Things I Learned During TABC

Even though it has been one day, I’m back! And hopefully this post makes you feel like you were really at TABC. This is a short intro so let’s jump right into my notes!

Things I learned from the Morning Keynote:

-Make good use of the time you have been given. You should control your attention slices and what you are able to do with your time. Be careful that this limitless online content doesn’t take more from you than you get from it. Spend life on the things you want. CHOOSE.

-Your life is a story, your voice, your opinion, your view, your thoughts, your words all your story. No one else can tell your stories. No one else has your humor, your voice, your rash. Tell your story.

Creating Conflict Between Heroes and Villains

There are six different types of heroes:

-Pure Hero


-The Unlikely Hero


-The Reformed Hero

-The Intellectual

There are nine different types of villains:

-The All Powerful/Ancient Villain

-The Evil Genius

-The Nemesis

-The Beast

-The Bully

-The Opposing Hero

-The Anti-Villain

-The Fallen

-Mother Nature

Internal Conflict: between character and inside force

External Conflict: between character and outside force

How To Create Suspense, Tension, and Mystery in Your Novel

Ways to create suspense:

-raise the stakes

-raising questions


-the give and withold of information

-time crucible

-internal and external conflict



-red herrings: (false/meaningless clues that lead you off course.)

-chapter endings

-what every reader fears

Developing Your Writing Voice

Your writing voice is your song:

lyrics = words

instruments = tone

rhythm = sentences

performer = narrator

Try describing yourself and describing your writing. Are they the same? Your author voice should be unique. Once you find your author voice, you will have your signature. Nobody else is you, we need YOUR voice.

How do you find your character’s voice? Pull your character out of your story, show them your closet, and ask them what they would wear. Put on a song and ask them if they like it. Spend some time with your character.

And that’s it! I hope that it made sense since it was a bunch of my notes squished together into paragraphs and sentences. Thank you for tapping in for today’s post. I will see you all soon after the renovations are complete! And I will miss you! My blog will be closing in about a couple of hours and will be back open when I’m done changing everything up. Goodbye fans!

7 thoughts on “Things I Learned During TABC

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the things you learned, Alexa!!!!!!!😀 I had never heard before that there were different types of heroes and villains. I also really LOVED your advice on finding character voice!!!!!! I totally gonna try that out!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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