Who won? Chloe or Alexa?

Hello! I’m back! Did you miss me? I haven’t posted for about a week! Let’s just say that I was very busy. The end of the school year is coming up and I was taking quite a few finals. But I’m so excited to be back on here with my blogging family! I seriously get excited every time I come to “talk” to you guys! (Or would it be “write”? XD)

The moment of anticipation has built up long enough! It is time to announce who won out of Chloe and I! If you want to go check out the original post, click here! (Voting is now closed though.) If you would like to collab with me just like Chloe and I did, I would be happy to! Also, we are super excited to be announcing the winners of the Writing Prompt Battle within a couple of days! Thank you to all who entered!

Some of you may have noticed my blog title has changed. Let’s just say I’m doing it for something special. Hehe.

Okay! Now time for the winner!!!

(This probably takes longer for me to create than for you to scroll through. XD)



Here’s the picture prompt we both had to respond to!



Here’s Chloe’s!

I’ve started to feel  like I could disappear and nobody would care, let alone notice. And sometimes, I do. So often that it’s almost like all I am is a reflection that could be seen in glimpses on occasion. That thought popped into my mind as I stared down at the puddle on the street beneath me.

I could see my silhouette and I watched as rain softly pattered down, creating slight ripples in the plashets on the road. I stood there on the pavement looking at the world around me for nothing in particular, but sucking it all in like it was all I had left.

It was cold and dreary.

Just like I felt on the inside.

My breaths warmed the tip of my nose as I breathed out and the icy wind slashed at my face. As I stood there alone in the cold, a lump pinched tight in my throat. 

Ever since I lost him, my life had crumbled before me, and the only love in my life was lost forever.

Now I stand here in the middle of a path wrapped up warm against the icy fingers of dusk.

Cold and alone,

invisible to this world.

Her writing was PARAGRAPH ONE! Thank you all who voted!!!!!

And that is it! Super short and simple. We can’t wait to announce the winners for the Writing Prompt Battle soon!

24 thoughts on “Who won? Chloe or Alexa?

  1. CONGRATULATIONS CHLOEEEEEE!!!!! WOOHOOO!!! Both of y’all had AMAZING stories!!! (Oh, and I SO fell ya on the dashes taking longer to create than to scroll through. XD #storyofmylife)

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