MASH Game Results!

Hiya! After a crazy few days, I’m back! I’ve been really excited for this post! Before we fully dive in, if you don’t know what MASH is and want to know what MASH is, check this out right here. I’d like to thank all of you who submitted a list for me to add to my game! You guys were so nice to me! Honestly, I was expected someone to list my salary as one penny or for me to live underwater, but I got really nice results! (Unlike my other MASH game I played today.) Seriously though, I drove around in A BOX. That was my car!! So you guys were super nice to me. XD.

I thought that instead of just putting the results in this post, I would add some other stuff to make it longer. You know, instead of just one paragraph and an image. Here’s what’s up: today I’m starting something new. Two times a year (wow the word year is a BIG word) I’m going to have something called Poll Day. You can kind of guess what is going to happen based off of the title. In a Poll Day post, I’m going to ask just a few short questions that will help me better improve my blog and have you answer them in the comments. And usually with Poll Day I will pair something fun with it. For example on today’s Poll Day, we have the MASH results!

Without further ado, let’s get right to the Poll Day questions:

Poll Day Questions:

More interactive posts or less interactive posts? (For example: more games that require you to submit answers, or posts that you just read through?)

More Memes, Quotes, Pics or less?

More on topic fangirl stuff or more random stuff?

That’s literally it. Just a few questions and it would help me A TON if you could answer them. And now:



I counted the spiral lines in the top corner and got 7 so I went through and counted by 7’s, eliminating each answer I landed on until I got the final results!!

I live in a regular house and I married Issa’s character from Into the Lamp, Colin Carlson! I have 7 kids, I live in Michigan, and drive an awesome, epic sports car around. I’m a stay at home mom and receive one million dollars a year!! See, didn’t I tell you that the results were nice? I mean I didn’t get any bad jobs like poop scooper and I even make ONE MILLION dollars! I live a pretty great life!

Now you guys will be able to play MASH at your own houses! And tell me below: would you enjoy another MASH post but instead we would do results for you??

Alrighty, we have come to the end……..(sad I know) I can never figure out how to end posts. Okay, I’ll just go for it.

Have a lovely day!

13 thoughts on “MASH Game Results!

  1. Wow, I love the results you got!! It would be amazing to be a stay-at-home mom who earns one million dollars a year. XD Also, I just realized that I forgot to write down a job for you! Sorry about that!

    To answer your poll~
    More interactive posts
    More Memes, Quotes, Pics
    More random stuff

    And yes! I would love another MASH post with results for us! Can’t wait for it (if you decide to do it)!!

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  2. This was fun! I should have been more hard on you Tehe ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    More interactive posts!
    More Memes, Quotes, Pics!
    More random stuff!
    MASH for da fans!

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  3. Okay, I got waaaaaay too happy when I saw that Colin was your spouse. XDDD This was SOOO MUCH FUN GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! I TOTALLY would be down for doing it again!!! YEAA! And I LOOVE your sign-off!! <333 Now for the poll results:
    ~More interactive posts (They're SOOO much fun, girl!)
    ~More memes, quotes, and pics!
    ~I'd like a good mix of both
    Anyway, I really enjoyed this post!!!!! <333 Can't wait for the next one!!!!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Awesome! I should get my friends to play MASH, although one of us would probably end up driving the magic school bus and living in a cloud or something weird like that. Poll day sounds like an awesome idea!
    More interactive posts!
    Memes, quotes and pics plz!
    A mix of both sounds good!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That would be weird, XD. Although, if it was the magic school bus, you sure would learn a lot from the magic field trips! Thank you so much for answering my questions!!


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