Memes, Quotes, Pics! – Episode 2

WELCOME back to Memes, Quotes, Pics!

I’m your host, Alexa Fangirl and I would love to welcome you back for another episode! Take a look at our schedule for tonight’s show.

Listen to this during this game show episode!

You have now reviewed our schedule and we are ready to jump in and have some fun! The first thing on our list is Book Compilation. This segment includes some of your favorite book quotes. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers.

The first book on our list for this segment is Divergent!

divergent quote | Divergent quotes, Divergent, Divergent book


From Tris To Dr. Four - 70+ Divergent Quotes From The Book & Movie - Big  Hive Mind
Divergent Quotes - Divergent Series Fan Art (35580168) - Fanpop

And the last book for this segment is The Traitors Game!

Jennifer A. Nielsen Quote: “You are playing the traitor's game, and no  matter how well one wins, even the winner loses in the end.” (2 wallpapers)  - Quotefancy
The Traitors Game Quote | Game quotes, Fan book, Magical book
the traitor's game | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

On to our next segment, a new segment, Meme’s ‘n’ Laughs! This segment is similar to the last one only I’m going to try to get you to laugh. The memes I show will be from books, T.V shows, and movies. There may be some spoilers, but I will make sure to warn you first.

Let’s pray that I can make you laugh!

All of you need to watch Carmen Sandiego | Carmen sandiego, Carmen  sandiago, San diego
KotLC Memes - YouTube
KOTLC Memes Part Two !! - YouTube
Pin by lauren. on —kotlc | Lost city, The best series ever, Book humor
KotLC Memes (put more in the comments) | Fandom
Star wars memes | Fandom

HAHA! Did I make you laugh? Did I make you smile? Thanks for joining us on our new segment, Memes ‘n’ Laughs! See you next time!

Here is our last segment: Guess to Win!!

Here’s how to play: I’m going to give you a hard picture for you to try figure out the book using the clues in the picture. In this case, it will be a book that has a blanked out title. You have to guess what the title is!

Also, I have decided that instead of having you comment below your answers, I will have you do a form! After a few days have passed, I will take all those who filled out the form and draw one winner at random.

Speaking of winners, I have a winner from last episode! Ready to see who it is?

(Keep scrolling)

(This needs to be intense)

Congrats Akriti! Akriti has a blog called Recipe of Life, which first off is a name that I have grown to love! Isn’t that a creative name? She recently posted her new Wattpad novel called Our Complicated Relationship. She also posted a post, one that I love, which is her February Bujo Setup. I just love her journal style! (Her post and another bloggers post got me into bullet journaling again after I stopped a year ago.)

It has been really fun to get to know Akriti! Go check out her blog!

After you have guessed for this episode, I will collect all the winners and draw them at random. But this time, I have an even bigger prize! If you win this episode, you will get to be a contestant on the next Memes, Quotes, Pics!

Let’s see who the lucky person is!




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Thank you again for joining us on Memes, Quotes, Pics!

I’m your host Alexa Fangirl, signing off for now! Have a great night folks!

14 thoughts on “Memes, Quotes, Pics! – Episode 2

  1. Hey, fans! Hope you enjoyed the next game show episode! I mean that host, Alexa Fangirl, can be a mouthful sometimes, am I right? 😉 Just wanted to wish you all a happy day and can’t wait to see you this Wednesday, February 3rd, for a fun celebration! Peace out fans!

    -A Fangirl

    Liked by 3 people

  2. You made me laugh so hard!! I am way to obsessed with memes from books 😉 they were all hilarious!!! Especially that one with frozen and keefe… 😉
    OH NO!!I have said to much!!byeee

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Can I just say that I LOVE these game show posts?!!!!😄 I loved the quotes from The Traitor’s Game!!!! I’ve never read The Traitor’s Game, but I really want to!!!! Some of the memes did make me laugh!!😂 I’ve seen the frozen one before, but the one I’ve seen said “you can’t marry fictional characters”. I love the Ben Solo meme too!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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