KotLC Challenge To Count Down the Months Until Book 9

*Breathes* That was a long title. *Wonders if I should change it* Okay, nevermind. Try saying that title 10 times fast!

I’m back! I hope y’all had a lovely April Fools Day. I was wondering if I should do a prank post, but then I decided against it. I should have gone with my gut though! My prank was going to be that Memes, Quotes, Pics was going to be canceled but I thought that was too easy to spot. (Would you have fallen for it?????)

It’s the first day of April and I told myself last month that I would do a KotLC challenge. I have waited until this very day to FINALLY post about the challenge because:


KotLC Theories and Beyond! - Book 9 News!! - Wattpad

Who’s excited?

You see this clap thing above me? I love pressing these things! A majority of the claps will probably be from me. XD. If you have one of these on your blog, tell me so I can come CLAP for you!

*Clears throat* Back on topic. At the beginning of each month and the end of each month, I will post a KotLC prompt for you to answer below. The challenge is to answer of all them! I will continue this until November when the book will be released!

Here’s the prompt for today!

If you could add a character to KotLC, what would their name be, eye color, and special ability? (No more than two)

That’s it for today! Super short and simple. Thank you for tapping into today’s post and we will see you all next time!

23 thoughts on “KotLC Challenge To Count Down the Months Until Book 9

  1. I actually DID try to say your title 10 times fast, but I messed up on the first time saying it. Then I tried again and messed up on the second time saying it.🤣🤣 Also, I’m honestly not sure if I would fall for the prank post. I think I probably would though.🤔 And that clap thing is AWESOME!!!!!! I clicked on it five times!😄

    Okay, so I have to admit that I’ve never read KotLC. But I REALLY WANT TO!!!!!!!! I checked yesterday to see if the e-book at the library was available, but it wasn’t.😢 But I’m gonna attempt to do the prompt anyway because it looks like a LOT OF FUN!!!!!!!😀 The character I will add will be a girl named Lavender. Her eyes will be blue and her special ability can be turning things purple.

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    • XD. Hey, at least you tried! Oh yes, I love the clap thing! I could sit here all day clicking the mouse until I drive someone in my family nuts, XD.

      *Gasps* How dare it be not available! I’m sure you’ll be able to read it soon!🤗 Ooh, I love Lavender! Her name makes sense because of her ability! Thanks so much for reading! ❤

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  2. Oooh! This means I’ll have to read the books now for sure! It’s really hard though because it’s always checked out of the libraries. 😦

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  3. I, err, clapped until it reached 500. I’m very enthusiastic about these things, OK?

    Hmm. I would add a girl called aubrey. She’s been in my head for a while, so she has a whole personality and everything, but eh it’ll take too long to write that right now. Anyway, she already has very light blue-grey eyes. And she’s a hydrokinetic!

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  4. WOOHOO KOTLC!!! Sorry I had to stop and fangirl for a minute 😉 but I am SO excited for book nine!! That last cliffhanger left me emotionally unstable lol.
    Ooh love the prompt idea! Ok so I would love to add a character named Sam who has the ability of conjurer and dark blue eyes like the color of jeans

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  5. I tried to say your title five times fast, but couldn’t get pass the first time. XD That is hard. Anyway I LOOOVE THIS IDEA!!!!!! I, er, really need to read KOTLC. EVeryone I know is talking about it and telling me I need to read it. It’s on my list so *hopefully* I’ll get to it before this monthly countdown is over with!!!!! <333

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