Preparing for Fun

Hellooo! Just have a quick post for you to read to prepare you for tomorrow’s “real” post. How has your day been? Let’s hope you’ve been more productive! (Reference to the post before)

Oookay y’all. This is just a quick update for you guys. Tomorrow, I’m posting a FUN post and wanted to let you all know two things:

  1. That I’m posting a GREAT post and you should TOTALLY tap into that. I’ve been working very hard and hope that as many people as possible can enjoy it! Get ready for some fun! It will be going live around 4:00-5:00pm ish (MDT) I don’t know if it could be considered a DIY post, but it is a “creating” post. Super excited for it!
  2. I also am going to need one thing from y’all. I need to know your favorite color in the comments. But if you don’t happen to tell me, you can still participate in the post!!! Telling me your favorite color helps me come to a decision for the post, but isn’t required.

I’m seriously dancing around in my chair right now. I’m SOOO EXCITED. If y’all know anyone who might enjoy this post, tell them! I’m still dancing. Hmm, I’ll see if I can give you some hints of what might be in it: writing, fangirl stuff, creating, imagining, etc. Hope you tap in tomorrow!

Peace out!

-A Fangirl

17 thoughts on “Preparing for Fun

  1. Ok I can’t wait!!! Eeeee better get into fan girl mode!!! My favorite color is gold!!
    My day has been roller coaster of events, but I have been pretty productive! How about you? How is that productiveness schedule going?

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    • Gold??! Gold is such a pretty color!! And yes, turn fangirl mode on! That’s so good that you are being productive! I’ve been…okay. I failed at the schedule this morning but other than that….XD.


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