First Line Writing Challenge

Hello my beautiful peeps Welcome back to another random post of mine I honestly had no idea what to post about today so I decided to just give you guys a challenge that Ive been doing lately

I wanted to post another one of my poems but I decided to save it for another day because Ive been doing too many poems lately Tell me in the comments below if you agree or disagree XD

I am crying internally right now at this post because it is formatted so weird ahhhhh

But before we jump in like always I have a couple of announcements

The Writing Prompt Battle is due today


And I also decided that I am not going to do a KOTLC challenge at the beginning of the month anymore just at the end of the month

Okie now we are done with the announcements and I feel like this post kind of feels sad So I am going to put in some gifs

Cat Crazy Cat GIF - Cat CrazyCat KeyboardCat GIFs

Okay this gif really made me laugh XD

I feel really weird right now ahhh

Anyway here is how this challenge will work I am going to give you a line and you have to use that saying as your first line in a small story

These types of exercises really help me with my writing

Okay are you ready for the line

He had waited twenty years to return it

You can write this in your own personal document or share it with us below

Happy Writing XD

This and this

16 thoughts on “First Line Writing Challenge

  1. YAHHH can’t wait to see the results!!
    Here’s my response to the prompt:

    He had waited twenty years to return it to his next door neighbor. He couldn’t even remember why he’d taken it, but for some reason it had struck his fancy. Now the time had come for him to move, and he knew he couldn’t take the mini gargoyle couldn’t to his new house. But he loved Creepy Charlie quite dearly.

    There you go 😂 lol!

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  2. Love the post! Here’s my short story:

    He had waited twenty years to return it. His hands shook as he stepped up onto the porch. He reached out to touch the rusty doorbell but stopped right before his fingers could touch the button.
    *No,* he thought *No, I can’t do this.* He turned to walk away when he heard the door behind him creak. He stopped dead in his tracks.
    “Liam, is that really you?” the old woman’s voice shook and Liam turned to look at her.
    “Hi, grandma.” Liam shifted his feet and gave a feeble smile. “I brought you something.”
    Liam brought over a small box wrapped in brown paper. the old woman unwrapped the paper, and when she looked inside,
    she gasped.

    Hope you like it! not sure I like it much myself, buuut, it was fun!

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