Finding Your Method To Defeating Writer’s Block

Stuck with a case of writer’s block? Let’s see if we can find your method to defeat it.

Hello! How are you doing today? I hope you are all happy and well! I’m back with a post that is inspired by a problem I currently have. A problem that occurs to millions of writers.

The dreaded writer’s block.

I’m confident that all writers sometime in their life have had a case of writer’s block. It’s something that every writer fears! Writer’s block can be many things but is most known as a feeling of being “stuck” and unable to write anything new. 

Writer’s block also has many different causes as well. Some of the more popular ones are:

1. Writers feel like they have to follow the “rules” of writing.

2. Writers that would get angry if their writing went unnoticed.

3. Writers worry that they aren’t good enough.

4. Writers don’t want their work to be compared to others’ writing which results in no writing at all.

5. Perfectionism 

6. External Problems

There’s also a thing called writer’s rut, which is the lack of wanting to write. Both are writing nightmares. Overcoming them is a daunting process that is specific to the individual. Not everyone will have the same method of overcoming writer’s block. That’s why I’m here today to help you find your method of overcoming writer’s block. 

To do that, I’ve found 23 different ways to overcome both of these problems. Go ahead and try as many of these methods as you need to find your method. But remember, sometimes experience and trial and error might be the best method overall.

1. Take a break. Step away from your writing. 

2. Exercise. Get up and get moving. Staring at a blank screen won’t doing anything for you. You aren’t going to get “unstuck” just by sitting there. In fact, you won’t accomplish anything by sitting there. Try going outside. Breathe the fresh air.  

3. Sleep on it. This is one of the methods that has helped me a bit. Most of my ideas, most of my motivation come from the moments right before I fall asleep. That’s where I get my inspiration. 

4. Change your location or the time you write. Shake things up a bit! A change of surroundings might spark your inspiration in new ways. Try switching your writing time to the morning before work or school. That way you can’t make up excuses to not write later in the day.

5. Write something new. Change up your genre, your perspective. Try writing in the other gender. Just let your imagination loose and have fun with it! Writing doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Maybe if you were to write a different way, you might end up liking that way better.

6. Create a playlist. Add music to a playlist that reminds you of a certain character. Use the music to set the mood, to get you into the writing mood. But don’t spend all your time looking for music as it can be a great waste of your precious writing time.

7. Eliminate distractions. Download an app or a Chrome extension that will block out certain websites or apps. That way you can only use the software you write on. This will help you focus just on your writing and not on the limitless, online content that surrounds you.

8. Create a Pinterest board. I recently started a Pinterest board of my own and I’ve found that it has helped me come up with ideas, and has set the mood. It helps me visualize my characters, the setting, the culture, places, and times. My Pinterest board has saved my skin, multiple times! 

9. Take a shower. “Research shows that when you’re doing something monotonous (such as showering, walking, or cleaning), your brain goes on autopilot, leaving your unconscious free to wander without logic-driven restrictions. In other words, you’re more able to daydream and make creative connections that you might otherwise miss.” -Reedsy Blog

10. Use a sketchbook. Buy a sketch book just for the WIP you are working on. Try drawing out your characters, a scene, the currency in your world, a map, a symbol, magic, their home, a place, something that represents your story, an accessory, the type of clothing they wear, and much more! If you don’t want to full-on draw your characters, you could even draw a small part of them like their eyes, or their hands, or their wings, or their elf ears, etc. This will not only help you get into the mood but can help you visualize your novel much better. 

11. Interact with your characters. Pull out each of your characters from your story. Sit down and have a chat with them. Show them your closet and ask them what they would wear. Turn on some music and ask them if they like the song. Argue with them. Interview them. Ask them to share a memory with you. Talk to them about their backstory. Imagine their voice. What would they sound like? What would their laugh sound like? This will help you bond with your characters more. 

12. Inkflow. Try this app, Inkflow which instead of having you write down your ideas, you can use more of a visual process by moving around your drawings, and doodles. 

13. Plotter or Pantser? Are you a plotter or are you a panster? For one day, try being the other type. If you are more of a plotter, try pansting for one day. If you are a panster, try plotting for one day. Mix things up!

14. Inspiration Frenzy. Set a timer for a certain amount of time, preferably a writing sprint of around 25 minutes. Write down as many words as you can in that time period but here’s the catch. NO EDITS! Just pour out your thoughts!

15. Start at the end of your book. Mix things up again! Starting from the end of your book will help you gain a different perspective.

16. Brainstorm. Set a timer. Write down ALL of your ideas whether they be good or bad, something you want to have in your novel or not. Don’t worry about grammar, or spelling, or punctuation. Just throw all those ideas in that lovely brain of yours down on paper.

17. Stop while you are on a roll.  Always stop when you are going good and when you know what will happen next. If you do that every day … you will never be stuck. Don’t think about it or worry about it until you start to write the next day. That way your subconscious will work on it all the time. ”  -Ernest Hemingway

18. Flash fiction. Take a break from your WIP and write a flash fiction story ranging from 200 words to 500 words. You can even use writing prompts! That way you can show your mind you can finish a story even if it is short, and it will work you up to finishing your novel. 

19. Meditate. This will help bring your brain back to focus and back to your WIP. This will also help you unlock the creative side of your brain. One of my favorite meditating channels is Boho Beautiful Yoga.

20. Pomodoro Technique. Sit down, set a timer for 25 minutes, and DO NOT get up until the timer is done. Take a three-minute break and then sit down for another 25-minute sprint. If you feel like you didn’t write anything good, at least you wrote down something. You are on the right track.

21. Use pen and paper. Shut down that computer or laptop and switch to the good old-fashioned pen and paper. Some writers find that it helps their inspiration flow better.

22. Write down all your accomplishments. Instead of focusing on what you haven’t done, write down a list of the things you have done!

22. Strengths and weaknesses. Sit down and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Determine what you are good at and focus on that. Then find what you are bad at and fix it.

23. Determine your purpose. Remind yourself why you are writing. Why do you want to get this WIP done? Why do you write? What’s your message? What’s your purpose? Why do you get up each morning? Having these goals in sight will motivate you to get the job done. 

And that’s all my tips! Hopefully, you are able to try some of them and find your method to defeating writer’s block. There is no one way to overcome these two problems. Remember, your own experiences might be one of the best methods as well. Good luck on your writing journey!

Tell me below: What was your favorite method I listed? What are the methods you use?

Have a lovely day and we will see you next time!

MASH Game Results!

Hiya! After a crazy few days, I’m back! I’ve been really excited for this post! Before we fully dive in, if you don’t know what MASH is and want to know what MASH is, check this out right here. I’d like to thank all of you who submitted a list for me to add to my game! You guys were so nice to me! Honestly, I was expected someone to list my salary as one penny or for me to live underwater, but I got really nice results! (Unlike my other MASH game I played today.) Seriously though, I drove around in A BOX. That was my car!! So you guys were super nice to me. XD.

I thought that instead of just putting the results in this post, I would add some other stuff to make it longer. You know, instead of just one paragraph and an image. Here’s what’s up: today I’m starting something new. Two times a year (wow the word year is a BIG word) I’m going to have something called Poll Day. You can kind of guess what is going to happen based off of the title. In a Poll Day post, I’m going to ask just a few short questions that will help me better improve my blog and have you answer them in the comments. And usually with Poll Day I will pair something fun with it. For example on today’s Poll Day, we have the MASH results!

Without further ado, let’s get right to the Poll Day questions:

Poll Day Questions:

More interactive posts or less interactive posts? (For example: more games that require you to submit answers, or posts that you just read through?)

More Memes, Quotes, Pics or less?

More on topic fangirl stuff or more random stuff?

That’s literally it. Just a few questions and it would help me A TON if you could answer them. And now:



I counted the spiral lines in the top corner and got 7 so I went through and counted by 7’s, eliminating each answer I landed on until I got the final results!!

I live in a regular house and I married Issa’s character from Into the Lamp, Colin Carlson! I have 7 kids, I live in Michigan, and drive an awesome, epic sports car around. I’m a stay at home mom and receive one million dollars a year!! See, didn’t I tell you that the results were nice? I mean I didn’t get any bad jobs like poop scooper and I even make ONE MILLION dollars! I live a pretty great life!

Now you guys will be able to play MASH at your own houses! And tell me below: would you enjoy another MASH post but instead we would do results for you??

Alrighty, we have come to the end……..(sad I know) I can never figure out how to end posts. Okay, I’ll just go for it.

Have a lovely day!


Hello! I am back and as you see, there has been some major changes. I know I said I would leave the black and pink theme but………XD. Anyways, I hope you like the new theme. I went for an adventure theme so it kinda relates to the “theme” of exploring new books, shows, and movies on here. I know that I’m not going to keep this theme forever so I might renovate two times a year? Just think of it as changing up your room two times a year. Or even think of how you have a new theme for a bullet journal each month. That’s how it will be!

As you notice, my blog button hasn’t changed. I was feeling sedimental and decided to leave it to remind me of my first theme I ever had as a blogger. (Technically, less work for you guys so you don’t have to go in and change it! XD)

To celebrate this new blog theme, I thought I’d play a game. And I’m pretty sure all of you know this game. MASH!!!!!!!!

If you don’t know what M.A.S.H is, then check this out. It is a series of instructions on how to play. (Because I’m too lazy to go through the details myself.)

Here’s how this will work. In the comments below you will give me:

  1. A spouse name: who do you think I will marry? You can pick any boy from a movie, book, tv show, comic, YOUR OWN CHARACTER, or even a celebrity!!
  2. A number: this will be the number of kids I have
  3. A city
  4. A car
  5. A job
  6. Another number: this will be how much money I make

And that’s it! You can submit these down below in the comments, and I will add up all the submissions and play my own game of M.A.S.H! You get to control what I will end up with. And then my next post, I will show y’alls the results!

Here’s a funny video to end the post with:

Oh, and tell me below: do you like this new theme? Or would you rather have the other one? Or did you like both? I’ll see you guys next time for the game! Hope you have an amazing day and thank you for tapping into this post. Cheers!

Things I Learned During TABC

Even though it has been one day, I’m back! And hopefully this post makes you feel like you were really at TABC. This is a short intro so let’s jump right into my notes!

Things I learned from the Morning Keynote:

-Make good use of the time you have been given. You should control your attention slices and what you are able to do with your time. Be careful that this limitless online content doesn’t take more from you than you get from it. Spend life on the things you want. CHOOSE.

-Your life is a story, your voice, your opinion, your view, your thoughts, your words all your story. No one else can tell your stories. No one else has your humor, your voice, your rash. Tell your story.

Creating Conflict Between Heroes and Villains

There are six different types of heroes:

-Pure Hero


-The Unlikely Hero


-The Reformed Hero

-The Intellectual

There are nine different types of villains:

-The All Powerful/Ancient Villain

-The Evil Genius

-The Nemesis

-The Beast

-The Bully

-The Opposing Hero

-The Anti-Villain

-The Fallen

-Mother Nature

Internal Conflict: between character and inside force

External Conflict: between character and outside force

How To Create Suspense, Tension, and Mystery in Your Novel

Ways to create suspense:

-raise the stakes

-raising questions


-the give and withold of information

-time crucible

-internal and external conflict



-red herrings: (false/meaningless clues that lead you off course.)

-chapter endings

-what every reader fears

Developing Your Writing Voice

Your writing voice is your song:

lyrics = words

instruments = tone

rhythm = sentences

performer = narrator

Try describing yourself and describing your writing. Are they the same? Your author voice should be unique. Once you find your author voice, you will have your signature. Nobody else is you, we need YOUR voice.

How do you find your character’s voice? Pull your character out of your story, show them your closet, and ask them what they would wear. Put on a song and ask them if they like it. Spend some time with your character.

And that’s it! I hope that it made sense since it was a bunch of my notes squished together into paragraphs and sentences. Thank you for tapping in for today’s post. I will see you all soon after the renovations are complete! And I will miss you! My blog will be closing in about a couple of hours and will be back open when I’m done changing everything up. Goodbye fans!

Answering Your Writing Questions + TABC + Teen Anthology + Special Announcement

And I’m back with A TON OF NEWS! *SCREAMS* Ahhhhh! This is going to be such a fun post. I’m answering your questions, I’m celebrating TABC (Teen Author Boot Camp) and the Teen Anthology book release so it is going to be a fun packed post!! I can’t stop screaming! Okay, enough with that because it is time to get on to the post!!!

Alrighty, I’m going to start with the questions:

From Katherine:

How do you stay motivated or inspired to write?

Ummm, I don’t. (Jk) But seriously though I’m currently in a tough spot with my book and the only thing that gets me to write is my friend author buddy who is writing that with me. But for my WIP that I’m writing alone, I have two different things I do to stay inspired:

  1. I create a playlist for my book and listen to that as I write.
  2. Or listen to ambient soundscapes. I recently starting doing this and it really keeps me motivated. You can listen to other people’s soundscapes or make your own for your scene that you are writing. You can find the website here:

Are you a plotter or a panster?

I’m 40% plotter and 60% pantser. I have a general idea of what’s going to happen and I have my story laid out by chapter and overall summary, but I’m not a huge plotter. I even know some writers that will write a 13,000 word summary before getting started. I’m not that type of person. I’m a type of person that likes to wing it, but I do have some plotting genes in me. Though the story I’m working on is definitely outlined so I’m proud of myself in that case!

From Trixie:

How long does it take you to write a draft?

Well it depends. I’m still working on my first draft of my book and I started in September if that tells you anything. I think it is because I’ve been busy with school but we are almost through the first draft, (YAY) so maybe around 6 months??? (I know, XD)

How many books have you finished writing?

Zero. (But I’m getting there!!)

What genre do you like to write in the most?

Oooh! I like to write in fantasy, dystopian, a tiny bit of sci-fi, and realistic fiction. But mainly I’m a fantasy writer. GOOOOOO FANSTASY!

From Issa

What is the hardest thing in the writing process for you?

The hardest thing would probably be staying motivated. Once I’m motivated I can do a lot but the first step is to get motivated. I also feel like I struggle a bit with deep POV.

How do you overcome that previously mentioned challenge?

First, I watch a lot of deep POV of view videos and I have been trying to understand my characters better by diving deep into their heads. And to solve my motivation problem, I make collages, ambient soundscapes, playlists, pictures, and anything to get me into the writing mood.

What have you learned from working on your latest WIP?

What have I learned? Well, I learned to speak my opinions. My first book (when it is published) is a book I’m working on with my author friend buddy. And when you are working on a book with someone, you have to learn to collaborate and come to an agreement on the plot, characters, character look…etc.

What writerly skill do you hope to master?

I hope to master the art of making people laugh out loud while reading my book. A good author that does that is Jennifer Nielsen with all her stories.


Oh my gosh, guys. I’m so excited for Teen Author Boot Camp. It is a camp (virtual this year) where published authors come together and create classes for you to go and listen to, to become a better writer. Here’s the website if you want to check it out:

And guess what? After the boot camp which lasts all day tomorrow, I am going to create a post in which I will explain what I learned! That way you can be part of it too!

Just for fun, here’s a few of my classes I’m taking for the 2021 TABC:


The Living, Breathing Character

Dialogue That Speaks

Character Development

Writing Emotion

Developing The Writing Voice

These classes I’m taking will be super awesome and you will get to hear what I learned from them too in my post!

2021 Change the World Teen Anthology is Released!

Teen writers who won the anthology competition were able to publish their works in a book that is up for sale on Amazon currently! And guess what? I have news! My good friend, Issa, WON!!! HER SHORT STORY IS CURRENTLY IN THE BOOK! Which means y’all have to check it out!

Here’s her post explaining everything!

Here’s the link to Amazon to buy the book!

Special Announcement

Okay. This might be sad and happy. But I’m going to get it over with! After my post explaining what I learned from TABC, I’m going to be renovating! My blog will be closed until further notice as I change a LOT around. So when you come back, you will see a NEW website! I will have new graphics, a new design, a new blog button, etc! The only thing that will stay the same are my colors, black, white, and pink. AREN’T YOU EXCITED????

Alrighty, that was it for today! (Wow, that might have been my most packed post ever.) Thank you for tapping in! Tell me in the comments below: Are you a plotter or a pantser? Are you excited for the renovation or would you rather have me keep it as it is? Also say goodbye to me! You won’t know when you will see me next!

Don’t worry though, I will still be commenting on all y’alls posts!

Have a great night folks!

(Mahitha made this for me! Isn’t it AWESOME?)

Rescue Launch Party + Book Chat!

Hey y’all! I’m back after a tiny disappearance from the blogosphere. So the question is: where did I go? Well, I was a bit busy with my first track meet and we went on a last minute road trip but I am back now in my own home and ready to blog again. So super sorry I haven’t been reading your posts and answering your comments. I will get right to that.

Today I have a post for all those teen writers out there. One of my favorite authors (guess who!) is releasing a novel she has been working on called Rescue. And with the release of that book, Jennifer Nielsen has decided to answer a bunch of questions about the author process. And I decided since these answers are such good insight for those teen writers out there, I’m going to share them with you!

Here’s the six videos above for you to watch! Each one is labeled with what type of questions she answers. So say if you need help with outlines and drafts, you can watch that video. And now onto the Rescue party!

Below is a picture/video/link which is my attempt at getting you to read this book. I haven’t read it (yet) but I’m sure it is super good like all of Jennifer’s books.

Rescue: Nielsen, Jennifer A.: 9781338620993: Books

Now since I’m in the author/writing mood I decided to add a small part on. Next post I will be answering your questions about my writing process. So today, if you would like to submit a question below, I will answer it in the next post!! Keep in mind: I’m not a published author and certainly not a professional either but I can answer questions about my experience in hopes to help you with your journey. Can’t wait to hear what you submit!

That’s all I have for today folks! Hope this post, you know, helped you with your writing journey. Have a lovely day and see you next time!

Peace out!
-A Fangirl

Lisa or Lena

Wow. It feels like it has been FOREVER since I posted. But I’m back! First off, I’m changing my blogging schedule to every four days now instead of every three days.

And second off, today I have a fun post of something that I saw online and thought it would make a great post since I’ve been kinda obsessed with this lately. (Could I say I’ve been fangirling over it?) Jk. But without further ado, let’s jump in!

For each image, you are either going to pick Lisa or Lena. Sound good?

Note: NONE of these images are mine.

LISA OR LENA 💖🤗 #26 - YouTube
lisa_andlena - Channel statistics Lisa or Lena. Telegram Analytics
Lisa or Lena houses 💖 #98 - YouTube
Lisa or Lena 💖 luxury homes, bedrooms and more 💝 - YouTube
Lisa or Lena 💕 bedroom and more 💕 - YouTube
Épinglé par Shiane sur Lisa or Lena? | Lisa, Jumeaux, Terrasse
LISA OR LENA 💖 # 66 Amazing House | Hair style~ - YouTube
LISA OR LENA 💖 (Most Beautiful Bedrooms & Pools EVER) Pinkazina - YouTube
LISA OR LENA 🌹 (Beautiful Bedrooms & Pools) - YouTube
What would you choose? Was würdet ihr nehmen? • • • I choose Lisa[love Both  the same] #lisaandlena #leli #lelitwins #lelinator @lisaan… | Lisa or lena,  Lena, Lisa
LISA OR LENA 💖 #247 - YouTube | Lisa or lena, Lena, Lisa
LISA OR LENA 🌹 Clothes | Mini etek, Etek
LISA OR LENA 🌹 Outfits - YouTube
What would you choose ? ‍ Lisa or lena ✓✓✓✓✓✓ Follow us for more I love  both but I choose lena #inshot #girls #cute… | Sapatos, Lisa e lena, Coisas  de menina
Lisa or Lena - #3 - Wattpad
LISA OR LENA 💖🤗 #24 - YouTube
LISA OR LENA #12 - YouTube

Hope you had fun picking which one you liked best! Tell me in the comments below: Which did you pick more of Lisa, or Lena? I know I picked more Lena (15/17 Lena and 2/17 Lisa), but I want to hear from you guys! Hope you all had an amazing day! See you soon! Peace out!

-A Fangirl