Spreading the Love: Wisdom Teeth

Hey y’all I’m back again. I know, I’ve done like three posts today, but I have something super important and need your help with.

You see, well, my friend Chloe (you may know her from Confessions of a Reading Geek) is getting her wisdom teeth out tomorrow. And that’s no fun. Especially since she has been stressing about it for awhile now. Really stressing. And those of you who have had your wisdom teeth out know what it feels like.

So I got thinking: how can I help her?

And I got an idea.

I was wondering if you, the fabulous blogosphere, would mind writing a get well soon note for her? I know it would brighten her day and remind her that the blogosphere is a place where she can come home and feel uplifted and loved.

Here’s how this will work if you would like to participate: write a note to Chloe in the comments. Then, I will take all the notes and compile them into a card or doc. I’ll be able to send the card to her and she can read through all the heart warming notes after she finishes her surgery tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you so much, fans! This will mean a lot to her, and a lot to me. We are a community full of love, laughter, and happiness. Remember if you do decide to do this, having the notes in by tomorrow morning/noon time would be amazing.

Thank you so much again. Peace out.

-A Fangirl

14 thoughts on “Spreading the Love: Wisdom Teeth

  1. Aww this is a AWESOME idea, Alexa!!!!! Here’s my note:
    Hey, Chloe, it’s Is (from TWN). I soooooooooo hope you feel better soon. I can already tell that you are a courageous and strong gal, and just know that I will be praying for you. <33 Much love to you, Chloe. <33

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  2. Aw, you’re such a great friend for doing this for her, Alexa!! Okay, here’s my letter to her~

    Hi Chloe, you got your wisdom teeth pulled out, huh? Yeah, it’s never happened to me, but I’m sure it hurts a lot, doesn’t it? (Okay, now I’m just starting to act gloomy…) Well, that doesn’t matter, because the pain will only last a while. I’m sure in about a week or two, it’ll all go away. Then, you’ll look back and wonder to yourself, “I wonder what made me so scared? It all went away eventually anyway.” It’s all gonna be okay because everyone’s stronger than they look, it’s just when they decide to appear stronger that counts. Well, after that surgery is when you need to look and feel stronger so that you’ll feel more confident and brave about your surgery. I hope this helps you feel better, Chloe!!! Keep smiling! 😊

    Your blogging friend,

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  3. Hello Alexa! Your blog looks SUPER fun! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! https://mygoldenshire.wordpress.com/2021/02/18/the-liebster-award/
    Also, I hope your friend is doing okay! I got my wisdom teeth out a few mouths ago…no fun!
    Here is my note to her: ☺❤

    Hi Chloe! I’m Arein from My Golden Shire! I don’t think we’ve met before…I just followed your blog. I got my wisdom teeth out recently too…I hope everything is going well. GET WELL SOON!


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  4. Such a great idea!! Ok, here’s my note:

    Hi Chloe! I haven’t actually been to your blog, but it sounds like one I would love, so I’ll head on over there soon! I hope your surgery goes well and that you feel better soon! Surgeries are always hard, but don’t stress to much! I bet you’ll be “back on your feet” in no time! Hope you get better soon!

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