Create Your Character!!

Welcome back! As I promised yesterday, here’s your super fun post fans! I’ve been probably too excited for this post, but I hope you enjoy it all the same!

This post is a create your character post. I have listed below a ton of fun things for you to create a character, or even create yourself!!! This is for both genders, though for boys you might have to skip a few things like the makeup section and jewelry section. Not all steps will have to be completed, this is a very flexible guide built just for you! Have fun!

Note: Feel free to take notes also!

Fun music to listen to while doing this!!!

Step One: Pick a hair color

Step Two: Pick a hair type.

Hair Types: How to Style Your Straight, Wavy, Curly, or Coily Hair

Step Three: Pick a hair length

LENGTH GUIDE . Know your hair length . . #ray_signatures #hair #hairlength # hair... - | Hair length guide, Hair extension lengths, Waist length hair

Step Four: Pick an eyebrow shape

Eyebrow Shapes | Different Eyebrow Shapes

Step five: Pick an eye color and shape

Nine eye shapes. | Eye shape chart, Shape chart, Eye shapes

Step six: Pick a nose shape

How to Draw Different Nose Types - EasyDrawingTips

Step seven: Pick a lip shape

Different Types Of Lips + Ways To Make Them Look Flawless – SkinKraft

Step eight: Pick a face shape

Category: Face Shapes - tales of a beauty maven

Step nine: Pick a hand archetype

Four Basic Archetypes - Mark Seltman's Real Palmistry BlogMark Seltman's  Real Palmistry Blog

Step ten: Pick a foot shape

Your Foot Shape and Your Genealogy | Ancestral Findings | Genealogy, Dna  genealogy, Family genealogy

Step eleven: Pick a height

Height conversion chart. ' feet " inches | Cm to inches conversion, Foot  chart, Weight conversion chart

Step twelve: Pick a skin tone

Natural Skin Tones | Colors for skin tone, Skin color palette, Skin tone  chart

Step thirteen: Pick a type of shirt

Clothing Guide - Types of Shirts | Fashion vocabulary, Fashion design  sketches, Fashion illustrations techniques

Step fourteen: Pick a type of pants

24 Types of Jeans for Women and Men (Epic List and Diagrams)
How To Buy The Perfect Pair Of Jeans | 5 Common Denim Styles And What's  Right For Your Body Type | Jeans outfit men, Type of pants, Mens fashion  sweaters

Step fifteen: Pick another outfit

hoopoeghost: “ i like outfit drawing memes and there aren't enough of them  soooooooooo i made one myself :V (feel fre… | Art clothes, Drawing clothes,  Anime outfits

Step sixteen: Pick a dress type

Bridal Party Tumbler 1: LylaBug Designs | Dress styles chart, Prom dress  styles, Prom dresses

Step seventeen: Pick a dress neckline

Different Types of Necklines Chart | Various Neckline Styles | Necklines  for dresses, Wedding dress trends, Types of skirts

Step eighteen: Pick a pair of shoes

62 Types of Shoes and Footwear for Women & Men (List) | Types of shoes,  Women shoes, Casual shoes women

Step nineteen: Pick a pair of shoes to go with your tux/dress

Types of Shoes Vocabulary in English: 50+ items Illustrated - ESLBuzz  Learning English
Educate yourself on the different types of heels. | Fashion vocabulary,  Fashion shoes, Fashion terms

Step twenty: Pick what makeup products they will use

My Updated Makeup Routine | Life with Emily

Step twenty one: Pick a style of necklace

A Glossary of Necklace Styles

Step twenty two: Pick your earrings

Earring Staples Every Woman Should Have | Jewelry blog, Faith jewelry, Types  of earrings

Step twenty three: Pick any other accesories

List of Accessories with Pictures | Accessories Names & Hat Names • 7ESL

Step twenty four: Pick a weapon

Types Of Weapons by LucienVox on DeviantArt

AAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD that’s it! Hope you enjoyed! You can go through this as many times as you want to create your characters, or create yourself or create your friends! And you can even use this guide to draw characters!!

(Note: I do not own any of these images)

Thank you so much for tapping into today’s post! I’ve been super excited about it and hope that you enjoyed it as well!

Tell me in the comments:

What did you think about it?

What was your favorite section?

And share with us what you built!!!!!


Peace out!

-A Fangirl

(Oh and did I ever tell you why I needed your favorite color? I was deciding on what colors schemes of outfits to put in…hehe)

17 thoughts on “Create Your Character!!

  1. This was so much fun!! I did it about three times and even called my sister to give it a try. You really worked hard on this hey,it’s awesome!
    Love the jeans🤩!and the shoes
    Damnnn even got makeup. Too bad I don’t wear make up but I gave it a try😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this post so much!! Creating characters is so fun!! Okay, I decided to create my MC, Aida from my novel!
    Hair: Dark Chocolate
    Hair Type: 2a
    Hair Length: Lower back
    Eyebrows: High angled arch
    Eye color: A20
    Eye Shape: Roundish Almond
    Nose Shape: The one next to the bottom right.
    Lips: Bow shaped
    Face shape: Heart shaped
    Hand: Thinking (hey, I’ve actually never thought of hands being so different!! 😀 )
    Feet: Roman
    Skin: Warm Ivory
    Pants: Slim
    Outfit: 2D
    Dress: 38
    Neckline: Portrait
    Shoes: Lita
    Dress Shoes: Platform
    Makeup: She’s not big on makeup…but probably 15, 6&7
    Necklace: Choker
    Earrings: Hoops
    Weapon: Two daggers

    That was super fun! I loved it! My favorite section was probably the dresses and shoes!
    Also, I can’t see the accessories picture… 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Awesome post!! This was so fun!! My main character’s name is Brianna and she’s really chill but bold and loves comfy clothes and dislikes fancy stuff, she loves sweatpants. She has a nice honey skin tone, big dark green eyes, freckles and curly dark brown hair. And her weapon would probably be a pen, because sometimes words are as powerful as swords. and she is really strong, that’s actually what what her name means. <33

    Liked by 2 people

  4. This was so much fun!!!!!😀 I really like the jewelry section!!!
    I had fun creating a character!!! Here’s the random things I chose to put together:
    Hair color: sunset
    Hair type: 2c
    Hair length: mid back
    Eyebrow shape: straight
    Eye color: D37
    Eye shape: almond
    Nose shape: second row – third one over
    Lip shape: wide lips
    Face shape: oval
    Hand: feeling
    Foot shape: Orient
    Height: 5’5”
    Skin tone: rose beige
    Outfit: 2C
    Dress type: 4
    Dress neckline: off-the-shoulder
    Shoes: ballerina flats
    Dress shoe: kitten
    Makeup: lips #15
    Necklace: princess
    Earrings: dangle
    Additional accessories: ring and bobby pin
    Weapon: a fan or a dagger (I couldn’t decide on this one)

    This was AWESOME, Alexa!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Girl, this was sooooo much fun!!!!!!!!! I REALLY ENJOYED IT!!!!!!!!!! I’m DEFINITELY coming back to this post when I draw characters. Here’s what I got:
    1 – chestnut
    2 – 1b
    3 – 2″ past shoulder length
    4 – rounded
    5 – D20 almond eyes
    6 – 2nd row, third choice
    7 – thin lips
    8 – heart
    9 – thinking
    10 – German
    11 – 5’2″
    12 – honey
    13 – front knot
    14 – skinny
    15 – 4D
    16 – 2
    17 – queen anne
    18 – jelly
    19 – slingback
    20 – 5, 11, 12, 15 (Honestly, I had no idea what most of that makeup even was. XD)
    21 – princess
    22 – dangle
    23 – sunglasses (Oh, yeah 😎)
    24 – sword (LOOOVE the weapon selection, XD)
    That was sooooo much fun girl!!!!!!!! <333 Can't wait to see what other GENIUS ideas you come up with!!!!!!!!!

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