Can We Trust Each Other? |The Legend of Tanith Part 3

Previously on The Legend of Tanith Part 2

“Bargaining is a smart move. I’ve talked my way out of a good number of tolkens by doing that.” -Dahlia

“This Elvin Gem sounds like something we should find out more about.” -Liana

“If anyone with wrong intentions gets to it first, there will be trouble.” -Elle


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|Rae’s Point of View|

I gathered everyone all together again, excited that we found a lead. “I think we all have agreed, more or less, to go find the elvin gem. We have a stone fox that can guide us there and based on the maps I’ve seen in the past, it won’t take us that long from this village. I hope everyone has got what they need from the market. And we did have a few distractions,” Rae coughed. “Like my wanted poster, but we were able to figure everything out. Seriously guys, don’t worry about me being wanted. I’m used to it.

“But I think it’s time that we set off for the Crystal Caves. Hopefully we can make it there and fight or figure out anything that comes in our way. I trust you guys. Now we need to trust each other. Maybe then we can make it through the Crystal Caves alive.”

“I trust you guys. Now we need to trust each other. Maybe then we can make it through the Crystal Caves alive.”

After everyone had finished their final purchases at the market, we left the village and followed the stone fox. Surprisingly, it took less time than I thought and we arrived the next day at the cave entrance.

The daunting



Would we make it out alive?

Fantasy forest, Cave entrance art, Fantasy landscape

I swallowed. “Let’s go in and hope we aren’t eaten alive. Keonna, would you care to lighten the way?”

Keonna’s eyes narrowed. “My pleasure.” She lit a flame in her hands and we entered the tunnels.

The further we pushed into the caves, the more I let my guard down. Which was a mistake. There wasn’t anything to be afraid of. Even though the more we walked, the more we got lost, it didn’t feel like a big deal. Nothing felt like a big deal. We could relax…

A hiss sounded followed by a loud roar. A unique roar. Which could only mean one thing.

A grootslang.

I tried to pull out my daggers from their sheath but couldn’t. It was almost as if a force was holding me back. The rest of our group had the same problem. Mages couldn’t use their powers, Healers couldn’t pull out their potions, and animals couldn’t attack. Keonna’s fire went out, leaving us in complete darkness.

I was stuck waiting in the darkness ready to be eaten.

Before the grootslang reached our group, thousands of crystals lit up the cave so we had some sort of light. Now we knew why the caves were named Crystal Caves. I looked up to see the biggest, tallest, weirdest snake-like animal I ever saw in my life. It hissed before saying, “Why have you come here?”

I cleared my throat. “We have come to find the All Knowing Gem. We had a friend, an Elvin friend, tell us we needed to come here.”


“Yes. Also, why did we feel so relaxed? And why couldn’t we fight back?”

The grootslang chuckled. “That’s the magic of the caves. You enter and they make you feel relaxed so you will put your guard down. And the force that was holding you back is there so you can’t kill me. I will remain here forever, protecting the gem. If you want to reach the gem, you must figure out this code riddle. You get one chance. If you answer the wrong thing, I will have no choice but to destroy you.”

I gulped. So much for staying alive. “We’re in.”

The grootslang growled. “Let’s get started then. Here is the first clue: 3-15-14-20-1-3-20. I need a five digit code back in order to move on.”

49 thoughts on “Can We Trust Each Other? |The Legend of Tanith Part 3

  1. Cassie furrowed her brow. In truth, she could think of no patterns immediately from the numbers given, except one…. hesitantly, she spoke, “Well there are two 3’s… and two 20’s… and the other three numbers, 15 minus 14 equals 1, but I really don’t know how any of that would be connected to get a 5 digit code.” She said.

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  2. Manasi smirked quietly in the corner. These people really needed to sit down and think a little…

    She disappeared off into the darkness.

    (OOC: Guys, the code is pretty good! At first it looks so daunting, but then you get it eventually. Also, the “disappearing into the darkness” bit is basically me heading over to the contact page. Just helping the team out here XD XD)

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  3. “Hmm,” Ilana pondered over the number code that the grootslang had given to the group. This was harder than she first thought it would be. Her brain tried different routes in cracking the code, but they had all ended up in failure. She was stumped. How could a number code be so hard?

    Ilana glanced in Amare’s direction. By the look on Amare’s face, she could tell that Amare couldn’t figure out the number code either. So, Ilana walked over to where Amare stood. “Wanna help me try to figure out the code?” she asked. Things could always be accomplished through teamwork, and Ilana and Amare certainly weren’t getting anywhere on their own.

    “Sure,” she answered.

    Ilana smiled. They both talked out possibilities for the code until the answer finally hit them! The two girls laughed when they realized it really wasn’t that hard at all. They were just overthinking it.

    Now it was off to find the five-digit code.😉

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    • “Great job, Amethyst!” Ilana high-fived Amethyst. “Could you . . . uh . . . give me a hint to the emoji password? I’m having trouble figuring it out.”

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      • “Thanks!” She high-fived Ilana back. “Of course! I had trouble with it myself, so I feel ya. 😉 Kinda say what the emojis are out loud and that will tell you what to type in. (Except instead of putting “heart” I think it’s “love”.) Oh and if I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure it’s all lowercase.” She smiled. “If that doesn’t help, lemme know and I’ll try to give a better clue.”

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    • Ilana smiled back. “Thank you so much!! Though, what is the sword emoji? I tried keying in “sword” or “swords” but that didn’t work.”

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      • “Nevermind, I finally got it to work! 😀 Thank you so much for your help, Amethyst!!!” Ilana gave her friend a hug.

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  4. “Um, hey. Hi. I’m Manasi, as you probably know. Or not. Whatever.
    Anyways, I’ve got the code- if anyone wants to see, let me just…”

    Manasi scrawled the five digit code on a piece of parchment uncertainly. She handed it around to whoever wanted to see.




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      • (The numbers above spelt “contact” when you match them with their corresponding alphabet. I headed over to the contact page, where Alexa gave us the pigpen cipher. There was the word “legends” written in pigpen cipher on her blog footer, which was the password to The Translator page. Then, Alexa translated the phrase “sucah tant pon”- which was on her sidebar- for us, which translates to summertime celebration post. That post was on her blog- once you clicked on it and scrolled to the bottom, this was there:
        (Page: 🔘 + 🔃

        Password: 👁️❤⚔️)
        I assumed that the page meant button swap, and that the password to the page was “iloveswords”
        So I entered that in, and then scrolled to the bottom of the page to find the written code!!
        Hope this helps ;D)


  5. Rae smiled as their whole group repeated the code back to the grootslang in unison. “31545.” The grootslang turned around and slithered away, uttering two words. “Follow me.” They mazed through the Crystal Caves until they reached the heart.

    There was the All Knowing Gem.

    The elf was right. The legend was true. The rumors were true. They’d come all this way and found it.
    The grootslang gestured to the gem. “Ask the gem the one question you heart desires.” The group walked up and Rae whispered to the gem, asking it the question everyone wanted to know. “Where does the scroll lie?”

    “Follow the white deer.”

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    • “The white deer!” Annalise squealed a little too loudly, “I’m sure I heard something about that in the market… wasn’t there something about it in the Sheriff’s?”

      But apart from that, she couldn’t help stare at the beauty of the gem. Here they were, one step closer to the scroll! Sure, she hadn’t spoke to many people, but now she felt like she was a part of a sort of family. They weren’t a team anymore. They were a family.

      (OOC: Hahaha I feel like that’s too dramatic but who cares 😂)


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