Back to School Contest Winners Announced

Hi peeps! Sorry this post is so late, there’s been a lot going on lately. But, I’m here! Just a few updates: I know I haven’t gotten out The Legend of Tanith “goodies” yet, but I decided I’ll send them out when I post TLT Behind the Scenes post! So, look forward to seeing that!

Second matter of business: I have a second blog! It isn’t out yet, but when I publish it, I’ll make sure to let you guys know! Keep your eyes peeled!

Now, here’s the best part of the announcements! If you guys have been over to TWN, you’ll know that my short story “Sparks” was accepted into their anthology book titled Imagine! This book will be available soon in print or e-book format. And guess what guys, the cover reveal is coming soon! On August 24th, you will be able to read and see the magnificent cover!

And speaking of covers, I thought it would be super fun to reveal a mock cover for “Sparks”! That post (and the posts I have yet to post) will come out in a bit! I’ll keep you updated!

Okay, now it’s time to announce the winners! We had three participants, Diamond, Flora, and Chloe! *round of applause*

Aww yes, the dashes are back…

All three of them!

Yes, I loved all three entries!!!!! I could not pick one!! Maybe I should stop doing contests cause I can’t pick winners.


Now, enjoy a lovely fictional piece and two collages!

Flora’s Entry

I stopped at my feet, for the class, which I’ve never met before, was standing right in front of me. New day, new year, new school. My nerves were creeping up on me. ‘You can do this,’ I said as I took a deep breath. A beaming smile spread across my face… I can do this.

Diamond’s Entry

Chloe’s Entry

Weren’t those all amazing? Such talent we have here in the blogosphere!

And that’s it! Have a lovely day peeps!

15 thoughts on “Back to School Contest Winners Announced

  1. Aww, thanks for liking my Design! Also, super excited on Imagine!! Did you know we both made it in? It’s so awesome!! I can’t wait to see your mock cover and read your story once it comes out!!!

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  2. *pouts* Okay, obviously I’ve missed something very important. 😉 Man, I’ve just been sooooo behind on blog posts, I doubt I’ll ever catch up. *sigh* But CONGRATULATIONS TO THE THREE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!! Y’all’s entires were AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And THANK YOU SO MUCH, Alexa, for sharing about Imagine!!!! I can’t for everyone to read your fantabulous story and OOOOOO I AM SO STOKED TO SEE THIS MOCK COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


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