, Chloe B. Christensen, Faith Elizabeth, Grace A. Johnson, Grey S. Park, Linyang Zhang, Lorelei Angelino, Penelope Rugan, Selah Sigmon, Victoria Crooks, and V. L. Smith! 


Toy Story Woody GIF - Toy Story Woody Dramatic Gasp GIFs


Are ya’ll ready to see the beautiful cover?

(Yes, the dashes are back.)

Tired of me yet?

Emoji Winks Sticker - Long Livethe Blob Smiling Wink Stickers

Does anyone ever read these?

Here’s a little secret for y’all: if you are reading this, comment down below TWN rocks!!

😲😲😲 Is that not the most BEAUTIFUL COVER YOU HAVE EVER SEEN?

Imagine is going to be released September 21st!!!! Get ready ya’ll for the next generation of young authors! If you are like me and can’t get enough of all this exciting news, check out TWN’s cover reveal post where they are hosting an EPIC GIVEAWAY!!

What are you waiting for? Hop on over, check out their post, congratulate all the peeps, and enter that giveaway! If you do go on over to the amazing community, you’ll get chocolate! 😉

Now, beause I’ve been obsessing over this graphic, I’m going to show all of you! The gals at TWN made this for me!!

IT’S AMAZING!!!!!!!! I love the flowers and the font and the world map thingy behind it!!!! Ahhh, it is so AWESOME!

Here’s one more graphic made by yours truly!

And a mock cover for my short story will be coming soon! You guys, I can not wait until September 21st!!

If y’all want to check out more cover reveal posts, I’ll link them (and more to come) below!! Go check them out and congratulate all the teen authors!


Allie Jo Andersen

Grace A Johnson

That’s just to name a few! CONGRATS EVERYONE!! And hopefully as more cover reveal posts coming rolling in, I’ll be able to add more names!!

Now, I need all those TLT peeps out there to submit some questions for my Legend of Tanith Behind the Scenes post! This is super easy, all you have to do is ask me anything! How did I make the roleplay? How long did it take me? What was the inspiration for some characters? Ask me anything and I’ll answer it in my coming post. (Obviously, I won’t answer personal questions, too deep questions, or anything that doesn’t relate to The Legend of Tanith.)

That’s it peeps!! Have an AMAZING DAY!!! *exits by dancing*

Tell me below: Did you LOVE the cover for Imagine? Are you going to enter the giveaway? Did you adore the graphics? Who’s excited?

31 thoughts on “Imagine Anthology Cover Reveal!! | Sparks Graphics | Submit Questions for The Legend of Tanith Behind the Scenes Post!

  1. Oooh, I love your graphics, Alexa!!! You and I had a similar idea for this cover reveal! 😉 I can’t wait to read your story in the anthology!!!!! 😁

    Liked by 2 people

  2. TWN rocks! (Loll)
    That cover is pretty cool.
    What inspired you to name the roleplay ‘The Legend of Tanith’? I mean, why ‘Tanith’?
    Ooh, and how did you make it? The plot? The setting? What inspired it? I found it amazing and creative, and I want to know where you get your inspiration from. (:

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes! *pumps fist* You read the secret message!
      It really is!
      Thank you so much for all the questions, Blue! (I almost just called you Elle. XD I guess I still got all the TLT memories in my head.)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. TWN ROCKS!!!!! And, EEE!!!! THAT COVER. *heart eyes* I am SO, SO, SOOO excited for its release and I ABSOLUTELY CAN’T WAIT to read your story Alexa!!! (Also, thank you so much for the link to my blog!!! That was so thoughtful!!) 😀

    *GASPS* We get to ask questions about The Legend of Tanith?!?!? That’s SOOO COOL!!!! Okay, here are mine:
    – How much time in advance did you start planning The Legend of Tanith? (e.g. a few weeks, a month, etc.?)
    – What inspired you to do a roleplay in the first place?
    – How did you come up with the different roles (i.e. Healer, Guardian, Mage?)
    – What was the hardest part about hosting a roleplay?

    I hope those work, but feel free to skip any of them if other people ask the same thing or if you don’t have an answer! XD

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, you found the secret message!! The cover is AMAZING!!!! Ahh, I CAN NOT wait to read your story, Victoria!!! (You bet! I figured, why not let everyone see the cover several times? XD Plus, the peeps need to read your fabulous post!)

      Yes!! Well, funny story, I had actually gone to write the post…and realized I didn’t have enough creativity to come up with my own questions. So…that’s where y’all come in. XD But, thank you so much for all your questions!! I can’t wait to answer them!

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  4. It really is the best book blurb I’ve ever read 🤩!! It’s wonderfully written and captivating! If the blurb is that good, I can only imagine what how amazing the book is🤩
    The dashes had to be back😂🙄
    TWN rocks!! See I read it😛
    The cover is really beautiful😍
    It’s always chocolate with you😂🙄

    Okay here are my questions:
    *clears throat* Did you write all the posts before starting the series? If yes, did you later make some changes to the posts?
    How did you think of the Legend of Tanith?
    Before announcing the Legend Of Tanith, did you doubt it’s success?

    I definitely loved the cover and I don’t know if I’ll enter the giveaway (I’ll see). Yes I adored the graphics and yes for some reason I’m really excited 🤭😂🎉

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you so much, Sabrina!! ❤
      Yes, we’ve got another person who read the hidden message! It IS always chocolate with me! *pulls out chocolate and shoves into mouth* *sees Sabrina’s look* *shrugs* XP
      Thank you so much for all the questions, Sabrina!!!!!
      Yes, you shall be very excited!! XD 🎉


      • It’s a pleasure Alexa❤
        🤣🤣the little chocolate scene was so accurate. After reading the *pulls out chocolate and shoves into mouth* part I was like whaaattt? And then you shrugged🤣? Seriously?
        🎉🎉You seem to love XD😂


  5. The cover really is awesome!! 🤩 (TWN rocks!!)
    These are my questions (sorry if I ask something that someone else has already put in; I’m too tired to read the rest of the comments):
    *taps mic*
    *clears throat*
    How did you think of hosting a roleplay on your blog? What did you love most about hosting it? Was there something you wish you’d done differently?

    Yep that’s all thank you. *bow*

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Yes, I LOVE the cover for Imagine! Yes, I entered the giveaway!! Yes, I ADORED the graphicssss!!! AND YESSS I’M SO EXCITED!!!! *squeals*

    Heck ya, TWN ROCKS!!! (That’s actually how I found your blog! I can’t wait to read your story btw!!!) :))) <333333

    Liked by 2 people

  7. TWN ROCKS!!!!!!!!! Of course, we do. 😉 Girl, THANK YOU SO, SO, SO, SO, SOOOOO MUCH FOR SHARING THE COVER FOR IMAGINE AND IT JUST MEANS SOOOO MUCH TO ME THAT YOU LOVED IT AND ARE EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, girl, I am just SO happy you liked the graphic I made for your story. *beams* AND I ADORE YOURS TOO!!!!!! AAAHHH I JUST CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THIS ANTHOLOGY IS RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But at the same time, I’m like how is the release day only twenty days away??? Like I don’t think I’m ready. XD And here are my questions for the Legend of Tanith:
    ~Where did you first get the idea?
    ~Were there any problems in setting it up?
    ~What was the best part in putting together and hosting this series?
    ~Did you have any help?
    ~When’s the next one? (Hehehehe I had to ask. XD)

    I hope those work!!! I’m SO excited!!! <333

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Thank you so much for sharing the cover!!!!!!!!😀 Aww, and thank you for the sweet things you said about us!!!!! <333333333
    Yep, I read the words between the dashes. A Fangirl's Hideaway ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 (Seriously, it does! Your posts are always so WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!) Girl, the graphic you made is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!😍 Aaahh, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, so my questions for The Legend of Tanith post are:
    1. What first sparked the idea for the roleplaying game?
    2. What was the inspiration for the eyepatch guy?
    3. What was your favorite part of the game?


  9. THE COVER IS JUST SO AMAZING!!!!! I love your graphics for Spark, the one TWN made and the one you made are just so cool!!!!

    Ooooh, yes I have a few questions for TLT!
    -What was your inspiration for the name of Rae and Tanith? (reveal your secrets!😈)
    -How did you come up with the plot for the roleplay?
    -Are you planning on doing one of these again? If so, when? Will it be a yearly tradition, or just whenever you feel like?
    -Was Rae’s backstory a big thing to the plot intentionally?
    -Did you have this planned out super thoroughly, or did you kinda just “wing it”?
    -What would’ve happened if we had lost?
    (hehe… just a few…)

    I can’t wait for the Imangin release or your TLTBTS post!!!! So exciting, girl, CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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