Greed Powers Men’s Hearts | The Legend of Tanith Part 5

Previously on the Legend of Tanith Part 4

“And then she listened. It wasn’t like hearing with your ears. It was…. Different.” -Manasi

“Everything had been going smoothly. But of course, things would go downhill. No adventure is complete without a bit of action. No quest is complete without a fight with the enemies.” -Elle

“If it was won. No. She couldn’t be negative. She knew that they were going to win.” -Kyra

“Argh! The overwhelming doubts and fears flooded her mind, but as the battle ensured, she made her decision. Maybe she shouldn’t have come. Maybe there was nothing she could do to help. But she’d never know just sitting here.” -Sage


The Legend of Tanith Finale Post is coming out tomorrow!

If you are a Mage and forgot what your ultimate is, check back here.

I know in the last post I said I would be acting the eyepatch dude, but feel free to act him as well when you are fighting him. I’ll jump in occasionally to act him to. (Note: remember that he’s the hardest to take down.)

Oh and Earth Mages can’t call the white deer. You’ll have to see why 😉

Once Manasi and I gathered most of our team members in one spot, I quickly went over the plan again. “So Manasi had this great idea to take down the eyepatch dude. She thought that if we knocked down the guy on top, the rest would be chaos. And I think that’s a brilliant plan since most of the people I’ve seen don’t really want to fight. I hope you all have gathered some sort of weapon to fight with because we are going to TAKE HIM DOWN!

“I’ve been watching him shout orders to his team from my spot in the trees and do you want to know what I noticed? He has all four elements! He must’ve made some dangerous deal with a witch. But lucky for us, that also means he has several curses placed upon him. He also seems to have mastered all weapons. BUT, no matter how strong a person is, they will always have a weakness. And here’s what I think his weakness is. Greed. He wants the scroll so bad that he forgets what matters most. Love. Kindness. Unity. And that’s what we have. I think we stand a chance. No wait, I know we stand a chance. I know we will take him down.

“He wants the scroll so bad that he forgets what matters most. Love. Kindness. Unity. And that’s what we have.”

“When we go to take him down, we just have to remember to trust each other. I’m pretty sure Amethyst and Sage are staying back with our wounded. If you still have enough strength, Amethyst, you can enhance some of our Mages from your spot. We need all the help we can get. Mages, don’t forget to use your ultimate powers.

“Oh and one last thing. When and if we get the eyepatch dude down to where we can end him, wait for a second before killing him. I’d like to talk some sense into him and see if we can get him to change his ways. Now, LET’S GO SAVE TANITH!!”

The team charged through the battle, heading straight towards the eyepatch man. He smiled like he was waiting for us all along.

56 thoughts on “Greed Powers Men’s Hearts | The Legend of Tanith Part 5

  1. Gwen took a deep breath. This was it, the thing she’d been dreading most.
    Eye patch haunted Gwen’s dreams and had taken the life she’d known and loved away from her.
    It was time to face her fears and take him down.
    For good.
    Gwen charged straight into the heat of battle.
    She locked her aim on Eye patch, doing a spin to gather speed and flung her Chakri straight at Eye patch’s face.
    It would have hit it’s target if it weren’t for Eye patch reaching up in the nick of time to grab it.
    Gwen’s heart dropped as he looked her straight in the eye.
    Before Gwen could think to do anything, Eye patch threw her Chakri right back at her, hitting her in the leg.
    Gwen cried out and a gust of air sent her flying to the base of a tree where she slumped over and held still.

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    • Macaco scrambled to his feet and jumped up onto Gwen’s face. He whimpered and cried, but Gwen wouldn’t get up.
      Macaco curled up onto Gwen’s chest, awaiting for her to wake.

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  2. Elle decided to attack the Eyepatch guy from behind. She moved sideways to reach him, but as she did, a rock came hurtling towards her. She managed to dodge just in time to avoid it hitting her square in the face, but it hit her hard on the shoulder. She groaned in pain and fell back. Looking sideways, she saw Gwen flying in the air.
    “No,” she gasped. Glancing at the Eyepatch guy, she saw the others were still advancing on him. She changed directions and ran towards Gwen, now lying unconscious beneath a tree.
    Gwen’s monkey cried out at Elle as she dropped to her knees beside them and put her hand on Gwen’s neck. Relief washed over her in waves as she felt a pulse. She clenched her teeth at the blood on her teammate’s leg.
    “Shh, little guy,” she smiled at the monkey, trying to reassure him, “It’s okay.”
    Getting back up, she cupped her mouth and shouted as loudly as she could, “SAGE, AMETHYST. OVER HERE. GWEN IS HURT.” 
    She put her hand under Gwen’s arms and carefully dragged her behind the tree, hiding her from the danger of being seen by any of the enemies.
    The pain in her shoulder-where the rock had hit her-had dulled to nothing.
    “Protect her until a healer gets here, little guy.” She told the monkey, who didn’t move an inch away from Gwen, “I’ll avenge her, don’t worry. We are going to kill that beast for sure now. ”
    Her eyes hardened, and she went back after the Eyepatch guy.

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    • Amethyst’s head shot up as she heard Elle’s cry for help.
      “No, no, no,” she whispered. She sprinted over to where Gwen had fallen and took in her injuries. Amethyst didn’t have anymore potions that would close up the open wound on her leg, so she’d have to rely on Sage to stop the bleeding. But thankfully she did have a strengthening potion that should wake Gwen up and give her the ability to move even if her leg wasn’t completely healed. Amethyst pulled out the potion and poured it into her mouth. A couple minutes later, Gwen’s eyes fluttered. Amethyst’s heartbeat quickened with hope. At least she was showing more signs of life now. But Gwen would still need Sage’s help to move again.

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      • Sage ran over to Amethyst and Gwen. “I’m here. What’s happened? I saw Gwen fall a-and…” Sage took a deep breath. This battle was getting too hard. Too many of her friends were getting hurt and what if she couldn’t always heal their injuries…
        NO she wouldn’t think like that. Sage got to work binding Gwen’s wound and giving her some of the healing herbs Sage had acquired in the market. But only a little bit because Sage’s resources were stretching thin.

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      • Gwen heard shuffling around her and battle cries echo through the forest.
        She groaned as she opened her eyes and in result got a face full of Macaco excitement.
        Gwen pushed him away and glanced down to see Amethyst hovering over Sage while she worked with a green substance on her leg.
        All at once Gwen remembered what was going on and tried to sit up.
        A pain shot up her spine and she did her best to ignore it.
        “I need to get out there!”

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  3. Keonna jumped into battle, hands ablaze as soon as she was back in commission, thanks to Amethyst.
    “Alright, let’s see what you got, Patchy!”
    He matched her fire with water of his own. And he parried her sword. She grumbled loudly as she fought.
    But wait!
    “I’ve got him distracted!” She hollered, throwing more fire at him. “Someone else step in!”

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  4. Eeeeeekkkkk (nah that doesn’t sound like a real squeal😂😅). I know you guys can take him down and I hope you can talk some sense into him and not have to kill him.
    I can’t believe the finale is so close?!
    You guys can save Tanith. I believe in you (not that it matyers but yeah)🎉🎉🤷‍♀️Woooooooo🎉🎉

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  5. Amare was helping her friends fight off Eye Patch Dude…or whatever he is called. That’s when she noticed Keonna threw some kind of potion on him. Then he started acting…strange. Like he was…in love? “How is that possible? I thought Rae said he had forgotten about love because he was so caught up in greed?” Amare whisper to herself. Amare thought about this and came to two conclusions: #1. The potion made him act like this or #2. He is acting this way just to get Keonna off her guard and then attack her. It was probably more like the first conclusion, but who knows how long the potion will last. It could wear off right at this moment. She looked down at her stone fox as it looks back up at her. And she knew that it was time. It was time to fight. Time for victory. Time to find that scroll, destroy it, and bring peace to Tanith. She used her Mage powers and threw a rock straight at Eye Patch Dude. Eye Patch Dude went flying in the air and landed on the ground…. But he wasn’t dead.

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    • Amare’s eyes went wide. Of course, that wouldn’t kill. He was just too powerful. Obviously, that hit knocked the potion out of him and brought him back to reality. He used his powers and threw giant boulders at her. Amare dodged all but the very last one. The boulder sent her flying and she hit against a tree. She heard a crack and she knew her ribs were broken. She was stuck lying there since she couldn’t move. She was going to need Sage, Ilana, or Amythest to heal her. Amare was starting to pass out from the pain. The last thing she thought was the belief that her friends can defeat Eye Patch Dude and how she really wanted to lock her twin brother in a room for a week then hug him afterward.

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      • Audrey saw Amare in pain. “SOS!!!!!!!” She yelled. Hopefully one of the healers would hear her. Something else seemed to distract eye patch so Audrey dragged Amare to somewhere much safer.

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      • Ilana came over to Amare. She felt her friend’s back and noticed that her ribs were broken. “Oh, poor Amare,” she said. “I’ve never healed broken bones before. Amethyst, I might need your help.”
        Her friend came over.
        “I can bind her back up. Do you have any potions that can heal broken bones?” Ilana asked Amethyst.

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  6. OOG: okay, so this might be weird but a water mage’s ultimate is to be able to control someone for a short amount of time right? What if all the water mage’s worked together to control eye patch dude to kill himself? That’s probably not possible so I wanted to check first 😅

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  7. Ilana climbed a tree and balanced herself upon a high branch. She scanned for the eye-patch dude until she finally spotted him in the distance. He was countering the team’s attacks–and doing an excellent job at that. Ilana felt her heart rising in her chest. She knew the chances of them winning weren’t exactly in their favor. But there was a chance nonetheless, so maybe that was good enough.
    Ilana withdrew from her pocket the slingshot that she had made earlier out of a stick and vines. She then placed a rock in the vine and pulled back. Adjusting her aim, she released and the rock went soaring in the air towards the eye-patch dude.
    Unfortunately, the rock missed its target.
    She tried again but this time the eye-patch guy noticed what she was doing and sent a bigger rock hurling her way. It crushed her rock in mid-air and before it could hit her, Ilana jumped out of the way, forgetting that she was on a tree branch. “AAAHH” Ilana screamed as she fell to the ground while at the same time, trying to grab onto another branch to stop her fall. The branches scraped her hands on her way down, but when she finally hit ground, she was relieved to still be okay. Ilana saw that Amethyst was nearby with some of their wounded friends, so she decided to go help. Her slingshot/rock idea didn’t work out as well as she hoped.

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  8. Manasi had dropped herself underground, and the vibrations from Eyepatch’s movements reverberated deafeningly through the soil. She opened up a tunnel and tumbled through until she was standing directly under him.
    She hoped Eyepatch hadn’t noticed yet.
    Manasi curled herself into a ball, breathed in, and let her powers rush unfettered through her veins. Her body began to cramp painfully, and it felt like her blood was turning to ice despite the waves of heat rolling off her body- but she didn’t stop.
    Her Earth Mage Ultimate.
    Eventually, the pain eased up. There were snakes all around her- she hoped that they were venomous. They slithered together into a giant pile, interlocking themselves and hissing and spraying poison everywhere. Like if Medusa’s wig just fell of and started malfunctioning… She scrambled out of the way, avoiding all the venom.
    Eyepatch was still above her, so Manasi raised her hand, and used her powers to crack open the ground. She’d already created some sort of underground cavern, and all she had to do was-
    Eyepatch fell through the cracks and directly onto the nest of writhing snakes. Manasi didn’t even bother looking backward- she used the last of her strength to catapult herself through the layers of soil and back aboveground.
    She was too weak to move- so Manasi just laid there, slouched against a tree, and hoped that there was a Healer nearby.
    She blacked out a few seconds after.

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    • Ilana ran over to Manasi. Her friend had done so much for the team. Now was Ilana’s time to help her. She pulled some herbs from her pouch and put them in Manasi’s mouth. It wasn’t much, but the herbs would help Manasi regain her strength and consciousness.
      “Come on, Manasi. Wake up,” Ilana said. A tear escaped her eyes when Manasi didn’t wake. Did her herbs and healing powers not work? Was Manasi too far gone? No. She couldn’t be. She had to wake up. She was just so weak.
      Ilana’s shoulder’s sagged and more tears escaped her eyes now.
      “Ilana?” Manasi choked.
      Ilana gasped.
      Manasi was awake! She would be alright after all!
      “Don’t worry. You’re going to get better,” Ilana said, giving her friend a comforting smile.

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  9. “Perfect! Every though everyone’s getting injured, I would say we are doing well.” Rae peered down to where Eyepatch was struggling with the snakes. “Everyone, while he’s in this spot, let’s give him everything we have. Mages, do your ultimates, and Guardians use your weapons. Let’s see if we can get him to a spot where he’s super weak. Before we end him, I’ll talk to him though. Let’s do this!”

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    • Elle nodded and grinned, seeing nothing but victory ahead.
      The Eyepatch guy was cornered now, thanks to Manasi. She took a few steps forward and held up the dagger, aiming for his eyes. It was a bit hard since he wasn’t staying still. She wasn’t confident at the moment; Felix wasn’t with her. But, she would try.
      “One, two-” before she could say three and throw the dagger at his eyes, roots shot up from the ground and wrapped around her legs, tripping her. Eyes widening, she fell face-first on the ground.
      It seemed the Eyepatch guy still wanted to fight even when he was struggling. Or maybe it was some other stupid earth mage loyal to him.
      Not wanting to be in a vulnerable position, she scrambled to get back up, but the roots stopped her. Growling, she pulled hard against them, trying to free her legs.
      From the corner of her eyes, she saw something coming towards her at full speed. Startled and not able to move, she raised a hand to block it. A rock – quite big in size- smashed against her hand.
      She let out an agonized scream as hot blinding pain erupted in her left arm. Her vision blackened at the edges. The bones had shattered, it seemed. Her eyes burned, and she choked back a sob, the pain too much. Clutching her broken arm to her chest, she fell to her knees, unable to fight against the pull of the roots.

      (OOG: Tell me if I did something wrong or if I am overdoing it. I am trying to keep it short and not create any stupid scenes, but I am finding it hard to stop. SORRY-)

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      • “Elle!” Rae ran to her friend and cut the roots with her dagger. She held Elle in her arms. There were too many injuries! But then an idea popped into Rae’s head. “Keep the eyepatch guy in that hole! I’ll be right back!” Rae ran off into the woods.

        (OOG: No, it is PERFECT!)

        {To Be Continued in the Finale Post}

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    • Dahlia stood tall and straight.
      “Remember your posture,” she remembered her mother’s words.
      She held out her hands, focusing all her energy on the eyepatch man.
      After taking a deep breath, she forced the man to remain still. Arno the slytheyin slithered over to the man and bit him.
      “Hurry and attack!” Dahlia breathed. “I can’t hold him for long!”

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