April Monthly Wrap Up + KotLC Challenge

Hey y’all! How’s everything been going? How are your writing prompts coming along? You officially have 11 more days to submit! (Yes I’m counting!) I’m so excited to read all of your entries! Today’s post is an April Monthly Wrap Up. I don’t usually do wrap up posts but today I’d thought I would give it a try and see if I want to continue doing wrap ups!


KotLC Challenge To Count Down the Months Until Book 9

Two Things A Writer Must Never Do + Poll

it’s my birthdaaaay! 🥳🎉😍💕 | join the comment party!

My Fandoms!!

Rose~A Poem

Writing Prompt Battle!

Perhaps this may have been my favorite month so far! I loved reading your answers for the KotLC challenge, I LOVED writing Two Things a Writer Must Never Do, I’m so happy that it was Maggie’s birthday, and my favorite post of all time was my most recent one, Writing Prompt Battle.


Amount of Words Written: 104,602 (Most counting towards blog posts and comments!)

Where Written: 3/4 on computer and 1/4 in notebook

WIPs Progress: Currently world building on one, and gone into full blown pantsing on the other.

~Bullet Journaling~

In March I was very thorough with my bullet journaling but as April rolled around, I was a bit more busy and didn’t have as much time to dedicate to my journal. Thus, I didn’t bullet journal hardy at all. I’m hoping that in May I can set aside more time for it. Question: would you guys be interested in bullet journal posts?


I honestly did not keep track of the books I read so let’s see how this goes.



Let the Sky Fall

Let the Sky Fall (Sky Fall, #1) by Shannon Messenger

Aaaaaand I forgot the rest of them. But I estimate that I read about six books in total.


I made it to FCCLA nationals and qualified for a track competition!

And that’s it for the Monthly Wrap Up! Tell me below if there are any other categories you would like me to add if I were to do another wrap up! Let’s jump into today’s KotLC prompt!

If you haven’t see the first post of this challenge check it out right here. Basically, at the beginning of each month and the end of each month, I will post a KotLC prompt for you to answer below. The challenge is to answer of all them! I will continue this until November when the book will be released! Here’s the prompt:

If you went on an adventure, which three KotLC characters would you take and why?

And that’s a wrap! Cut the cameras! Cue the credits!

Creditos Creditosfinales GIF - Creditos Creditosfinales Creditosmeme GIFs

Writing Prompt Battle!

YOLO! You know, kind of like Rolo, the candy? I’m honestly running out of ideas on how to start my posts. How about today we just go for the “I’m back” vibe? Alright, fine I’ll try that.

I’M BACK! Hold on a sec, let me go find an EPIC gif. BRB.

2 minutes later…

Okay, let’s do this FOR REAL. Hehe.

YOLO! What’s up guys???? I’M BACK!

Beyonce Entrance GIF - Beyonce Entrance GIFs
That’s my epic entrance.


Entrance Stairs GIF - Entrance Stairs Slide GIFs
XD (I’ll reframe from gifs now)

If you are new on here, I will warn you now, I use XD way too much, XD. (SEE?) Also this site is very interactive, for example, we do lots of games. If you’ve already been here for awhile, you can vouch for that, lol.

Just like I promised you, I have a SUPER FUN post today! (*Cough*, I was supposed to post this a week ago. *Cough*) It was very fun for me to put together and it is going to be very fun for you! Like, very, very, very fun. (Spoiler: it requires you to vote. XD)

Who wants to get started? (ME!)

Today I have paired up with Chloe from Confessions of a Reading Geek to bring you an epic battle!

Chloe: Hi guys, I’m so glad to “be” here! I’m so excited for the post and can’t wait to dive right into it! I’ve been really looking forward to it!! 😉

We are going to BATTLE with our writing. Here’s how it will work.

We have a picture prompt and we each wrote little paragraphs, responding to the picture prompt. In the comments below, you will vote for which paragraph you liked better and that person will win. But here’s the catch: the paragraphs are anonymous. You don’t know who wrote which one. (Evil laughing) So that way you can’t just vote for me. (Cause we all know I’ll win anyway XD)

Chloe: *clears throat*

Okay, okay, fine. Here’s the picture:

That’s the picture we based our writing off of. Now, for the paragraphs. SQUEE!

Paragraph #1

I’ve started to feel  like I could disappear and nobody would care, let alone notice. And sometimes, I do. So often that it’s almost like all I am is a reflection that could be seen in glimpses on occasion. That thought popped into my mind as I stared down at the puddle on the street beneath me.

I could see my silhouette and I watched as rain softly pattered down, creating slight ripples in the plashets on the road. I stood there on the pavement looking at the world around me for nothing in particular, but sucking it all in like it was all I had left.

It was cold and dreary.

Just like I felt on the inside.

My breaths warmed the tip of my nose as I breathed out and the icy wind slashed at my face. As I stood there alone in the cold, a lump pinched tight in my throat. 

Ever since I lost him, my life had crumbled before me, and the only love in my life was lost forever.

Now I stand here in the middle of a path wrapped up warm against the icy fingers of dusk.

Cold and alone,

invisible to this world.

If you want to vote for that paragraph, tell us in the comments below!

Paragraph #2

Don’t. Even. Think. About. It. I know you want to buy those shoes. I mean who wouldn’t? The way they sit there on the shelf, wrapped in paper, and placed in that lovely modern box. That’s tempting for sure. But you can’t. You aren’t going to believe what I’m about to tell you. But I’m telling you anyway so that you will not make the same mistake as my people did.

Once you put on those shoes, you will be mind-controlled. 

I knew you wouldn’t believe me. But you must. You see, there’s a whole mystery you don’t know about. There’s more beyond your dimension. And there’s this guy that’s willing to go any lengths to get what he wants. And those shoes, that look plain and ordinary, are his way of turning you into his army. 

Most of the people around you are already turned. They act normal. But they aren’t. I’m begging you. Listen to me. We can’t give him what he wants. How do I know all this?

Well, I might just be the last human in my dimension alive. He’s coming for you.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

If you would like to vote for that paragraph, tell us in the comments below.

But we also have another catch.


Yep, you read it right! We are going to do the exact same for you! You, my lovely readers are going to battle it out in your own battle to see who will the win the Writing Prompt Battle 2021! Chloe and I will be the judges!

Here are the rules:

  1. Your flash story must be a maximum of 100 words.
  2. It must be written in an 11 or 12 point font of your choice.
  3. Your story must be appropriate and clean.
  4. Only one submission is allowed.
  5. Your story must respond to the picture prompt. How you do that is your choice.
  6. It must be submitted before the deadline.

Aren’t you already excited? YAYA!

Ways to submit:

  1. You can contact me through my contact page.
  2. You can fill out the official form HERE.
  3. Or you can submit two comments, one to vote for Chloe and I’s competition and then once your entry is ready you can fill out another comment and we just won’t approve it that way no one can see your entry. Does that make sense? If you submit this way, we will take your story and change the font size to make the guidelines.

The contest deadline is May 8th at 11:59 pm MDT.

(I made sure to make that big so no one would forget XD)

And now here’s the special moment! Are you guys ready to see what picture prompt you will be responding to??




Isn’t that beautiful? That’s the picture that you will write your flash story to! Now, here’s what the winners will receive.


1st Place: You will receive an award ceremony (yes you will be crowned), an award logo to display on your site (if you have one), you will receive a special part for something I have coming up, and your story will be portrayed here.

2nd Place: You and I will play a game for a collab much like this one and you will get a collage based on your story!

3rd Place: You will get a special say in the next Memes, Quotes, Pics!

EEEK! Are you guys ready to see who will be the next Writing Prompt Battle winner? Hopefully you guys can share this so we can get as much people to participate in the contest as possible. (*cough cough* REBLOG *cough cough*) No, just kidding XD. I mean you can if you want, that would mean a lot! Who wouldn’t want those prizes I listed above?

Remember to vote for the paragraph you think won out of Chloe and I and submit your entries before May 8th!


[If you need writing tips, go to my other site and perhaps some might help you win! XD]

Rose~A Poem


All you see are my thorns

But for once

I wish you would look at my petals

I don’t normally write poems, but when I do, they are another way to express myself and for some reason, I felt like I needed to share this one. So I posted this before the other fun post coming super soon! (hint: requires you to vote!)

My Fandoms!!

Hello! I’m back! I hope you all have had a wonderful day! *Me just realizing my foot has gone numb* Great. Anyway, today I’d thought I would introduce you to some of my major fandoms! I won’t be able to show all of them because that would take forever to write, find gifs, and we would be sitting here for awhile reading it. So I’ll just share the bigger ones, the more popular ones, the more ones that people know. Yeah you get the point. And you know what? I’ll pop in some of the fandoms I wish to be part of! Let’s jump in!

Oh and heads up: there might be a few ehh-a lot of gifs. I don’t normally use them but….

Keeper of the Lost Cities

Keeperofthelostcities Lodestar GIF - Keeperofthelostcities Lodestar Kotlc GIFs
Umm, did I mention I love this series? I was introduced to this series because my sister got the books for Christmas and yeah I kind of stole them before she could read them. I started the first book and instantly fell in love. And ever since, this has been my favorite series even though it is meant for middle grade. I love the world Shannon Messenger has built. Did I tell you that it took her A YEAR to build her world??? Anyway, I love this series!

And I’m really sorry, but I have to show you this meme. This may be my favorite KotLC meme of all time…

Keefe would never say something like this to Fitz, but...still. Team  Foster-Keefe for life! 😂 | Lost city, The best series ever, The fosters

Any KotLC fans out there?


Mickey Mouse Disney Sticker - Mickey Mouse Disney Cute Stickers

Uhh, hello? Like best fandom out there? Disney is AMAZING. I love their movies, shows, parks, merch, just everything! I loved Disney ever since I was a kid. We would always go to Disneyland and recently I went to Disney World, but I always feel the special atmosphere when I go to one of the parks. They aren’t just your ordinary theme parks. I’ve made so many memories there. Disney is truly magical!!

Have you been to either Disneyland or Disney World?

Hunger Games

Laughing Freaky GIF - Laughing Laugh Freaky GIFs

I’m not as big a fangirl of this fandom anymore but I still love it! I fell in love with this series two years ago and I loved all the fighting and the games. (I know I’m weird.) I thought the concept was very much cool! (Wow that sentence sounded even weirder.) Okay, well to move on, I just love this series!

For all those who have read it: Gale or Peeta? XD


Parrot Dance Sticker - Parrot Dance Parrot Dance Stickers

I feel like there are a LOT of Minecraft lovers out there! I grew up playing Minecraft!! For a middle grade kid, I could do everything! I’ve built so many cool things and I feel like this video game really sparks creativity!

Creative or Survival?

(Okay who also loves that bird dance up there? That’s pretty epic. XD)

Avatar the Last Airbender

Hello Zuko GIF - Hello Zuko AvatarTheLastAirbender GIFs

*Screams* AHHHHHH! I love this show SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! (You can clearly tell!) I nearly cried when the series ended because I was so sad that I had finished it all. (Though I haven’t watch Legend of Korra because I’ve heard it is bad and doesn’t match the first series at all. Anybody want to back me up on that?) I love the time period this show takes place in, I love the elements, I love the humor, I love all the characters *cough, cough* Zuko, *cough, cough*. This actually might be my favorite fandom. I seriously ADORE this TV show.

Saving The Jerk Who Dumped Me Atla GIF - SavingTheJerkWhoDumpedMe Atla MaiAtla GIFs
Best part in the show! 👆

Have you watched this?

Star Wars

Star Wars is great! I’ve watched all the movies, except for Han Solo and what’s the name? Rogue? Ohhh, Rogue One. That’s it. I love these characters, I love the battles, I love Rey, (goo team Rey!) and I love Po. These movies are just *chefs kiss* fabulous!

What’s your favorite character?

Some fandoms I want to be part of:


-Harry Potter


-Lord of the Rings

-Pirates of the Carribean

-Brandon Sanderson

Wow. That was definitely a fangirl spree. And that’s it! If I forget any of my fandoms, I’ll either add them in or comment them below! Make sure to tell me below which of these fandoms you love! And folks, my time here is up! I hope you enjoyed this post and MAKE SURE TO CHECK BACK IN NEXT TIME BECAUSE I HAVE AN EPIC ANNOUCEMENT. *Breathes* Okay, fangirl out! Love you guys! <33

it’s my birthdaaaay! 🥳🎉😍💕 | join the comment party!


maggie’s doodles

Helloooo my friends! I hope you’re having a fabulous day! 💕 the title’s quite given away what today is for me 😂👏 – my birthday!

*scroll to the bottom of the post for a pics update! 👇*

It feels SO crazy to be writing this post. Today I turn twenty-one! How did that happen?? I blinked and I’ve reached adulthood. Starting when I was like 17, I’ve been more and more like oh age is just a number 😂 Climbing the age ladder used to be this super exciting thing but now I’m like whoa these top rungs are quite a lot of responsibility hahahaaa

Anyway how have you been? I hope you’re doing well! Thank you for coming to my party!!!

I thought it would be fun to put what I’ve learned in 21 years into one sentence! Here ya go:

We’re only given one life, so love people…

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Two Things A Writer Must Never Do + Poll

*Sings* I’M BACK! I bet you all missed me, right? You know what, I don’t bet, I know that you that missed me! 😉 I mean you couldn’t possibly live with out me, I’m your source of entertainment! (Okay maybe not) Tell me, what did you do for April Fools? (I know it already passed, but I didn’t get to hear!) Also, what did you do for Easter? Happy Easter, btw! 🐤

Im Back GIF - Im Back GIFs

I hope you are all healthy and happy. I also hope your writing is healthy and happy too and that you are able to meet your daily, weekly, and monthly writing goals. And if you are able to reach your goals, make sure you reward yourself because that is no easy feat! ❤

Today’s post and most of my posts are inspired by things that I’ve been struggling with and that many other writers have been struggling with. (And this also applies to all you bloggers out there too!) I’ve found that when I write about how I’ve tried to work through it and try to help you all work through it, it ends up rippling back to me and suddenly my problems have become a little bit easier. So today I’m here to warn you about two things you should never do as a writer.

Let’s jump in!

1. You should never compare yourself to others’ writings.

I’ve been posting one of my WIP novels on a novel app and haven’t been getting much feedback on it. And here I go to read another story on there that has lots of comments of people saying how fabulous it is and well descriptive. I even read the first chapter and was immediately pulled in. It was truly amazing. 

Aaaaaand I go back to my story with the thought: MY NOVEL SUCKS. Which it probably did. I only have about a year’s worth of writing experience, I’m only a teenage writer, and I wasn’t as smooth and descriptive in my writing as that one teen author. I was just ready to give up.

Here’s where we pause. Do you see what is wrong with this story? I was proud of the writing I had done. And if you compare yourself to another writer, you are basically throwing all that down the drain. And not to mention, everyone is on their own level of writing experience. That one author may have been writing for ten years! And here I am comparing my one-year experience to a ten-year experience. See the problem? Here’s the breaking news to you:

ALL WRITERS ARE UNIQUE! That’s the point. We aren’t meant to be the same. We all have a different purpose in writing. That’s WHY we write. And if you compare yourself, you are fogging up YOUR purpose. Take, let’s see, Keeper of the Lost Cities and Harry Potter. If you have read both these books, are the writing style the same?? NO! But yet, readers all over the world still find these books, read them, and enjoy them. 

Takeaway: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE. Because as a writer, you don’t want to be the same as someone else. In fact, you won’t be the same as someone else. You are a unique person with a unique purpose. Readers will still love your books. They will love you for who you are. Don’t compare yourself to someone else. Stay true to your writing purpose.

Now that I’ve looked back at how I was comparing myself to that one girl, I can see now that we are different writers. We won’t have the same writing style. We will never have the same style. And that has helped me to know that I can be me. And that’s okay. I can write differently. I have my own unique style and I’m going to rock that style. 

Say that to yourself. Say it out loud right now. 

I have my own unique style and I’m going to rock that style!

2. Do not edit yourself out of your writing.

I’ve also been struggling with this too. I would go to write something down, read it over, and think: “Oh this is stupid.” or “Oh everyone will hate this.” or “Everyone will think this is weird, I’ll just take it out and save myself some embarrassment.” NO! Okay, if you put something down on that manuscript of yours and it sounds like you, keep it! Now, I’m not saying keep all the weirdly phrased sentences. Don’t do that. But keep the descriptions and the sentences that sound like you. 

One of my good author friends once taught me that author voice shines through the description. Going back to the writing app example, I was bummed because my words weren’t all pretty and flowing like that one author’s description was. And that’s okay. I described the scene as to how I would see it and that is where my voice shines through. 

If you’ve read KotLC like me, you will notice that Shannon Messenger uses a lot of all caps letters and dashes. And you know what? That’s her writing style. If she were to match some other’s author style, then it wouldn’t be her. Her books wouldn’t be the same.

Be Loud Be Clear Sticker - Be Loud Be Clear Be You Stickers

Your novel, your book is your way to tell your story. It’s your way to tell the world that “Hey I’m out here and you need to listen to what I have to say.” Why blow all your hard work, your story, away by editing yourself out of your book? This is your story! You have to be the one to tell it. And you can’t tell it by “following the rules.” Rules were made to be broken. You have to be the one to push the limits. (And hint, hint, there are NO WRITING RULES. There is no one specific way you have to write.) 

It’s okay if it is different. That’s what we like, right? That’s what the whole first tip was about, being different. I promise you that if you are JUST YOU, readers will love you anyway. Your family and your friends love you anyway. That’s why people love you because you are you! No need to follow the rules, just be you. No need to try to be something else when you can just be you. Don’t be afraid to shine through your writing.

For a super special blogging series that I’ve been planning and working on that will be coming up, I need a bit of feedback. Would you be so kind to fill out this poll for me? All need to know is what your favorite genre is. (I need to see what the blogosphere likes! XD) Or if you don’t want to fill out the poll, you can write it in the comments below. Thank you very much for your help! ❤ (Also did I forget any genres??)

That’s all I have for today! I hope that this helps you who are reading this with your struggles. And if you know someone who is struggling with this problem, send them to this post! If you like and want more of these posts, you can check out my writing tips blog here.

If you need some tips on a problem and/or want to request a specific post, I’d love and prefer the suggestions. Don’t hesitate to contact me through my contact form.

Thank you so much for tapping into this post! Oh, and next post will be a bit more of a fangirl related post since you all are probably getting tired of the “writing tip posts”. 😉 Have a lovely day!

KotLC Challenge To Count Down the Months Until Book 9

*Breathes* That was a long title. *Wonders if I should change it* Okay, nevermind. Try saying that title 10 times fast!

I’m back! I hope y’all had a lovely April Fools Day. I was wondering if I should do a prank post, but then I decided against it. I should have gone with my gut though! My prank was going to be that Memes, Quotes, Pics was going to be canceled but I thought that was too easy to spot. (Would you have fallen for it?????)

It’s the first day of April and I told myself last month that I would do a KotLC challenge. I have waited until this very day to FINALLY post about the challenge because:


KotLC Theories and Beyond! - Book 9 News!! - Wattpad

Who’s excited?

You see this clap thing above me? I love pressing these things! A majority of the claps will probably be from me. XD. If you have one of these on your blog, tell me so I can come CLAP for you!

*Clears throat* Back on topic. At the beginning of each month and the end of each month, I will post a KotLC prompt for you to answer below. The challenge is to answer of all them! I will continue this until November when the book will be released!

Here’s the prompt for today!

If you could add a character to KotLC, what would their name be, eye color, and special ability? (No more than two)

That’s it for today! Super short and simple. Thank you for tapping into today’s post and we will see you all next time!