Something BIG is Happening

I have some exciting news. Big news. Something I’ve been planning for a long time. Something that you can participate in.

So tell me:

Do you like adventure?

Do you like thrilling journeys with chilling secrets?

Have you ever wished you could transport to a fantasy world?

If you said YES! to all three questions, you are in luck. Because I’ve created something for you.

Legend has it there’s a lost scroll…

Power. Greed. Bounty hunters. Misdirecting characters. A perilous journey.

This is your chance to save Tanith.

What exactly are we doing?

AFH is hosting its



roleplay series.

An opportunity to prove that you were always the hero you thought you were.

Spread the word! Sign ups coming July 3rd.

All of these ideas are from my own imagination. Please do not copy ANY of this content.

Truth or Dare! {Featuring Wren}

Hi guys! It’s still Alexa and I know y’all want to get to the part with Wren XD, but I’m here to announce my element! Some of you may be surpised and others not. We’ll see how this goes…


I’m Fire!

This may come as a surprise because most of you haven’t really seen my more dominant side on this blog! I like to take the lead in many things. I can also be considered bossy. Shocker, right? And guess where Wren got his argumentative side? Me! I’m way argumentative, even more than Wren! And when something gets me really angry, I blow up. (Key word is really.) Just ask some of my family members! XD

I feel like I’m introducing a whole new person to you. *groans* I’m still the same person y’all!

Okay, let’s go to Wren now!

Yo! You missed me…right? I’m Wren the 2nd best person in the world after Chloe. *glares at Chloe* I used to be the first but turns out that spot was filled. *huffs*

But I did do your truths and dares. I can’t wait for you to hear my answers. (Because, you know, they’re gonna rock.)


“I dare you to post something where you talk about your most embarrassing moment.”

Aw yeah, this is going to be a fun post for you. (Not for me XD) After all these dares, I’m going to be vulerable! Back on topic, I have that post in the making! It might be awhile until I can post it, cause Alexa’s got some plans, but I will do it. I’m a man of my word!

Also, I’m really surprised that none of you dared me to spoil any of Alexa’s plans. *gets wacked on the head from Alexa*

Alexa: Well, truth or dare time is over so you can’t spoil anything now!

*Cough* Back to business.


“Truth or dare… if you say truth, then I want you to tell me about your accident, and if you say dare, then I dare you to tell me about your accident.

*Buries face in hands* I can’t give away too much information. Here’s goes the non-spoiler info:

I fell off a roof.

Now this is the part where you go: “That’s doesn’t make sense! Wouldn’t you just die completely?” “Waits for you to do it* Well in that case, you’ll have to wait until you read the book! *evil laughing*


“Truth: what’s something odd you do?
Dare: I dare you to message someone ‘merry christmas’ without context. No deleting, and no telling them it was a dare until at least a couple days later.

I do a lot of odd things. True fact. But my most odd thing is that I like to look at myself in the mirror when I’m all dressed up for a mission. Talk about looking gooooooood.

AHAHAHA! I did this dare on Alexa’s phone (shhh!) and the person responded with: “Happy Holidays!” Epic!


Let’s see…I want you to tell the truth about three of your favorite things!

Three of my favorite things? Hmmm.



And I

Does that qualify? 😉 Aww fine, I’ll give you a better answer.

I love grass. When you live in a destroyed land, plants are rarely seen. So when you do see them, you praise them!

I love my friends. They really helped me through a rough time.

I now love to climb ladders. I didn’t used to, but now I do! (Don’t ask me why XD)


Truth: What is the dumbest thing you’ve said/done in front of someone you really like?
Dare: I dare you to tell Alexa right now that you posted on her blog!!

Ummm, I kinda fell off a roof. In front of her. Not my best day.

And this dare! Grr, it spoiled my fun. I had to call Alexa on her trip, tell her, and wait a few agonizing days for her to come back and scold me. I’m going to get you back, Chloe. I just know it.


“I dare you tell to tell Alexa that you took over her blog before she finds out when she goes to her blog!! Hard enough for ya?

Chloe and Trixie must’ve plotted this together! I’m going to get revenge. Just you wait.


“I dare you to eat mayo and ice cream. Describe your crush? How are you related to Alexa?”

Yuck. Let me tell you it wasn’t the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had, but it’s up there. At least I managed to eat the whole bowl when Alexa only ate a couple of bites! And she even got it on video. Now I have evidence to prove that I’m better than her in the mayo and ice cream department.

My crush huh? Well she’s incredibly smart and has the kindest heart the world did ever see. She’s always looking for the good in something. And when she walks, she carries herself in a leader-like way but not dominate way. (If that makes sense)

I could go on and on for hours.

Alexa: Who votes for a crush talk series with Wren?

Shut up! (Don’t listen to her *coughs*)

How am I related to Alexa? *glares at Alexa* Yeah, exactly how am I related to you?

Alexa: I imagined you. You are my main character and you must obey-

Yep, we are done here.


In fact, that is my dare: you have to start up your own blog.

Oh yeah! 😎 *dances in front of Alexa* Now I can run my own blog! Now I can run my own blog! The blog is in the making right now! There’s these characters Alexa’s been talking about who are on Issa’s blog. *cough cough* Maybe we can all chat? *cough cough*

Alexa: Let’s make Wren’s blog a MC hangout!

YES! Best idea you’ve had all day, Alexa. 😆


“Oh, and I dare you to tell us an embarrassing moment. And for truth–tell us your middle name.”

Embarrassing moment you say? Well this won’t sound that embarrassing but if you were me, it would’ve been XD. There was one time when I was bragging to a specific person (totally not someone I liked) about how fast I could run in my prosthetics. She asked me to show her and I took off running down the hallway. And slipped. Landing right on my face.

*grumbles* Karma.

Funny story, I don’t have a middle name. Or a last name. I don’t even know my parents. So the person who took me in named me himself. Perfect backstory, right?

Yo! We’ve come to an end! I seriously had a blast doing all these and putting this post together. You guys rock! 😉 I still haven’t figured out a good outro. Let’s just go for it.

Wren out! 😎 (Still my favorite emoji)

Which Element Are You? (Guess My Element!)

Heyo peeps! I know that I said Wren’s truth or dare post would be next, but there was a dare that was taking him a bit longer so I had to hop on here and post something since Wren hadn’t finished. I thought it would be fun to do a short post about elements and have a fun chat with each other in the comments!

In case you didn’t know this, there are four main elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. There are tons of quizzes out there that tell you which element you are if you didn’t already know. (If you don’t know, go search on the internet and I’m sure you’ll find something.) So tell me below, what is your element?

For a bonus challenge: see if you guys can guess my element! Feel free to chat with each other and figure it out! 😉 *evilly cackles* You’ll never guess!

Be on the lookout for Wren’s truth or dare post, and the next Memes, Quotes, Pics!

Meet My Main Character Wren (A Real Introduction) + Vacation Photo

Wren is so naughty. *sighs dramatically*

溜息 ため息 ためいき アリエル ディズニー GIF - Jpsigh Ariel Disney GIFs

I can not believe I’m still doing this post right now. *shakes head* The things writers do for their characters. 

Of course, I get a call on my vacation from back at home. I go to pick up the phone and I hear a voice. It’s Wren. And if he’s calling, that means it can’t be good. I listen as he explains he may have posted on my blog, made a new page, and started a truth or dare game. I hung up right there. 

What he didn’t know is that I took my iPad on my vacation. I was able to hop onto my blog and look at the “damage” he did. 

Oh, Wren.

What am I going to do with you? 

Shaking My Head GIF - Zootopia ZootopiaGifs Facepalm GIFs

But, because I’m NICE, I’m only grounding Wren for a week. Next post, he will do his truth or dare game. (So if you haven’t submitted your dares, you can here.

After his game, he’s kicked off the blog XD. That will be the last you’ll hear from him. (For a bit.)

Welp. This is exhausting and what I get when I leave. Well, I’m back after a week of vacation and two weeks without posting! Except for Wren-who posted without my permission-but, I guess he kind of did me a favor in keeping you guys “entertained.” I’m not so sure he is a good entertainer. At least he got some info through to you guys! 

Okay, so y’all know I went on vacation, and sadly, I can’t tell you where I went, but I do have a picture for you. 

Isn’t it great? *dances*

Also, I’m trying to catch up and read all of your wonderful posts so be on the lookout for me! 😉

Today I will *cough cough* properly *cough cough* introduce my main character, Wren. I’ve been thinking a lot about whether or not I should bring Wren on here but I guess that decision has already been solved. *glares at Wren*

I know some of you have been asking for information about my WIP and my characters. Today’s your lucky day! Here you go!

  • My main character’s name is Wren. (If you didn’t know that already.) He’s an 18-year-old annoying teenager who has just as much self-esteem to fill a small cup. Right now at least. And he thinks he hides it well. There’s only a couple of people who can make him believe in himself. 
  • He used to be a VERY cocky person, proud of what he could do. He still is a bit. But that was before his accident. Before he hit rock bottom. (Literally.) Now he has prosthetic legs and wants nothing more than to get back to normal. (And revenge)
  • On a positive note, once you really get him going, there’s no stopping him. He’s that determined. The hard part is getting him past his doubts. He’s also sassy and highly argumentative. Just like me. So 90% of the time when we are together, we are arguing. Just facts XD.

This is probably my favorite segment! I’m putting a few quotes down below that Wren says/thinks throughout the book and hopefully you will get to know him better as a person. (Some of them crack me up XD) If you are in the reader (which most of us are XD admit it) click here to view the full experience!

“That’s the spirit,” I mumbled. 

“And it’s ten o’clock at night! Aren’t we going to run into nocturnal animals?”

I cleared my throat. “Get to the point.”

I fidgeted with my thumbs. Was I really about to tell this strange girl how I’d become so weak? So vulnerable? 

I cut her off. “I don’t need any more pity. I’ve had enough of it already.”

*laughing* The second one always cracks me up because it is so dumb XD!

Now it is time for some favorites! I always love creating favorite lists. (For some reason, I feel like I’m hosting a game show right now.)

Favorite food-some type of meat

Favorite color-green

Favorite clothing-“warrior clothing” (as he calls it)

Favorite place-anywhere he feels safe

Favorite time of day-anytime when it’s not dark

Favorite hobby-doesn’t have time for hobbies but if he did, it would probably be some type of sport

Favorite animal-a wren (ironic)

I just thought it would be fun to throw in some fun facts about Wren!

  • Wren’s name has a symbolic meaning
  • He has prosthetic legs
  • One of the people he trusts the most is a medic
  • He loves shooting guns
  • And doing dumb dangerous things
  • He’s an insomniac
  • He has a fear of falling
  • Wren lives in a sci-fi, dystopian, magic society

And that’s it! I hope you got to know Wren a bit better and maybe you’ll see him around some time!

What did you think of Wren? Can you relate to him at all? What are some of your favorite things? Who is your main character? Tell me below!

Aww, using my sign out gif for the first time in a long time makes me happy!

Wren Takes Over Alexa’s Blog

Hi guys! I’m Wren, the most fabulous boy you’ll ever meet and Alexa’s main character in her dystopian story. Alexa is on vacation (she really is) so I decided to take over her blog. She did have a scheduled post, buuuuuuuut I may have deleted it…..

Don’t worry! She’ll never know! She did say in that post that she would be gone for a week. (Which means PARTY TIME!!) So I figured that I would run her blog while she’s gone and prove to her that I’m a better blogger than she is. I mean I’ve been trying to get on this blog for awhile but she’s stopped me EVERY SINGLE TIME. Now, she can’t! There’s no stopping me!!!

Okay, quick question: do you think Alexa will be mad? Never mind, that doesn’t matter, she knows I could beat her in a wrestling match. Though, she could probably beat me in a race. 😆 (Woah, look that yellow thing with a face that I just placed. That’s cool!) 😂🤣😃😂😎😎 More yellow things!

I did read through her scheduled post though and there were some things I thought were so important that I would include. (Because I’m going to be the best blogger ever!)

First, Alexa said she would be gone for a week. That means she won’t find this post for a week!!

Second, she also said in her other post that she was so happy that AFH (whatever that stands for) almost has 100 followers. She said she would be planning a celebration post soon.

Third, she mentioned some sort of contest. I think Teen Write Book was hosting the contest-sorry, excuse my manners, it’s Teen Writer’s Nook. They are hosting a writing contest where you can actually get your story published!!! In Alexa’s scheduled post, she seemed like she was very excited. (I know because I saw her running around the house, screaming like a chicken. It was pretty hilarious. I took a video. Maybe I should show you guys sometime!) But, if you would like to go check out the contest, she put a link, so click here. I hope I got the right link!

Okay, now that I got business matters done, we can get to the fun! What should we do while Alexa isn’t here?

We could spam her comments?

Ooh, or we could play a game? That’s the thing though, I don’t know what game to play. I could go get my friend, because she is the master of doing hard stuff, but I don’t know if she’d like that. Wait. I could give you a face reveal! (Cause my face is so handsome) Nah, that might make Alexa SUPER mad. Cause I know that she was planning a big post for me to be introduced to the blogosphere. Oh well, I guess you guys already know me!


Light Bulb Gru GIF - LightBulb Gru DespicableMe GIFs
Woah, guys, look at the picture thingy!

GUYS! I JUST GOT A GREAT IDEA! I’m going to go make a new page on Alexa’s blog and you guys can go over and “sign my guest list” by commenting below the page saying: ____was here. That way I can show Alexa all the signatures I got and show her who should be running this place.

Oooh, and I will even make a password! Okay, here’s the password for my totally fabulous fan page: wrenrocks


Okay, now I’m out of ideas.





Yep. We are doing just that. So y’all can leave your truths or dares down below and I will do them!

Note: Go easy on the dares, 😎 because I’m still perfecting my walking skills. I have prosthetic legs because of an accident, but do not pity me! Actually, in fact, give me HARD dares! That way I can prove to you that I can do them!

Now I don’t know what to do. Should I end the post? Or is it too short? I don’t know, this is a lot harder-NOPE this is totally easy because I am the best blogger EVER! Oooh, look at that strike through thingy! I’ma do it again!

Maybe we could chat in the comments? Yeah! Let’s do that! Maybe you could even introduce yourself so I know who you are!

Okay, now at the end of a blog post, you usually summarize what you talked about.

So do not forget to give me your dares (or truths), check out my “fan” page on Alexa’s blog and……

I’m forgetting something.

Oh yeah, talk to me below!

Another quick question: do I sound like a blogger? Hey look! I used the line thing again! Alright, now I’m pretty satisfied with my blog post.

Wren out! 😎