Meet My Main Character Wren (A Real Introduction) + Vacation Photo

Wren is so naughty. *sighs dramatically*

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I can not believe I’m still doing this post right now. *shakes head* The things writers do for their characters. 

Of course, I get a call on my vacation from back at home. I go to pick up the phone and I hear a voice. It’s Wren. And if he’s calling, that means it can’t be good. I listen as he explains he may have posted on my blog, made a new page, and started a truth or dare game. I hung up right there. 

What he didn’t know is that I took my iPad on my vacation. I was able to hop onto my blog and look at the “damage” he did. 

Oh, Wren.

What am I going to do with you? 

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But, because I’m NICE, I’m only grounding Wren for a week. Next post, he will do his truth or dare game. (So if you haven’t submitted your dares, you can here.

After his game, he’s kicked off the blog XD. That will be the last you’ll hear from him. (For a bit.)

Welp. This is exhausting and what I get when I leave. Well, I’m back after a week of vacation and two weeks without posting! Except for Wren-who posted without my permission-but, I guess he kind of did me a favor in keeping you guys “entertained.” I’m not so sure he is a good entertainer. At least he got some info through to you guys! 

Okay, so y’all know I went on vacation, and sadly, I can’t tell you where I went, but I do have a picture for you. 

Isn’t it great? *dances*

Also, I’m trying to catch up and read all of your wonderful posts so be on the lookout for me! 😉

Today I will *cough cough* properly *cough cough* introduce my main character, Wren. I’ve been thinking a lot about whether or not I should bring Wren on here but I guess that decision has already been solved. *glares at Wren*

I know some of you have been asking for information about my WIP and my characters. Today’s your lucky day! Here you go!

  • My main character’s name is Wren. (If you didn’t know that already.) He’s an 18-year-old annoying teenager who has just as much self-esteem to fill a small cup. Right now at least. And he thinks he hides it well. There’s only a couple of people who can make him believe in himself. 
  • He used to be a VERY cocky person, proud of what he could do. He still is a bit. But that was before his accident. Before he hit rock bottom. (Literally.) Now he has prosthetic legs and wants nothing more than to get back to normal. (And revenge)
  • On a positive note, once you really get him going, there’s no stopping him. He’s that determined. The hard part is getting him past his doubts. He’s also sassy and highly argumentative. Just like me. So 90% of the time when we are together, we are arguing. Just facts XD.

This is probably my favorite segment! I’m putting a few quotes down below that Wren says/thinks throughout the book and hopefully you will get to know him better as a person. (Some of them crack me up XD) If you are in the reader (which most of us are XD admit it) click here to view the full experience!

“That’s the spirit,” I mumbled. 

“And it’s ten o’clock at night! Aren’t we going to run into nocturnal animals?”

I cleared my throat. “Get to the point.”

I fidgeted with my thumbs. Was I really about to tell this strange girl how I’d become so weak? So vulnerable? 

I cut her off. “I don’t need any more pity. I’ve had enough of it already.”

*laughing* The second one always cracks me up because it is so dumb XD!

Now it is time for some favorites! I always love creating favorite lists. (For some reason, I feel like I’m hosting a game show right now.)

Favorite food-some type of meat

Favorite color-green

Favorite clothing-“warrior clothing” (as he calls it)

Favorite place-anywhere he feels safe

Favorite time of day-anytime when it’s not dark

Favorite hobby-doesn’t have time for hobbies but if he did, it would probably be some type of sport

Favorite animal-a wren (ironic)

I just thought it would be fun to throw in some fun facts about Wren!

  • Wren’s name has a symbolic meaning
  • He has prosthetic legs
  • One of the people he trusts the most is a medic
  • He loves shooting guns
  • And doing dumb dangerous things
  • He’s an insomniac
  • He has a fear of falling
  • Wren lives in a sci-fi, dystopian, magic society

And that’s it! I hope you got to know Wren a bit better and maybe you’ll see him around some time!

What did you think of Wren? Can you relate to him at all? What are some of your favorite things? Who is your main character? Tell me below!

Aww, using my sign out gif for the first time in a long time makes me happy!

23 thoughts on “Meet My Main Character Wren (A Real Introduction) + Vacation Photo

  1. Wait…Wren’s a boy? O.O *claps hand over mouth* OH NO!!!! I think I called him a girl in my last comment! ARRGGGHHH!!!! That’s…wow. That’s just embarrassing. *Hides under bed* SORRY ‘BOUT THAT, BUD!!! XDD (I dunno why I just assumed he was a girl, but you can bet it won’t happen again!) 😉

    ANYWAY. Moving onto more important matters, he still seems like an EPIC character!!! (And I kinda have this thing for sassy, broken, teenage boys (Keefe anyone?) so that makes it 100% awesomer!!!) ;P Also, those quotes were A M A Z I N G!!!! (And now I’m even more interested to find out about his accident…) 😀

    Oh, also I LOVE that vacation picture you took!!!! I hope y’all had an AWESOME time and it’s good to have you back!! <333

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I honestly think Wren is awesome!! My MC is Brianna, but you can call her Bri. She is smart and kind, and terrible at tetherball. She can also eat a five course meal in twenty minutes. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • I remember Bri! Haha, don’t worry I’m terrible at tetherball too. XD The ball always manages to smack me in the face. 😂 Oh wow! Tell Bri she’s got some skills! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooh, Wren sounds like a really nice character!! And yes, I can relate to him a bit. The second quote is awesome!👏😂 My MC’s name is not decided yet, 😆 but I’m thinking of calling her Rin or May. That picture is so cute!😀

    Liked by 4 people

    • Aww, thank you! That’s cool that you can relate to him! Yes, I LOVE that quote. XD It always manages to crack me up each time. (And it’s not that funny but oh well XD) Rin and May are both super AMAZING names! It would be fun to have our MCs “meet” up some time! 🤣 Aww, I’m glad you do! <33

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I am my own main character. Am I doing this right? I’ve never used this fancy website thingy where you can type comments, because it’s 1996 and websites were a lot simpler back then. Anyway, I’m a student at the University of Jeromeville, in the western United States, living in the time of alternative rock, coffee shops, and the Internet just starting to become mainstream. I don’t like coffee, though, and I feel like that stunts my social life. I’m studying mathematics. I’m not good at talking to girls, although I’m getting better at making friends. I’m going through an interesting time regarding certain beliefs, balancing the Catholicism of my family with many of my friends being evangelical Christians, and balancing my conservative political leanings with the liberal university town culture in Jeromeville. I love listening to music, although I don’t have the discipline to play an instrument myself.

    And I must have missed the part in the last post where you said you were a boy, because I totally thought you were a girl, just like someone else in the comments. Sorry! (Note out of character: I really did think that, and I think it’s because someone I know in real life in this century has a daughter named Wren, and that’s the only other human being I’ve ever known named Wren.)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yep, you are doing this right, Greg! Yeah, I bet they were a lot simpler. I still think it is awesome that you are studying mathematics! Balancing all that seems like a challenge! Haha, I totally get you on listening to music but not playing it.
      Don’t worry, it’s all good! XD (Aw, I can see why you thought Wren was a girl. That’s super cool though!)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. It’s nice to really meet Wren! I loved the second quote!! *says jokingly* “Oh no! Nocturnal animals??! They must be 1000% more deadly than any other animal!!” 😂😂🤪
    Aww that picture is so cute!! <33
    Can’t wait to see Wren’s truth or dare post!!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Aww, I’m glad you think so! I know right? Nocturnal animals must be soooo scary! Now I’m terrified! Thank you again! I’m happy that you liked it! Oooh, yes! I cannot wait too! I’m party scared to see what’s going to happen so crossing my fingers nothing goes completely insane. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Girl, WREN IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!! I LOOOVE how unique you’ve created him (unique characters are da best!!) AND I’m with Victoria that sassy, broken, teen dudes are like THE best thing ever in fiction, sooooo you know I’m gonna love this dude!!!! And if Wren aLrEaDy has me laughing out loud, I just cannot wait to see how many times I’m gonna laugh out loud in your book. (Which, y’know, if you ever wanna share anything with me, I will NOT be objecting whatsoever…. *puppy dog eyes*)

    Oooo, also, I LOVE the vacay picture!!!! I wrote Jaron’s full name out in the sand one time… it was pretty awesome. Especially when some people were walking by and reading it and I could tell they were VERY confused. 😂😂 #BestThingEverAndYouKnowIt

    Liked by 1 person

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