Let’s Become Legends | The Legend of Tanith Part 1

The Legend of Tanith Theme (4:50-7:20 min)

I took a deep breath before addressing the group in front of me. “I’m so glad you all could make it. At first, when I came looking for each one of you, I thought no one would want to help me find the scroll. But it seems like you guys did.” Several people nodded their heads. “I’d like to start by saying what we are going to do is dangerous. Possibly deadly. But no one else is stepping up to do the job, so I figured we would.” Many of the group members were glancing around, clearly distracted by the laughter filling the room. Maybe the tavern wasn’t the right place to meet for this. But we were all away from our home villages, so where would we meet?

“But there is something I didn’t tell you. I know you guys had to travel the land with me so I could pick up all of you from your villages and I know some of you may be upset when I say this but..” I tried not to hesitate but failed and kicked myself under the table. “You know how I told you that the scroll grants a wish to anyone who finds it? Well, the real reason I brought you here is not for the wishes.” I lowered my voice and leaned in. “We are actually trying to stop a bounty hunting group from reaching it first. While I was bounty hunting, I hear rumors about this group. Nobody believes the rumors, but I think they aren’t up to something good. So yes, I brought you here to help save the scroll. We need to prevent them from reaching the lost scroll first.”

I rubbed my hands together. “Anyone want to quit, or are we still in this?”

Sage spoke. “I’m still in, Rae. Until the end.”

A chorus of nodding heads followed after, which made me wonder, why did I doubt them? I knew who my friends were and I should’ve known better than to think they wouldn’t want to come. They would stick with me until the end, right?

“Okay, well, I think before we get any further, or start following clues to where the lost scroll might be, you all need to hear the legend. You’ve probably heard bits and pieces before, but I’m going to show you the whole thing.” I reached into my satchel and pulled out a ripped scroll and unrolled it. There was the whole legend written and complete in my own handwriting.

“It took me awhile while I was bounty hunting across Tanith to collect the whole legend and put it together. Many have only heard the first four lines and so they think that they will be the “one” to tell the tale. They think whoever finds it will be the one to tell the tale. But if you hear the rest of the legend, it makes me think otherwise.

“What ever we do, we have to be careful. People are willing to step onto others to find that scroll. If we get a lead, others will take our lead. We have to play this cautiously. We can’t let anyone else get the scroll because before you know it, bam, someone will wish for domination or destruction. We need to find the scroll and wish for the scroll to be gone forever. In fact, that will be my wish. You guys each get to wish for something and I’ll use my wish to get rid of it. That way, no one can ever find the scroll again.

“The thing is, I don’t know where we should start. I’ve heard thousands of rumors and made-up lies that aren’t true. That’s why the scroll is so hard to find. You are surrounded in so many lies that hunters will go follow those rumors and never find it or never come back alive. But I think the answer is simple. People who are greedy are chasing the scroll and haven’t found it. So obviously, the answer is not greed. It’s the opposite. Whatever we do along this journey, we must be generous and kind. That is what I believe to be the key. We can’t let the greed cloud our minds because then we’ll end up in the same place as the other fools chasing down the prize. We need to focus on taking down that evil bounty hunting group. Then, I think we stand a chance.”

I searched the tavern before speaking again. “I feel like we should start here. Travelers will probably come through this tavern often. The next clue could lie right here hidden within the people.” I leaned in closer and motioned everyone to do the same. “While in here, I noticed a couple groups of people we could talk to. First,” I nodded my head towards a group of men in the center of the room, making the most noise. “We could talk to them. Probably not a wise choice because they’re most likely out of it from drinking too much. Second, we could talk to the bar master. He’s seen a lot of people come through here and maybe he has some information for us. And lastly, we’ve got that cloaked figure sitting all alone in the corner. Risky, but it could be worth it. Whoever we decide, we have to be cautious and discreet. We don’t want to go around telling people we are looking for the scroll, but we do need to coax information out of people. We have to find a healthy balance.

“So you tell me, which of the three should we talk to?”

295 thoughts on “Let’s Become Legends | The Legend of Tanith Part 1

  1. Keonna spoke up first. “I vote the bar master. The men look too shady, and if the bar master has seen and heard many, that would be the best person the gain information from. Plus, I already know that he has no family. So if he betrays us…” Keonna fingered her broadsword. “He won’t tell another tale.”

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  2. (Let’s see if I do this right XD)

    “Im thinking that shady figure” Kalen said. “Perhaps we could bribe him. People will do almost anything if there’s enough pay in it. But then again, the bartender probably overhears almost everything that travelers say. Also, Keonna, maybe don’t kill him. You don’t what to cause a scene in a crowded public place. Maybe a threat, but please, keep your sword sheathed.”

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  3. Gwen glanced over at Keonna, “I think that may be a wise idea, Keonna, but I think the cloaked figure in the corner looks like he may be hiding something. Plus, he might have been listening in. There’s also a chance that the Bar Master doesn’t know anything important. I’m no expert, but he doesn’t look like the ‘talkative’ type.”
    Everyone looked the Bar Masters way.
    “What does everyone else think?”

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  4. Cassie’d been standing there quietly for a minute, listening to the other opinions. Finally, she spoke up, “Honestly, I’d agree with Kalen, because sometimes the bar master talks too much. I mean, I don’t know about this one, but back home-” she cut herself off. She was not talking about home, “just in general, bar masters might know all the gossip, but they also gossip a lot WITH others. But if someone has an idea to get information out of the bartender without telling him why…. he would be a great choice I think.”

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  5. Kyra leaned her hand against her chin. “Ya know, guys I think I’m having second thoughts here. We all have good opinions. Maybe we could talk to both of them?”

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    • “Is that even an option? Cause if so we should talk to all of them, it’s just the order we need to go in that we need to decide on. But I do think that doing that could raise more suspicion… ” Gwen glanced around the room checking that nobody was listening. Darn, why was the place so crowded? Gwen tried to relax her expression.
      “Maybe we could split up into groups and each group talks to a different person?”

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  6. That’s a good idea. And after we can meet back here and share the info we learned. Now, who wants to go where?” Kyra studied the cloaked figure.

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  7. (replying to “Or I could burn him and the entire tavern to a crisp! No evidence!” Keonna argued, slightly frustrated.)

    “Fine Keonna, you can kill him…” Everyone shot Gwen a concerned look, “… with kindness. That’s the only way we will allow you to do it.” Gwen smiled at her own joke while the group glared at her.

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  8. Kyra sighed, “We just need to decide quickly. We’re bringing too much attention to ourselves.” Kyra gestured to a group of people at the next table over staring at the talkative group.

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  9. “Okay, you all can tell me if you like this or not!” Gwen said taking a deep breath. “We split up into three groups and each group goes and talks to each of the options. Rae can decide who’s in each group for us so there’s no fighting. The group that goes to the bar master can pretend to be out of it because that might help (plus Rae did say something about how that’s a good idea, heh?). Say, ‘I’ if you aggre!”


  10. “Should we hear more from the rest of our group before we decide? I think it is a great idea, but we need more people to pitch in. Also, who wants to go to which person? Or who wants to stay outside?”

    {Note: next post will be the action post where we see the responses of the three people. So, let’s come up with a final decision of what we are going to do.}

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  11. “I could go to those drunk-y men… Not alone, of course.” Elle chewed her lips, a nervous habit. 
    “We need to be cautious in approaching them…”

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  12. Ilana piped in the conversation, “I’m all down for talking to the cloaked figure first! Like Gwen said he was probably listening to our conversation.” Ilana threw a glance over at the mysterious figure in the corner. “Although, if we do decide to talk to the bar master first, then I agree with Kalen that our best bet is to open up by asking him if he heard any rumors.”

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  13. Rae signaled for everyone to come back together in a group. “Okay, we may have attracted some unwanted attention, so we have to move fast. Who wants to go talk to the bartender, the figure, and the loopy men? I’ll go to the figure with Perl, Kyra, and Gwen. Cassie will go to the bartender with Kalen and possibly Keonna. And Keonna will go talk to the men. Who else will go where? Lemme know!”

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  14. Annalise stood in the corner, listening patiently. “I vote the bartender, the cloaked figure… mm, I’m not good with courage. Or speaking, for that matter.” she smiled, “But I think it’d be great if we asked everybody, like you guys also said!” she scolded herself silently when she stopped speaking, why did she have to pipe up after she’d had the chance to speak for ages?!

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